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Ted Baker wallet

Ted Baker wallet

Ted Baker wallet

Ted Baker wallet

The story behind the Ted Baker wallet goes like this: I was waiting for my gate to be announced at Heathrow airport and as many of you would do, I also had a look around the shops, without any intention to buy anything. Ted Baker shop caught my attention because there is no Ted Baker boutique in Vienna so I decided to kill some time inside there. I found this Ted Baker wallet in many pastel colours but the baby pink colour was my favourite and even though I had no intention to buy anything, some things are just so irresistible. This product was like screaming to me: I was made for you, get me now! Since I am one of those who always says and believes that life is short and that we have to enjoy things and celebrate every moment, I bought the baby pink wallet. If I hadn’t bought it, I know, I would now think of it, regretting that I hadn’t bought it.

I usually don’t blog about things but I like talking about and showing my favourite things, if not on the blog then to my friends, and I love product photography which is something that I discovered to be keen on, when I received my Daniel Wellington watch. It has been, since then, a great challenge that I enjoy to undertake, how to present a product and how to make pictures of it.♥

Breakfast at Schönbrunn

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Breakfast at Schönbrunn (3)
Breakfast at Schönbrunn (6)

Breakfast at Schönbrunn (1)Breakfast at Schönbrunn (2)Breakfast at Schönbrunn (9)Breakfast at Schönbrunn (7)

The other day I had to wake up very early to get to Schönbrunn to take some pictures before it got crowded by people. After the work was done, I took some time for myself and had a rest and of course breakfast at Landtmann’s Jausen Station Meierei in Schönbrunn. Everytime I visit Schönbrunn, I always have a break for a cup of tea or something. If not in Café Gloriette, then at Landtmann’s Jausen Station Meierei.
As you can tell from the photos, I always take pleasure of snapping pictures of everything cute around me for The Viennese Girl blog. This cafe with all those colorful chairs and tables, situated in an idyllic spot and a bit difficult for tourists to find, was cute enough for me to make me want to take some photographs of it. ♥

Breakfast at Cafe Ansari

Breakfast at Cafe Ansari (8)
Breakfast at Cafe Ansari (6)

I am going through some hard times at the moment because a lot of stuff must be done and when they are done I feel too tired to work for The Viennese Girl blog. There are days that I have so much to do and don’t know where to begin with. But I am not here to tell you that I have no time. I want to tell you that breakfast in a beautiful cafe is always a good idea (like Paris!).

Breakfast at Cafe Ansari (7)
Breakfast at Cafe Ansari (11)

Precious time in a cafe with friends or just by myself, both cases are a very enjoyable experience. This time I went out for breakfast at Cafe Ansari alone but I found friends there. One more proof of how small Vienna is..There is always this chance to meet persons that you know here and there accidentally.

I have been told that Cafe Ansari is usually full but that was not the case on Monday morning. We found a table immediately. We sat together and really enjoyed our breakfast at Cafe Ansari. I plan to go back soon.

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Beautiful Vienna

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vienna photography

beautiful Vienna (3)

beautiful Vienna (6)
beautiful Vienna (7)

There was a girl on Instagram who recommended me to go and visit that place behind the Ubahn metro line U3 Schlachthausgasse. You see, I am not used to hang out around this area, so this is how I discovered that place. Vienna continues to surprise me pleasantly although I should admit that the architecture of the houses left and right to that street was not exaclty to my liking and it was a little photography challenge to snap the blossoming trees while avoiding the buildings.

When I was taking those pictures, initially I had no intention to upload them on The Viennese Girl blog but then I gave it a second thought and felt the need to share them here with you all.

The fairy tale scenery that you see in the photos above only lasted for about two weeks. It’s like all the beautiful things in life that don’t last that long. ♥

Vienna blog

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Those who follow The Viennese Girl blog might have noticed the changes we’ve made lately on the blog. Those are small but significant changes for me, as a founder and editor of this Vienna blog. Those are changes I‘ve been wanting to have for such a long time. The problem is that I have had no idea about anything that concerns coding but my friend Ioanna has! We found some free time and sat down and discussed what would work better for The Viennese Girl blog, how can we make it look better, and how can it be more user friendly. Thanks to Ioanna, those significant changes on the appearance of the blog were implemented and I am now more glad than before to have a blog that looks exactly the way I want. At the end of every meeting with Ioanna, I was joking to her: one day I will hire you as my secretary…But seriously, I am glad to have my friend Ioanna on board, who contributes to the blog with her valuable technical knowledge. She is a savvy IT girl.

We are working constantly to improve what we love, The Viennese Girl blog. A photography blog, a visual diary of Silia, who likes to discover beautiful things on a daily basis in Vienna, even when it’s cold and rainy outside. I hope you like the changes we’ve made, too.

This photo was taken at Burgring 1 cafe.♥

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