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La Mamounia Marrakesh

La Mamounia Marrakesh
La Mamounia Marrakesh
La Mamounia Marrakesh

La Mamounia Marrakesh

La Mamounia Marrakesh



















All photos of the hotel are taken by me
Outfit: Peek&Cloppenburg

Back in the mid of September, I had the opportunity to travel to Morocco and spend three amazing nights and even more amazing days at La Mamounia, a palace-hotel in Marrakesh. It was actually a trip that my friend Edisa and I were planning for months; since last May to be more exact. Our excitement and joy at the chance to stay at La Mamounia Marrakesh were huge. Before we got there, we were looking at all the hotel pictures on Instagram and we were dying to visit that dreamy place too.

And then the day came when we arrived at a deluxe room overlooking the enchanting gardens of La Mamounia and the famous Koutoubia Mosque. This place had become my home away from home, a new world to discover. We spent a large part of the day at La Mamounia Marrakesh . Our days began with a delicious breakfast by the pool. Later on, we snapped some photos here and there before we head to the Medina of Marrakesh. For one of the evenings, we stayed at the hotel where we had dinner at the Moroccan restaurant in a romantic setting with candles. At the end of each day, we always took a stroll in the garden through the central alley, rose bushes, and orange trees. It helped us to digest our meal, and to let our minds wander before we go to sleep.

What a pity, time passes by so quickly when you are having fun. The day came when we had to check out, although we would have loved to stay a little bit longer, if you want me to tell you the truth… #LaMamouniaLife ♥

South beach Miami

the viennese girl travel blog Vienna Austria blogger
the viennese girl travel blog Vienna Austria blogger

the viennese girl travel blog Vienna Austria bloggerthe viennese girl travel blog Vienna Austria blogger
the viennese girl travel blog Vienna Austria bloggerthe viennese girl travel blog Vienna Austria blogger

South Beach Miami (19)

the viennese girl travel blog Vienna Austria blogger

the viennese girl travel blog Vienna Austria blogger

the viennese girl travel blog Vienna Austria blogger
South Beach Miami (26)
South Beach Miami (2)South Beach Miami (1)
south beach miami
South Beach Miami (23)
South Beach Miami (24)

South Beach Miami (39)

So, this is my third blog post for my travel in Miami. I spent one day in South Beach Miami. I walked along the beach from the 23rd street to South Pointe Park Pier. It was one hour walk and back, each way. I encountered gulls on my way, saw a photo shooting happening in real time, talked to people, and gathered sea shells as souvenirs.

The day I took those photos I had to deal with strong wind. Unfortunately it was so windy and I couldn’t swim in the ocean because of the waves, although I have longed for it so much. And I got unexpected sunburn on my face and shoulders. I said unexpected because it was partly cloudy and I was so naive, believing that this cannot happen in October but in Miami it can. As for the photos, I didn’t have the complete control of the situation because the sunlight was very strong and I could hardly see the screen of my camera…But none of those was a problem as we were in South Beach Miami feeling good and that was all that matters! It’s so nice to be young and free and travel but you need a bit of luck to meet nice people on the way… I was lucky enough and met very nice people in Miami.♥

August memories

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the viennese girl travel blog viennathe viennese girl travel blog vienna
August memories (6)

the viennese girl travel blog vienna

August memories (11)
August memories (14)

August memories (10)

I know it has been quite quiet here lately but after I came back from holidays to Vienna, one event was coming after another, and instead of sitting home and working in front of the computer the evenings, I was drinking champagne and Bellini in beautiful terraces in Vienna. Who wouldn’t, right?

Now that I write this, I am back to Vienna, reminiscing about the August moments when I was doing nothing but chasing the best sunset day after day and was smitten with every beach and every village on a Greek island.

Those are the last Samos photos on The Viennese Girl blog for this year…I remember very well those summer days when I took those photos, the heat, how much I was sweating and how hard I was trying to stay indoors in the night to work for The Viennese Girl blog. Those August moments are now nothing but after summer blues. And the worst is that I am afraid that those August memories will haunt me the following 10 months until summer gets back.♥

Best ice cream in Vienna

photos by Tony Gigov the viennese girl blog

photos by Tony Gigov the viennese girl blog (3)
photos by Tony Gigov the viennese girl blog

photos by Tony Gigov the viennese girl blog

photos by Tony Gigov the viennese girl blog
photos by Tony Gigov the viennese girl blog

best ice cream in vienna photos by Tony Gigov the viennese girl blog (14) photos by Tony Gigov the viennese girl blog photos by Tony Gigov the viennese girl blog best ice cream in vienna photos by Tony Gigov the viennese girl blog (9)

Photos by: Tony Gigov

As we were walking around the center, I said to Tony that I want to make a blog post about the best ice cream in Vienna – since I love ice cream so much – and write about the places where I usually buy my gelato. We had some time and the photo camera at our disposal, so we went to try different ice creams from the following ice creams shops in the first district of Vienna:

Eissalon Tuchlauben Eis Greissler  – Gelateria Hoher Markt  – Zanoni Zanoni – Ferrari ice cream in Krugerstraße 9 (Ferrari doesn’t have a website at the moment)

Another recommendation for ice cream in Vienna is Tichy.

But if you live in Vienna you might not need to read this blog post, because you might have already checked out all those places I mentioned above and you already know where to find your favourite ice cream. After all, everyone has her or his own preferences. As for me, I don’t have a special preference concerning ice cream shops, so I usually go to the closest one. It always depends on which part of the city I am in. As for the flavors I love chocolate, stracciatella and nutella.

And after that blog post, you know how and why I gained one kilo in one day. 🙂 ♥

Vienna in September

Vienna in September

I came to a friend’s flat for a couple of days and as I came home alone and tried to open the door, I guess I was doing something wrong and therefore the door didn’t open. I was standing in front of the door with my big pink suitcase, totally frustrated, with one hand trying to open the door and with the other hand speaking to my friend on the cell phone. Suddenly an old man from the apartment across showed up and started asking me if I am a burglar or if I am allowed to enter the flat. He made me really nervous with his nonsense questions, I told him that I am not a burglar and fortunately he locked his door and left me alone.
Later on, when I managed to open the door and entered, it suddenly started raining cats and dogs. The rain didn’t last long and afterwards a multicolored rainbow appeared in the sky. I don’t see rainbows often and at that moment I remained completely in awe because it was like a surprise, a magical one.

Conclusions of September:

1. There is no better welcoming in a flat, than a rainbow in front of your window.
2. And for God’s sake!! You never ask a lady with a pink suitcase if she is a burglar.

In a nutshell, Vienna in September wasn’t so nice; therefore I am glad September is coming to an end.

More photos on Instagram

Escape the city

escape the city (4) vienna the viennese girl escape the city (3) escape the city (6) escape the city (1) escape the city (2)

Photo (c) Elena Azzalini Photography

When my friend said that we will go to the village Rust to see the storks, I had no idea what she was talking about. With the spirit of “escape the city, get away from all the stress, embrace the summer, do something different” we arrived to a very beautiful village and to my surprise we saw so many gardens with beautiful flowers, chimneys with nests and storks on them. This is what I like when I visit a place for the very first time. You don’t know what to expect and it can surprise you pleasantly. We sat on a traditional wine tavern and we ate some delicious Eismarillen knödel from Tichy and then we milled around to capture the beauty that was surrounding us. Amazing escape from the city.

Rust is in Burgenland located on the Western shore of Lake Neusiedl.
The photos of this post describe the spirit of The Viennese Girl. Happy and carefree in a peaceful place full of colors.♥

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” Roald Dahl

Cupcakes in Vienna

Do you know about this place? You probably do not, as it just opened last week and it is well hidden. I didn’t know it as well until a friend of mine told me: “let’s go there, you are gonna like it”. The place is actually called Cupcakes Wien but I would rather call it “daydream”. Follow the steps behind Mumok at MQ and let them lead you to a beautiful terrace. Ideal place for a candle light dinner with your significant other and for persons like me, who has a sweet tooth and can’t resist cupcakes and Rose Lemonade. Speaking in Italian with my friend and looking at the cupola in front of me, I felt at some point like I was somewhere in Florence instead of Vienna, but then I came back to reality.

cupcakes in Vienna cupcakes in vienna cupcakes in Vienna cupcakes in vienna cupcakes wien vienna blogs austria blogs vienna austria mq mumok museum cupcakes cupcakes rose lemondae vienna


MuseumsQuartier MuseumsQuartier

MuseumsQuartierMuseumsQuartier MuseumsQuartier MuseumsQuartier MuseumsQuartier hot meeting point (8) MuseumsQuartier

The heart of the city beats in MQ (MuseumsQuartier) which makes this place the hot meeting point of Vienna. There is so much happening during the whole year but I like it most in the summer months. Located here are several exhibition halls, galleries, artist studios, the MUMOK, and the Leopold Museum. But if you are not a museum person, there are restaurants, open air cafes and bars and just in case everything is full and you don’t find a place to sit (which is often common when the weather is warm), take your beer and lie on a “plastic couch” or sit on one of the benches. So many options are all gathered in one place. The city is unbeatable in the summertime and MQ is one of my favorites spots so far.. I am used to spending plenty of time here enjoying the sun and reading a book.♥

Vienna snapshots

A few snapshots from this beautiful city, where I luckily live. Not many things to say. Just to let you know that the Instagramers from all over the world organize a meeting in Vienna on the following Saturday 17.05 and I guess it is going to be very interesting to meet them (people who enjoy taking pictures everyday like me). At the beginning, they were planning to meet at Augarten park but since the weather is not going to be ideal for an outdoor activity, they changed the meeting place and the event starts at 13.00 at Lehargasse 7, 1060 Vienna. Are you ready for an indoor picknick in order to celebrate the 3rd birthday of Instagramers in Vienna?

See you all there.

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Vienna snapshots

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