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Samos island, Greece. 5th trip of the year!

samos island orchids

I used to spend every summer holiday as a teenager in the homeland of Pythagoras. But in the last years I haven’t visited the island due to various personal reasons.

samos orchids beautiful photography

This May I went back, thanks to Visit Greece and Aegean Airlines, that invited me to join this press trip. Our visit in the island was short.

samos orchids

One day only. But what a beautiful day that was it!   

samos museum pythagorio

pythagorio museum

Pythagorio museum

It’s interesting to go back to a place that you know so well but haven’t visited the last years. Coming back means you see a familiar place with new, fresh eyes.

pythagorio from above samos

As always, I am happy to share with you the photos I took during my visit, along with a few Samos travel tips. 

restaurants tips samos

Points of interest: 

Samos Wine MuseumSamos orchids glass house / Archaeological Museum of Pythagorion

Panagia Spiliani Church / Temple of Hera

restaurants where to eat samos

Where to shop: 

2 the little store 

where to shop travel tips samos island
travel tips Greek island samos

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Dress: 2 the little store

pergamonto bar restaurant samos pythagorio
pergamonto pythagorio bar restaurant
pergamonto bar restaurant pythagorio

Pergamonto bisto bar restaurant in Pythagorio/ Restaurant Ithaki in Agios Konstantinos / Panorama in Koumaradei / Ammos Plaz

pergamonto bar restaurant pythagorio

This blog post has everything that your heart desires to find on an island. Except beaches. Unfortunately the day I visited Samos, the weather was not beach weather. But here are a few beaches to visit in June, July, August, even in September: 

Potokaki, Kaladakia, Lemonakia, Tsampou, Tsamadou, Kerveli bay, Mikali, mikro and megalo seitani. 

pergamonto bar restaurant pythagorio the viennese girl blog

Samos is definitely a summer destination that you may want to consider for your upcoming holidays. And if you wonder how to get there, Aegean Airlines has you covered!

I’d like to thank wholeheartedly Hotel Venus for the hospitality, Samos Municipality, Visit Greece and of course Aegean Airlines for inviting me to one more unforgettable press trip! 

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At the end of September, I had the chance to cross another dream destination off my bucket list: Puglia, Italy. With summer coming to an end, I’ll admit my spirits were a bit down as I prepared for the dark and cold Viennese autumn and winter to come. But this trip perked me up and gave me a final taste of summery warmth and sunshine to look forward to.


I had never been to Puglia before this trip, so this was to be a chance to explore somewhere entirely new while speaking Italian all day long.

Plus — who doesn’t get excited about the food in Italy? Pizza, pasta, gelato, it’s an overwhelming feast for the senses and taste-buds. And, most exciting of all, my dear friend Pauline would be joining me on the adventure.


And now, I hope you will come with me! As I reflect on my time in Puglia, I want to share my tips, hot spots to visit, plus some of my favorite photos of the trip. Perhaps they’ll inspire you to plan your next journey to Italy — and follow a similar itinerary to mine.


1st stop: Polignano a mare 

Oh, is there anything more exhilarating than arriving after a long trip at the gorgeous Italian coast? Polignano al mare, perched on the shore of the Adriatic, opens its watery gates to all those who travel from far and wide to stay here. And trust me — they do! The tiny town was jammed on the Sunday afternoon when we arrived, with tourists shopping, dining al fresco at cafés, and gazing out at the turquoise waves. For much of the afternoon, we wandered, but at points I had to stop and remember how lucky I felt just to be here in this heavenly spot. (Extra tip: Next to our hotel we found a place that was making yummy sandwiches with octopus and burrata that I will never forget. Yum!)

Hotel: Giovì Relais

Restaurant: Grotta Ardito




2nd stop: Monopoli

It was difficult to pull ourselves away from the intoxicating views of Polignano al mare, but the next phase of our excursion beckoned. Pauline and I packed up the car and drove to Monopoli. It’s a short drive — only twenty minutes or so — but still, for such a brief distance away, we encountered our fair share of wacky moments.

For instance, a man I’d never met before started singing a song for me featuring my name. “Viva Silia, welcome to Monopoli!” he called the improvised tune. A greengrocer share a few slices of fresh fruit with us, out in the fresh air on the street. A former craftsman brought us to the tiny shop where he used to repair shoes years ago. And we had a brush with fame — we saw a group of people filming a movie right on the beach. It was as close as we came to Hollywood this trip.

If you would care to spend a night or two in the charming town of Monopoli, check out this beautiful hotel, the Don Ferrante!



3rd stop: Ostuni, also known as the White City 

Like a castle on a hill, Ostuni is an enclave on a cliff overlooking more of that crystalline, sapphire water I treasure so much. The city itself is almost all white and there’s something very striking about that, as well as its wild cacti protruding from every crevice.

Check out Taverna Della Gelosia for a delicious meal!

Hotel: Masseria Grieco

Restaurant: Tito Schipa


4th stop: Alberobello, famous for its Trulli houses

At our final stop in Puglia — Alberobello — we met Valerio, the vivacious owner of our hotel. We fell in love with the Trattoria Terra Madre’s spectacular cuisine, and overall had a wonderful time.

The press trip concluded with a short visit to Locorotondo, where we had dinner at the restaurant Bina ristorante di Puglia.

Hotel: Palazzo Scotto

Restaurant: Trattoria Terra Madre


I came away from this adventure fully appreciating just how unique Puglia is — it’s an Italian treasure that will make an indelible impact on you. I would like to thank ENIT Italia, which in collaboration with the Region of Puglia and Losurdo Viaggi, organized this individual press trip for us.

And of course, big thanks to our new friend Pasquale, our amazing driver who kept us company as we roamed Puglia and took us in its stunning sites.

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In love with Positano

In love with Positano

In love with Positano
In love with Positano
In love with Positano











I always have a hard time finding the right words to describe my experiences from the beautiful places that I visit. I have always had difficulties because most of the time it feels like words are insufficient to describe the experiences like I had in Positano last month, a cliff side village on southern Italy’s Amalfi Coast. In addition, I also feel that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I often don’t feel the need to write anything here and prefer to leave this page blank.

But then, flooded with feelings of gratitude, I remind myself how lucky I am to have the opportunity to travel, to explore, to experience, and… to photograph my Humanic shoes in beautiful places like Positano. I hope I will always have the opportunity for a trip like this every now and then, so that I can take some nice pictures that I can then share with you here, on The Viennese Girl blog.  ♥

I just came back from Marrakesh. I will spend a few days in my beautiful Vienna, and then I’m off to Paris for the 3rd time this year! Hope you are having a great time too…♥


One day in Tours

one day in Tours (1)

one day in Tours (7)
one day in Tours (5)
one day in Tours (4)
one day in Tours (3)

one day in Tours (6)

one day in Tours (2)

one day in Tours (9)
one day in Tours (8)
one day in Tours (13)
one day in Tours (12)
one day in Tours (14)
one day in Tours (19)
one day in Tours (17)
one day in Tours (16)
one day in Tours (18)
one day in Tours (10)

Espadrilles: Marc O’ Polo

The picturesque city of Tours was the last stop of my trip in France before I depart for Vienna. I spent the last day of my visit in Loire Valley sightseeing in Tours, visiting the Château de Chenonceau, dinning at “Le Saint Honoré and also lodged in the most charming Bed&Breakfast, called “Maison Jules”. “Maison Jules” was one of my most favorite spots I saw in Loire Valley. I had breakfast together with the owner of the guest house, Alexandra, who told me that she was selling hotels in Paris in the past and that her father is an interior designer. No wonder this villa is soooo charming! (Cheers to people with excellent taste) My room was the Room Grégoire, but I had a quick glance into another room with butterfly wallpaper that left me impressed! With only one day in Tours, I had a limited time to explore the city, so I was lucky enough to have a greeter who showed me the historic centre of Tours in the morning and brought me to one of the most beautiful squares in France, called Place Plumereau. After that, I caught the train to the Château de Chenonceau where I spend the rest of the day.

What a pity the press trip in France finished here. I’ll be back soon!♥