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In love with Positano

In love with Positano

In love with Positano
In love with Positano
In love with Positano











I always have a hard time finding the right words to describe my experiences from the beautiful places that I visit. I have always had difficulties because most of the time it feels like words are insufficient to describe the experiences like I had in Positano last month, a cliff side village on southern Italy’s Amalfi Coast. In addition, I also feel that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I often don’t feel the need to write anything here and prefer to leave this page blank.

But then, flooded with feelings of gratitude, I remind myself how lucky I am to have the opportunity to travel, to explore, to experience, and… to photograph my Humanic shoes in beautiful places like Positano. I hope I will always have the opportunity for a trip like this every now and then, so that I can take some nice pictures that I can then share with you here, on The Viennese Girl blog.  ♥

I just came back from Marrakesh. I will spend a few days in my beautiful Vienna, and then I’m off to Paris for the 3rd time this year! Hope you are having a great time too…♥


12 munchies

vienna blog vienna blog 12 munchies (4)

On a grey October day I found myself in the 18th district of Vienna. I have been told that there is a small cute cafe called “12 munchies” running under the motto “we are small but we stand tall”.

Dominique, the owner of 12 munchies, had been there since 8.00 am and welcomed me with hot chocolate and some delicious cookies. Fortunately she had time to sit with me and tell me some things about herself and the 12 munchies cafe. She told me about her decorating ideas, from where does she draws inspiration and how much she and her clients love the 12 munchies cafe. We also talked about our adventures all around the globe and we found out that we both harbor the same love for Greece.

Whether you are a tourist or resident in Vienna, leave all the Viennese traditional cafes behind you and try something special. Simply the name of the cafe 12 munchies, which means sudden hunger for snacks, inclines you towards something delicious. Visit Dominique at 12 Munchies in the 18th district and say hello to her from The Viennese Girl.

Photo collage

photo collage
One of the things that I enjoy on this blog –except for choosing a title for each blog post – is picking photos on Instagram and making a photo collage. I find it so challenging and exciting because you gather them all together and you don’t know how they are going to look like or if at the end they will match together. I think that colors should match somehow and give you the impression that it is one big photo cropped into small pieces. I don’t know how I can explain it better in words, I hope you like the result.

«The more pictures you see, the better you are as a photographer». —Robert Mapplethorpe

On Instagram


There is so much traffic on my Instagram account, therefore I would like you to know two things: first, I try to provide high quality content (don’t know if I achieve it) and secondly and most importantly, your positive comments make my day and sometimes put a smile on my face, no matter what my mood may be. I really enjoy sharing my snapshots around the Vienna with everyone who likes to see them and I totally appreciate your kind words.

Besides, there are two things that fascinate me the most in the whole story. First of all making new friends all over the world (if I ever get the chance to meet some of them in person that would be awesome too) and secondly, the fact that images can have such a big impact on other’s life. This is the feeling that I get from every comment. And then I think that images need to motivate and inspire, don’t you agree?

On the other side, I find it challenging having to keep up the good work but somehow writing and snapping photos have become a big passion of my everyday life even though I am neither a photographer or a writer..

Best pizza in Vienna

best pizza in viennabest pizza in vienna

Where do you find the best pizza in Vienna? As you know I love food and I especially die for sushi, Greek and Italian cuisine. After many visits in different pizzeria in Vienna, I came to a conclusion. I checked those places again and again with my italian friends and they like their pizza too. They all taste so good like in Napoli, my only complaint is that they cost a little bit more than in Napoli. If you are in Vienna or if you ever visit Vienna in the future, take a pen and paper and write down those top pizza restaurants:

Il sole in the 1st district

That’s amore in the 3rd district

Disco Volante in the 6th district

Da Peppino in the 7th district

Il sestante in the 8th district

Riva in the 9th district

I would love to know your opinion. Don’t forget to leave a comment below.

best pizza in vienna

Breakfast at Motto am Fluss

breakfast at motto am fluss in vienna (1)
breakfast at motto am fluss in vienna (3)

breakfast at motto am fluss in vienna (2)

As I spend these days, day after day, in libraries in front of the screen of my computer, hidden behind a pile of books, doing some research on Italian cinema and trying to write a thesis, I thought I should spoil myself with a rich breakfast and headed straight to that place next to the Danube canal which is called Motto am Fluss before heading to the library. Saying that, it’s obviously not my favorite way of spending my days, my cell phone attracts my attention and I cheat a little bit looking at photos on Instagram (I hope the professor doesn’t read this).

Breakfast at Motto am Fluss is always a nice experience, I usually order pancakes with fruits, homemade rosemary lemonade, and chocolate croissant with almonds, and all tastes super delicious but do you know what I like most? Their logo!! Yes indeed, I find it really cute. All in all, a place to visit again and again. ♥

Breakfast at Motto am Fluss

Vienna in September

Vienna in September

I came to a friend’s flat for a couple of days and as I came home alone and tried to open the door, I guess I was doing something wrong and therefore the door didn’t open. I was standing in front of the door with my big pink suitcase, totally frustrated, with one hand trying to open the door and with the other hand speaking to my friend on the cell phone. Suddenly an old man from the apartment across showed up and started asking me if I am a burglar or if I am allowed to enter the flat. He made me really nervous with his nonsense questions, I told him that I am not a burglar and fortunately he locked his door and left me alone.
Later on, when I managed to open the door and entered, it suddenly started raining cats and dogs. The rain didn’t last long and afterwards a multicolored rainbow appeared in the sky. I don’t see rainbows often and at that moment I remained completely in awe because it was like a surprise, a magical one.

Conclusions of September:

1. There is no better welcoming in a flat, than a rainbow in front of your window.
2. And for God’s sake!! You never ask a lady with a pink suitcase if she is a burglar.

In a nutshell, Vienna in September wasn’t so nice; therefore I am glad September is coming to an end.

More photos on Instagram

Letters from you

Photos above were snapped on my holidays in Santorini by Antonio Giannakos.

Lately I received some strange emails. But when I say strange, I mean it in a very positive way. I mean…unexpectedly pleasant emails.

There was a girl telling me that she spent one hour and a half in front of the blog reading on it.

There was another email from another girl who was telling me that through the blog she found some places to visit that she didn’t know before even though she had been living in Vienna for eight years.

There was another guy who was a newbie in Vienna and before his arrival he searched for info about Vienna and downloaded lots of online travel guides. He sent me an email telling me that no other site helped him to enjoy Vienna as much as I did.

I replied to all of them. I try to reply to all of them for the simple reason that I appreciate that they took the time to write me. I won’t mention their names for privacy reasons but they really made my day. If The Viennese Girl Blog manages to make even one person smile, or helps somebody to do something, then we already talk about success.♥

Bright side of life

bright side of life
bright side of life

Photos above were snapped on my holidays in Santorini by Antonio Giannakos.

My return to Vienna hadn’t been as good as I would’ve liked. It was raining nonstop for two days and that didn’t help me at all to adapt myself smoothly to the city life. Leaving a place which has 30 degrees to go to a place which has 14 was very disappointing. I wanted to hide myself under a duvet, or even better, to press a button that would teleport me back to the magic Cyclades, but instead of that, I had to run errands all day in rain. September can be a cruel month for many people, I guess. Kids get back to school and adults get back to work. Whatever happens, always look on the bright side of life.

“Happiness is simply a habit of looking on the brighter side of everything.”Richelle E. Goodrich

Bright side of life

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