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Café Diglas

cafe diglas wiencafe diglas (1) cafe diglas (2) cafe diglas (3)cafe diglas

I have been to Cafe Diglas many times. But wait, to which one? There are two Cafe Diglas in the center of Vienna. One is in Wollzeile and the other one is in Fleischmarkt. On this post, I am writing about the cafe Diglas in Wollzeile. If you want to see photos of the one in Fleischmarkt, have a look here.

I remember that I once visited the Cafe Diglas in Wollzeile and I forgot my cell phone on the table. I was somehow lucky because it was late and we were the last customers, so I hoped the waitress would find my cell phone on the table and keep it for me. The following day, I was there when the cafe opened at 08.00. I doubt I slept that night. It is such a headache to lose your cell phone with all the contacts and photos and I didn’t want to go through this situation to recover all my lost data. There was a lady behind the desk who gave me back my cell phone. Happy ending.

I like visiting Cafe Diglas in the morning and every time I have the same problem. It’s difficult to choose which pastry I should take. As soon as I make up my mind, I sit next to a window and stare at the people who pass by. In the afternoon the Cafe is busier than in the morning, around 16.00 – 20.00 and there is a pianist playing piano. Their pastries are delicious, the decoration is lovely and I feel happy when I walk out the door listening to the Italian waiter that I should come back.


I knew about Ladurée after visiting Paris, but to my surprise I found them in London as well. They have many stores around the world but unfortunately not in Vienna. I am referring to the French luxury bakery and sweets maker house that was founded by Louis-Ernest Ladurée back in 1862. La maison is famous for its double-decker macaron but they do sell many other delicious pastries. How would you describe with words the world of this renowned Maison? Elegant and sweet, appealing and charming. It’s totally worth a visit if there is one in your hometown. Go for the atmosphere and that charming Parisian experience.

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