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As you can tell from the photos above, not so many people go for a walk in Stadtpark when it’s freezing cold outside. This time, on my walk in Stadtpark I encountered just an Asian tourist couple and few other persons. Of course, there were also the ducks and pigeons, that didn’t seem to be happy with that cold either. When in summer people lay down on the grass and you can hardly find a bench which is not occupied, in winter the scenery changes and on days like those we are going through this week, the biggest park in the center of Vienna turns into a wonderland and I absolutely enjoyed my leisurely walk and realized that the park is beautiful anytime of the year.

Extra tip: if you are around there, don’t forget to visit the restaurant Meierei im Stadtpark.

Cupcakes in Vienna

Do you know about this place? You probably do not, as it just opened last week and it is well hidden. I didn’t know it as well until a friend of mine told me: “let’s go there, you are gonna like it”. The place is actually called Cupcakes Wien but I would rather call it “daydream”. Follow the steps behind Mumok at MQ and let them lead you to a beautiful terrace. Ideal place for a candle light dinner with your significant other and for persons like me, who has a sweet tooth and can’t resist cupcakes and Rose Lemonade. Speaking in Italian with my friend and looking at the cupola in front of me, I felt at some point like I was somewhere in Florence instead of Vienna, but then I came back to reality.

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MuseumsQuartier MuseumsQuartier

MuseumsQuartierMuseumsQuartier MuseumsQuartier MuseumsQuartier MuseumsQuartier hot meeting point (8) MuseumsQuartier

The heart of the city beats in MQ (MuseumsQuartier) which makes this place the hot meeting point of Vienna. There is so much happening during the whole year but I like it most in the summer months. Located here are several exhibition halls, galleries, artist studios, the MUMOK, and the Leopold Museum. But if you are not a museum person, there are restaurants, open air cafes and bars and just in case everything is full and you don’t find a place to sit (which is often common when the weather is warm), take your beer and lie on a “plastic couch” or sit on one of the benches. So many options are all gathered in one place. The city is unbeatable in the summertime and MQ is one of my favorites spots so far.. I am used to spending plenty of time here enjoying the sun and reading a book.♥

The 500

the 500 The 500 – Oh, what a day! We went for a stroll around the city, the weather was warm and the sun was shining brightly. We explored some cool places where you can enjoy a drink with a view (stay tuned – posts are coming soon) but what really excited me were two things: a fawn pug with a wrinkly, short-muzzled face that wanted to bite me, or kiss me, or lick me (actually I didn’t understand his intentions) but it was fun anyway and also a vintage Fiat 500! Cute pugs and old cars make Vienna even more beautiful! If you like this photo, you can find more photos on Instagram.

Btw, the mini skirt in the photo below was made by me.

Haus des Meeres – Aqua Terra Zoo

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A visit at the aquarium of Vienna (Haus des Meeres – Aqua Terra Zoo) is absolutely worthwhile, whether you are a tourist or local. I have been living in Vienna for around three years, but had never visited the aquarium before. Strange, I think to myself, but sometimes it happens that we don’t have time to visit all the local places.

The fun already starts at the entrance when you are allowed to touch the Koi fishes and give them a stroke like if they were dogs or cats. Then take the elevator and go first for coffee at the top floor. The view is really spectacular. You have everything at your feet. Then take the stairs and start going down. There is also another floor with a balcony where you can see the roofs of the city closer to you.

What I didn’t like that much was the menu of the cafe at the top floor. Coffee was ok but all the other stuff we ordered wasn’t that delicious. I am addicted to sweets, but I had a look at them and they didn’t convince me to get one. One glance is enough to understand whether sweets are super yummy or not. You shouldn’t go there hungry.

Ideal day to visit the aquarium (Haus des Meeres) is on a sunny day, because you can spend some hours sitting on the balcony and sunbathing and preferably during the week days. Avoid the weekend if you want to enjoy it to the fullest.

Haus des Meeres
Fritz-Grünbaum-Platz 1, 1060

Coffee And Other Stories

Clever decoration full of inspiration, small yet sophisticated. These words describe my new discovery. A piece of Hungarian culture in the center of Vienna.

I had a small talk with Peter who served me my breakfast; he told me that they bring fresh products every day from Budapest. He asked me if I want to drink a cup of coffee and I told him that I never drink coffee. He looked at me weird and I laughed. I am not weird! I am just a special edition!

If you visit Budapest Bistro, don’t forget to check their bathroom, a quote hanging on the wall is waiting for you: “People who love to eat are always the best people.” ― Julia Child

I enjoyed the breakfast on a vintage Sewing Machine Table (see photos below) listening to music from the Budapest Bar.

Coffee And Other Stories

Coffee And Other Stories

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Coffee And Other Stories