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Used Book Café Merci in Paris

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Used Book Café Merci in Paris (2)

Used Book Café Merci in Paris (6)
Used Book Café Merci in Paris (5)

Oh, look where The Viennese Girl has been. To that super cute place in Paris, called Used Book Café Merci. For me cafes are divided into 2 categories. Those old ones with a lot of history, very famous ones like Cafe Central in Vienna, therefore packed with tourists, and the new ones, which are modern, super cute, no that historical but with no tourists as well. I think, Merci belongs to the second category.

So many cafes to visit during my last visit in Paris! I was more interested in finding cute coffee places than visiting museums and I was wondering if I could visit all of them that were on my list. Luckily I did. I have been told that I shouldn’t miss the scones in Used Book Café Merci in Paris but they were running out of scones the day I visited them. It really doesn’t matter because I plan to visit Used Book Café Merci in Paris again.


visit Paris in spring

How likely is it to see this scenery in Paris? Only if you visit Paris in spring I guess. On the other side, I am not sure for how long those trees blossom in front of Tour Eiffel but they were there when I visited Paris last week and I wasn’t the only one who was taking pictures of them. It was like a competition: who is going to take the best picture? 🙂

When I was standing in front of that scenery, I felt sorry that I didn’t have a full frame camera to snap a picture that would take all of Tour Eiffel in its frame. But anyways, it’s not bad even that way.

Is spring the best season to visit Paris? I think spring is the best season to travel to almost every destination. But to be honest, during my last visit in Paris last week, I felt rather more like it was summer than spring. Such a nice welcome I got. So, thank you Paris.♥