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visit Paris in spring

How likely is it to see this scenery in Paris? Only if you visit Paris in spring I guess. On the other side, I am not sure for how long those trees blossom in front of Tour Eiffel but they were there when I visited Paris last week and I wasn’t the only one who was taking pictures of them. It was like a competition: who is going to take the best picture? 🙂

When I was standing in front of that scenery, I felt sorry that I didn’t have a full frame camera to snap a picture that would take all of Tour Eiffel in its frame. But anyways, it’s not bad even that way.

Is spring the best season to visit Paris? I think spring is the best season to travel to almost every destination. But to be honest, during my last visit in Paris last week, I felt rather more like it was summer than spring. Such a nice welcome I got. So, thank you Paris.♥