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Paris in March

paris in March

Paris in March

paris in March
paris in March
paris in March
paris in March (8)

Paris in March would be described: fascinating and surreal.

In comparison to my last year’s visit in Paris, this time I didn’t take many photos of the city. I didn’t visit my favourite Place des Vosges, I didn’t go to Palais Royal, not even to Café Angelina for that famous hot chocolate, called ‘African’. But I met so many lovely Parisian people who brought me to other places, like Boot Cafe and Marlon restaurant. Besides, the main reason of my visit was the Chanel fashion show, so I was more focused on that and on my stay at my Paris perfect Apartment.

So now you know why I didn’t take so many photos of the city, but those few that I took, it would be a pity not to share them on The Viennese Girl blog as they turned out to be so pretty (I hope you find them pretty as well)♥

My Paris perfect apartment

my Paris perfect apartment (12)
my Paris perfect apartment (14)
my paris perfect apartment (3)
my paris perfect apartment (4)
my Paris perfect apartment (10)
my paris perfect apartment
my paris perfect apartment (6)
my paris perfect apartment (5)
my paris perfect apartment
my Paris perfect apartment (18)my Paris perfect apartment (20)
my Paris perfect apartment (19)

Photos of me are taken by Justien Oltenfreiter, edited by me.

My Paris perfect apartment was located in the Avenue de La Bourdonnais. Uber left me in front of the door. I stopped for a while and looked up. Having an apartment with a view of the Eiffel Tower wasn’t anymore one more part of my unlimited imagination but it was about to become my daily reality. For a moment, all the apartments I have lived in in the past unfolded in front of my eyes and I caught myself reflecting on “how far I‘ve gone”. I snapped a picture to freeze the moment with a little hope that this moment will last forever. The lift, one of those old ones, brought me to the fifth floor. After I opened the door, it took me some time to realize what is happening. My Chambertin apartment blew me away, from the moment I stepped in till now as I write this post. I called a friend of mine and asked “what’s happening and where all this is going?

The days that followed were as dreamy as my Paris Perfect Aparment: every morning breakfast at the balcony, hot evening baths, encounters with endearing Parisian people, a dazzling Chanel fashion show and in the background a bling bling Eiffel Tower hypnotizing me every night on the Avenue de la Bourdonnais.♥

Jardin du Luxembourg

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Luxembourg Garden in Paris

Jardin du Luxembourg  (7)
Luxembourg Garden in Paris

Have you ever been to Jardin du Luxembourg? It’s one of the most beautiful parks of Paris, among Jardin des Tuileries and Jardin des Plantes. If you have already been to Paris, I guess you have also been to Jardin du Luxembourg, but if you haven’t yet, then add it to your list among “Must to do and see while in Paris“. A visit at Jardin du Luxembourg was also on my list on a sunny Sunday last Easter.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take the photos I was planning to make because the sunlight was very strong at the moment I visited Jardin du Luxembourg and the park was full of people, which is understandable if it’s Sunday and it’s sunny. However, I enjoyed my Sunday stroll ♥

Paris in April

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paris in april (9)

paris in april (4)
paris in april (17)

paris in april (12)

paris in april (23)
paris in april (24)

paris in april (25)

paris in april (21)
paris in april (3)

My travel to Paris in April has been undoubtedly the highlight of the month. I wish I could visit this incredibly beautiful city every month and this little wish of mine is not meant to stay as just a wish. Who knows? Life is unpredictable. May Dior call me tomorrow and want me to take pictures of their next summer collection. : ) (ok, here you can laugh out loud.)

The last days of April have been very strange. My body was in Vienna and my mind was still in Paris. My mind just didn’t want to get back to Vienna. Maybe because I really had unexpectedly a very nice time in Paris or because this travel has been all I really needed at that specific time of my life or it is just a combination of those two factors. But you cannot easily forget moments of happiness in life, right?

On this blog post I publish a collection of Paris photos. How many Paris photos can your heart handle? I just took so many of them and cannot keep them in my archive only for myself. They are meant to be shared with all of you who follow The Viennese Girl blog.

Paris, je t’aime

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Paris, je t'aime (8)

Paris, je t'aime (5)
Paris, je t'aime (9)

Paris, je t'aime (4)Paris, je t'aime (2)

Paris, je t’aime is the ideal blog title for this blog post. I couldn’t imagine a better title that matches so perfectly with those pictures. On my last visit to Paris, I got to discover more hidden streets and neighborhoods around Trocadero, Le Marais and Saint Germain. I avoided the big noisy boulevards like The Avenue des Champs-Élysées for example. Those picture were shot next to Trocadero in a very quiet neighborhood, a place I visited twice. The first time with my friend Anastasia and the second time alone. The goal was actually to discover streets with view of the Eiffel Tower where tourists usually don’t go. And in the pictures above you can see what I found. It was a very quiet neighborhood and I have to admit that I got extremely jealous of the people who live there. I saw them entering the building and I was asking myself: how is life when you have Eiffel Tower in front of you sparkling for 5 minutes every hour, every night?

Paris, je t’aime, I Have Always Loved You.♥

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