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Dinner in the sky

I checked the weather, it was good. And I thought I shouldn’t spend the night at home. For a long time a friend of mine and I wanted to go for dinner at Akakiko in Mariahilferstrasse and have dinner in the sky. The Japanese restaurant is on the fifth floor of the shopping center Gerngross, so you have a view of Mariahilfer church and of the roofs in the 6th district. Locals may already know this place, but this could be a good tip for tourists.
I called to make a reservation in advance because I know very well that when the weather in this city is nice, all the places are usually full. I went there, I sat on a table waiting for my friend to come. Then I looked at the menu, and I felt so embarrassed because I realized I was sitting in the wrong restaurant. If you want to eat sushi, and not Austrian cuisine, don’t do the same mistake. Next to Akakiko there is another restaurant called Brandauer im Gerngross but we wanted to eat sushi. I apologized to the waiter and moved to Akakiko.
We had a dinner that lasted from 19.30 till 23.00. The waiter turned down the lights at 23.00, it was time to leave.
I hope you enjoy the photos below.

akakiko (1) dinner in the sky (1) akakiko (2) dinner in the sky (2) dinner in the sky (3)

One more Vienna tip

I brought my lovely friend Ioanna to Himmelblau and she was excited. I told her “You see, after some years in Vienna, there are still new things to discover” although Vienna is more like a big village for us and not like a big capital city”. When you come from a huge city like Athens, then Vienna is more like a playground, like a big village.
Himmelblau was the reason that brought us to the 18th district and we both loved it a lot. A bit far away from the centre but the ambience, sweets and the waiter from Chile who served us a Couscous Tabbouleh, an omelette and some delicious pastries are good reasons to go back to Himmelblau. What we liked most was the Ginger Lemonade.
One more Vienna tip: On the same street you will find the Kutschkermarkt where you can buy fruits, vegetables and flowers.

“Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate.”
― Jo Brand

one more vienna tip (3) one more vienna tip (5) one more vienna tip (6)

one more vienna tip (2)
one more vienna tip (4)

one more vienna tip (1)

Cinema under the stars

During the summer in Vienna there are many activities that locals and tourists can enjoy for free. On this post I am referring to the cinema under the stars which you can find at Karlsplatz in front of St. Charles’s Church. It actually takes place every summer at the same place and this year you can watch movies under the stars until 19th July 2014. As I have said many times before, the weather influences our mood and when it’s cold ( like 16 ° Celsius), people are not that motivated and they don’t choose to go for the open air cinema. But on a warm summer night, this place is full of people; they even lay down on the ground. Although the movies they show are not the type of the movies I personally fancy, I visit it because I like the atmosphere and I think it’s a pity that it lasts so short, from 27th June til 19th July.

cinema under the stars

We are all mad here

We are all mad here We are all mad here 25 hours hotel vienna 25 hours hotel vienna 25 hours hotel viennawhat I ordered is a white pizza with Gorgonzola and pears

all mad here (5)

We are all mad here is one of the motto of one favourite place of mine in Vienna: 25hours hotel. You don’t have to be a guest hotel to enjoy the loft bar but if you want to go for a dinner at the 1500 foodmakers restaurant, which is situated in the groundfloor of the hotel, remember to make a reservation some days in advance. I have been told that this hotel was home for students in the past, but they totally renovated it and choose the circus theme for the decor in the hotel rooms, the restaurant, and the loft bar.  I felt like I was part of a circus with clowns, acrobats, and jugglers.

I especially like the loft bar on Wednesdays because Herr Hermes play swing music and people dance on that particular day. And it seems that I am not the only one that likes to go there on Wednesday, since the place is full and usually you have to wait on the queue. If the place is full, they don’t let you in. They say you have to wait until somebody gets out. And I find it fair, so the bar is pleasant for everybody and you have more possibilities to find a place to sit.

As for the summer, everybody is on the terrace. During the day but in the night as well, this hotel is the place to be because….they are all mad there. They really are…in a nice way! ♥

Vienna in June

I feel sorry for the lack of posts this month, but I had to carry out some important things and take some measures for the website. Besides, June is the exams month for those who study at the university. You know on June, when the weather is ideal for endless strolls in the park and there are many festivals or activities for free all around the city, I have to stay home and study. But it usually goes like that: I start studying syntax and phonetics but a flashback of some moments on a Greek island passes through my mind, I give up on learning and look at summer pictures. Then I return to my books because some things need to be done, whether you like them or not.

I have many exciting future plans for the world of the Viennese girl, which will not only continue but grow more and more, little by little.

“Vienna in June” is a photo project that I would like to bring to this blog starting this month. Here are some photos of the city, photos that I took during the month of June, photos without any Photoshop, special filters or other editing. Different spots of the city that I hope you enjoy.

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
― Karl Lagerfeld

vienna on june (7) the viennese girl (4) the viennese girl (3) vienna on june (2) vienna on june (3) the viennese girl (2) the viennese girl (1) vienna on june (5) vienna on june (4) vienna on june (6) vienna on june (1)

Summer feeling

summer feeling summer feeling

Photo by Jakob Reinfeldt

Some days ago, when the weather was still nice, some friends and I spent some hours in Stadtpark. We usually go to the park when the weather is warm (you see here in Vienna many activities depend on the weather) and we get that summer feeling that makes us discuss about summer holidays.

Stadtpark is one of my favorite parks in Vienna. But there are many other beautiful parks in Vienna such as Prater, Volksgarten and Burggarten.

Viva l’estate

I dare to say that the summer is here, although I shouldn’t say so because the weather in this country is always unpredictable. So, with this Italian phrase “Viva l’estate”, I welcome the summer season and I hope that, now that it has come, stays here at least for the next 4 months.
My lovely friend, Susanne, suggested meeting her for lunch at an “alternative” restaurant but I somehow convinced her to go for THE PIZZA.
Beneath the Piaristen Church in a beautiful plaza you can find the Italian restaurant called “Il sestante”. Whether you are local or a tourist, don’t miss it, but I warn you, make a reservation. I went there today at 13.00 and it was already full. As a precaution, I called the restaurant one hour before our arrival to ensure a table for two.
And now the question is “where do we find the best italian pizza in Vienna?”. Let me give you some tips. I like both “Il Sestante” and “Il sole”, and also “Disco Volante” and “That’s amore”.

the viennese girl viva l'estate (3)

the viennese girl viva l'estate (4)

the viennese girl viva l'estate (5)

the viennese girl viva l'estate (2)

the viennese girl viva l'estate (1)
the viennese girl viva l'estate (6)

Viva l’estate

Vienna snapshots

A few snapshots from this beautiful city, where I luckily live. Not many things to say. Just to let you know that the Instagramers from all over the world organize a meeting in Vienna on the following Saturday 17.05 and I guess it is going to be very interesting to meet them (people who enjoy taking pictures everyday like me). At the beginning, they were planning to meet at Augarten park but since the weather is not going to be ideal for an outdoor activity, they changed the meeting place and the event starts at 13.00 at Lehargasse 7, 1060 Vienna. Are you ready for an indoor picknick in order to celebrate the 3rd birthday of Instagramers in Vienna?

See you all there.

vienna snapshots (1) vienna snapshots (2) 1 (3) 1 (4) 1 (5) 1 (6) 1 (7) 1 (8) 1 (9) 1 (10)
Vienna snapshots

Le Loft

Silia_20140427_138 Silia_20140427_030 20140427_163422 20140427_163445

Photo (c) Elena Azzalini Photography (first and second photo)

As you know, the Viennese girl goes everywhere and spies on everything. I have visited this bar many times, during the day but in the night as well and I think that this blog should include a post about this unique place.

Some impressions:

The lift that brings you to the 18th floor is like a dark and black box with a white ceiling, some people are scared, and some are impressed.

I guess the highlight of the roof bar is the colorful ceiling. You have to see it from outside in the night. It something that catches your eyes and makes you wonder: “what is that?”

Βe careful on Saturdays night, because you will probably need a reservation. They will not let you enter in, if the place is full.

One thing that is very disappointing is that they only allow you to sit next to the window only if you go there to eat. Dear Le Loft manager, can you do something to change this? Thank you in advance.

Le Loft Sofitel Vienna
Praterstrasse 11020

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