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New years resolutions











In collaboration with BIPA

Photography: Tony Gigov

Through this blog, last year I managed to achieve things that I had imagined only in my wildest dreams. Some of those things include winning the travel contest and flying to Miami with Austrian Airlines and Chanel asking me to take photos inside the new boutique in Graben. Besides, I was invited to UK, Slovenia, Greece, Germany and to some beautiful parts of the Austrian countryside. All those collaborations, press trips and invitations to events made me feel over the moon and made 2015 extraordinary. Having the chance to collaborate with so many prestigious successful companies is mind-blowing and I wish that 2016 will bring more of it.

This time Bipa asks what my intentions are. What do I intend to do in 2016? I kept it to myself for a long time, elaborating on it in my mind and I think it’s time to reveal my inner thoughts. I want to work as a fashion/travel/product photographer (blame it on Instagram). Two years ago, when I started this blog, I was taking photos with my mobile phone because that is all I had. I soon realized that investing money in a DSRL camera was more than necessary so I bought my first Canon Eos 700D as a Xmas present to myself. After one year, I realized that I need an upgrade and sold my Canon eos 700 D to buy a full frame camera, so I got the Canon Eos 6D. Now I really need to upgrade my computer because after 5 years of use, I still wonder how it’s still alive.

All those past years, I didn’t stop to learn. Photographers are like teachers and doctors, they never stop to learn. It’s a non stop learning process. Maybe I should write what I’ve learned during the process in another blog post.

Some words for this blog post. We wanted to create a story of a girl who does a photo shooting in the center of Vienna. When the photo shooting is wrapped up, that girl goes for shopping, buys some flowers, takes the tram and returns home. The outfit should be comfortable, yet elegant. Comfortable black loafers and dark blue pants. You can look elegant, while you are taking photos.

To sum it up:

In 2016, I want to work. I want to make my photography portfolio and an online shop. I want to improve my photography skills (it’s going to be a battle). I only want to do things that I love. I want to change my personal style (because I can’t forget that day when a friend of mine told me that it’s conservative). And of course, I want to travel more because during all those cold nights in my little Viennese room I can’t help but dreaming of exotic beaches and crystal waters some where in Bali or in Morocco. I want to be carefree (not so realistic but I want it). Use the hashtag #ichhabwasvor to find out more.

How exactly will all this happen? I think it will happen with a lot of work, persistence, consistency, a lot of luck and support from people who love The Viennese Girl blog like I do, support from my readers and Instagram friends. I keep saying to myself: New Year, new opportunities and this is exactly how I want to envision it, in a very optimistic state of mind.

I will end this post asking you this question: How do you envision your 2016? #ichhabwasvor

From Vienna to Miami

From Vienna to MiamiFrom Vienna to Miami

Those who follow on Instagram have already noticed that I won a travel to Miami with Austrian Airlines. It was about one month ago when I took part in the contest and now here I am, one day before the departure, very excited about this travel over the Atlantic Ocean and ready to discover a place I have never been before.. All the documents are ready but still need to pack my suitcase with the essentials: my bikini and summer dresses!

So, this is just a quick note to say where I am heading to and what kind of photos you should expect for October. The Viennese Girl blog will get some Miami vibes and I will get back to you as soon as possible..♥

Back to Paradise

back to paradise (33)

back to paradise (35)

back to paradise (34)

back to paradise (38)

back to paradise (42)
back to paradise (43)

Back to paradise, in other words, back to this beautiful island called Samos where I come every summer. My direct flight from Vienna to Samos had a delay of about 4 hours because of the strikes at the airport in Greece. I spent more hours waiting in the airport of Vienna than inside the airplane during the flight but I am here, so no complaints. I was supposed to land on the Greek territory at 15.00pm approximately and drive directly to the beach and even wore a bikini under my clothes, but because of the delay, my direct visit to the beach was postponed for the following day.

I had a very warm welcome by friends and family here, even fireworks in the sky. Apparently not for my arrival but for a local festivity in Pythagorion on that day. The day after my arrival we went to Tsamadou beach and spent the whole day there, then we headed to the village next to the beach, Kokkari, where we had an evening stroll before we get back home. On this post I share some photos of Kokkari.

So glad to see them all again, friends and family, and I enjoy my time by doing simple things that I missed so much, like eating cheese pie at 3.00 am in the night and drinking granita by the sea. So glad to be back to paradise and to call this piece of heaven on earth home sweet home.♥