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Instameet at Hotel Imperial Vienna

Instameet at Imperial Hotel Vienna (10)
Instameet at Imperial Hotel Vienna (11)

Instameet at Imperial Hotel Vienna (4)

Instameet at Imperial Hotel Vienna (2)
Instameet at Imperial Hotel Vienna (5)
Instameet at Imperial Hotel Vienna (7)
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Instameet at Imperial Hotel Vienna (14)
Instameet at Imperial Hotel Vienna (13)Instameet at Imperial Hotel Vienna (12)

Instagrammers in Austria organize many instameets and instawalks now and then and one of those was the Instameet that took place today at Hotel Imperial. I would say that this was an imperial instameet, not just a simple one. We gathered around 10.00 and had breakfast. My friend Greg (who btw has origins from Greece and has great Instagram photos) gave a speech and talked about storytelling and its importance in today’s business. After that, Marie Kreuzer, who is the Sales& Social Media Manager of Starwood Hotels in Vienna, gave us a small tour inside the hotel and showed us the suite where once Madonna and Michael Jackson stayed during their stay in Vienna.

I took some pictures of the interior with my photo camera and one picture with my Samsung Galaxy S6 for my Instagram account which you can find here.

In general, joining an instameet in your city – whichever it might be – is a nice opportunity to make new friends, especially if you are new in town. The only condition is that you have to love taking pictures and being a creative spirit in order to be a good match.

I left with a piece of the Imperial cake and with the hope that I am going to win the champagne brunch in a raffle. The winner will be announced in about two weeks. Wish me luck, wish me luck…because I don’t drink alcohol but I love champagne.♥

Vienna in June

I feel sorry for the lack of posts this month, but I had to carry out some important things and take some measures for the website. Besides, June is the exams month for those who study at the university. You know on June, when the weather is ideal for endless strolls in the park and there are many festivals or activities for free all around the city, I have to stay home and study. But it usually goes like that: I start studying syntax and phonetics but a flashback of some moments on a Greek island passes through my mind, I give up on learning and look at summer pictures. Then I return to my books because some things need to be done, whether you like them or not.

I have many exciting future plans for the world of the Viennese girl, which will not only continue but grow more and more, little by little.

“Vienna in June” is a photo project that I would like to bring to this blog starting this month. Here are some photos of the city, photos that I took during the month of June, photos without any Photoshop, special filters or other editing. Different spots of the city that I hope you enjoy.

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
― Karl Lagerfeld

vienna on june (7) the viennese girl (4) the viennese girl (3) vienna on june (2) vienna on june (3) the viennese girl (2) the viennese girl (1) vienna on june (5) vienna on june (4) vienna on june (6) vienna on june (1)

Vienna snapshots

A few snapshots from this beautiful city, where I luckily live. Not many things to say. Just to let you know that the Instagramers from all over the world organize a meeting in Vienna on the following Saturday 17.05 and I guess it is going to be very interesting to meet them (people who enjoy taking pictures everyday like me). At the beginning, they were planning to meet at Augarten park but since the weather is not going to be ideal for an outdoor activity, they changed the meeting place and the event starts at 13.00 at Lehargasse 7, 1060 Vienna. Are you ready for an indoor picknick in order to celebrate the 3rd birthday of Instagramers in Vienna?

See you all there.

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Vienna snapshots

Spread the word

Spread the word

Photo (c) Elena Azzalini Photography

  1. “Cause you wouldn’t know me today, and you have got to see, to believe, from the fading light I fly”. Conchita Wurst and the song “Rise like a phoenix” is the winner of the Eurovision song contest 2014, that took place in Copenhagen last night. I was very happy to watch the contest with friends in a very beautiful loft in the first district of Vienna. It used to be like an annual ritual, when I was living in Athens, to gather in a place, chat and vote with friends, and having fun together in front of the television. I am happy that the same type of gathering happens in Vienna as well. I don’t know how you find the winning song, but among the others, it was really the one that I liked most. This song has something powerful. The melody which is slow at the beginning and then become stronger gives you the impression that it talks about an achievement, something successful, for something that was lost and found, for someone who is reborn. 12 points from Greece to Austria and next year the European song contest comes to Vienna!
  2. Do you need to escape from routine for 6 months and travel the world? Swiss Air Lines gives you the opportunity to apply for a dream job and be a Swiss explorer. Just watch the video and you will understand what I am talking about. The video of the advertisement is excellent and the voice of the speaker manages to define the spirit of the job, still we should not fool ourselves that it’s going to be only fun and excitement. It is going to be demanding as well. Would you like to apply? You should hurry, because you can send your application until 28 May, 2014
  3. Do you know Mary Katrantzou? That Greek girl who managed to establish herself in a very competitive business field in London as a fashion designer. I have watched this video many times and thought I should share it with you, just in case you haven’t see it yet. I like people like Mary who persist and fight for their dreams, no matter what, and people who are creative generally. Challenge yourself to define your limits.
  4. Do you know what kind of cosmetics you use? Have you ever wondered about what kind of ingredients are they made? I had a very interesting conversation with my student who is concerned about the chemicals that they put into skin care products. She recommended me to check out this page on the web. It is a pity that the context is written in German only. I searched for a button to switch the language but didn’t find anything. Whatever, we should be and stay informed. And the next time you buy a product, take a look at the back side, where the ingredients are..


Public transportation in Vienna

Public transportation in Vienna

Photo (c) Elena Azzalini Photography

Studying at the University of Vienna is nice, working in Vienna is nice as well, but having a chat with a nice girl on a sunny careless Sunday is more than amazing. Simple things in life are the best. We should always appreciate them and not take them for granted. Elena and I went for a coffee and then to Schönbrunn palace. You might have already seen some photos that we snapped together on my account on Instagram.

The photo of this post, gives me the chance to write a bit about how much I like the public transportation in Vienna. Having lived in the capital city of Greece for years and after experiencing limited public transportation in a very big city, I can say that the public transportation in Vienna turns the city into a playground. Having a car is useless. Public transportation here is fast, convenient, and punctual. I never had any kind of difficulty getting around Vienna. It is obvious that people who work for it do their best for the others. I shouldn’t forget to mention that the metro runs around the clock on Fridays and Saturdays and on the eve of public holidays, which makes going out at night easier.

My favorite metro stations? Schönbrunn station and the Stadtpark station, they look actually similar. The Stadtpark station was the first metro station that I saw when I came to Vienna, so I guess I have a special emotional connection to this station. I still remember that day, when I got off, and didn’t know which direction to take.♥

Home dinner

this is the menu

here is the table


this is the first dish


I have a strange yet awesome story to tell. Few days ago, someone rang the bell of the apartment where I live, and when I went to the door, I heart a male voice saying that there was a delivery. I opened the door, and the delivery boy told me that he has a hard disk to deliver; however the recipient wasn’t me but rather a person who lives on another floor of my building. At the beginning, I wasn’t sure if I should take the package, which belonged to someone else, especially to someone that I don’t know at all. But the delivery boy insisted and begged me so much that it was impossible to say no. He also assured me that he has done it often in the past and that I shouldn’t worry. You see, I was the only person in the whole building at the moment.

So, I received the small parcel and thought that I have to bring it to the owner. Some days later, as I came back home from work, I thought I should try and ring the door of the person to whom the parcel belongs. This person, who happens to be a very talented photographer, opened the door, thanked me for receiving the stuff that he had ordered and all of a sudden invited me to take part in the home dinner that was about to take place and of course I accepted.

We were about nine people and everything was great. Friendly people, warm atmosphere, and excellent service from two butlers. What did I enjoy most? For every dish there was a different wine and since I love sweet wines, I mostly liked the last one which came with the dessert. You see what can happen when you receive a package?♥

Breakfast at Kempinski Vienna

Breakfast at Kempinski ViennaBreakfast at Kempinski ViennaBreakfast at Kempinski ViennaBreakfast at Kempinski ViennaBreakfast at Kempinski ViennaBreakfast at Kempinski ViennaBreakfast at Kempinski ViennaBreakfast at Kempinski ViennaBreakfast at Kempinskithe viennese girl vienna hotel

Starting the day with a good and relaxing breakfast will always be a good idea. For Easter, my friend and I decided to do something different and this time we chose to have Breakfast at Kempinski. The buffet at Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna was great and delicious but what did I like the most? The salmon (I am a salmon fan), the variety of fresh juices, especially the carrot juice, and the variety of cheeses. In general, the service was excellent, the staff was friendly, and the overall experience was a special one.

A more personal info: While tasting the Roquefort cheese, it was so fun listening to my friend commenting that my eyes have the shape of an almond! The almond eyes!♥




Photo by Jakob Reinfeldt

Well, after many grey cold days, sun came back to the Viennese sky yesterday. Jakob, who happens to be a talented photographer and a friend of mine, and I didn’t miss the chance to have a walk around the city. He grabbed his fantastic photo camera (which I am dreaming of having the same) and we snapped some beautiful pictures.

What I especially enjoy very much every time I write this blog is that I have to give a name to each post. I call this one Pandemonium because it is like an explosion of colours. The first photo of this post could have been taken somewhere in Brazil or Murano in the Venetian Lagoon, but no, it was taken in the centre of my beautiful Vienna.♥

Coffee And Other Stories

Clever decoration full of inspiration, small yet sophisticated. These words describe my new discovery. A piece of Hungarian culture in the center of Vienna.

I had a small talk with Peter who served me my breakfast; he told me that they bring fresh products every day from Budapest. He asked me if I want to drink a cup of coffee and I told him that I never drink coffee. He looked at me weird and I laughed. I am not weird! I am just a special edition!

If you visit Budapest Bistro, don’t forget to check their bathroom, a quote hanging on the wall is waiting for you: “People who love to eat are always the best people.” ― Julia Child

I enjoyed the breakfast on a vintage Sewing Machine Table (see photos below) listening to music from the Budapest Bar.

Coffee And Other Stories

Coffee And Other Stories

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Coffee And Other Stories

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