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Bella Napoli



It was raining the first day we arrived in Napoli, but the city was generous enough and treated us with endless sunshine for the rest of our stay. We didn’t care at all because we didn’t have big plans for the first day anyway, so we were content to just visit that famous pizzeria “Da Michele” that happened to be located a few blocks away from our hotel.

I brought Anastacia with me on this trip. She thanked me over a slice of Pizza Margherita for bringing her to Bella Napoli. This was despite her initial worries regarding all the bad rumors that she had read on the internet about Napoli. I told her not to worry and just follow The Viennese Girl, haha. For me, it wasn’t the first time in Napoli. It was actually my third visit to this city. My previous visits were always during the summer season; therefore I have always connected the South of Italy, and more specifically Napoli, with holidays and summer. But I can’t tell you enough how good it felt for us to fly with with myAustrian Holidays down to Naples in the middle of February. If I look back now, it feels even more like the right decision to take the airplane and fly to Bella Napoli in the middle of February.

One of the best things that happened during our visit to Napoli was meeting up with Marco, a guy who I got to know through Instagram and was kind enough to show us his beautiful city and brought us to parts of the city that we wouldn’t have been able to find without him. Always remember that Instagram connects people. I feel really appreciative that Marco spent one entire day with us showing us around his beautiful city.

While in Napoli, we were never alone. My good friend Marcello picked us up every afternoon from the hotel and drove us to the small Italian village of “Vietri sul mare”, because I had cravings for mussels and pasta with sea food. We were pretty exhausted every afternoon after walking through the city for hours and we had to force ourselves to leave our hotel room and go for dinner. But on the other hand, how can you deny a good dish of sea food pasta and a large pot filled of steamed mussels? I have to say, this was the best way to end every day in Napoli.

We stayed at Una Hotels Napoli, which I would recommend because of its key location. Being next to the main Garibaldi station and being close to the Alibus airport bus makes it easy for anyone who wishes to reach other destinations from Napoli. To be honest, we didn’t spend a lot of time in the hotel. But the little time we did spend in the hotel, we were always greeted by the very helpful and welcoming staff. We enjoyed the delicious breakfast on the rooftop terrace with views to the volcano and of course we loved that the pizzeria “Da Michele” was only 5 minutes of walking distance from the hotel.

To sum it up, the three nights and four days we spent in Bella Napoli were filled with lots of sunshine, hundred of photos, Italian friends, and many delicious slices of Pizza Margherita. I will come back for those and many other reasons.

It was time to say goodbye to Napoli. Our main destination for this trip wasn’t Napoli. It was Matera. About Matera, I will tell you in the next blog post.

Many thanks to ENIT Italia for making this trip happen, My Austrian Holidays for flying us to that sunny destination, and Una Hotels Napoli for the friendly accommodation! More on Instagram! 

In love with Positano

In love with Positano

In love with Positano
In love with Positano
In love with Positano











I always have a hard time finding the right words to describe my experiences from the beautiful places that I visit. I have always had difficulties because most of the time it feels like words are insufficient to describe the experiences like I had in Positano last month, a cliff side village on southern Italy’s Amalfi Coast. In addition, I also feel that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I often don’t feel the need to write anything here and prefer to leave this page blank.

But then, flooded with feelings of gratitude, I remind myself how lucky I am to have the opportunity to travel, to explore, to experience, and… to photograph my Humanic shoes in beautiful places like Positano. I hope I will always have the opportunity for a trip like this every now and then, so that I can take some nice pictures that I can then share with you here, on The Viennese Girl blog.  ♥

I just came back from Marrakesh. I will spend a few days in my beautiful Vienna, and then I’m off to Paris for the 3rd time this year! Hope you are having a great time too…♥


Once upon a time in Florence

once upon a time in Florence (7)

once upon a time in Florence (8)
once upon a time in Florence (16)

once upon a time in Florence (4)

once upon a time in Florence (10)
once upon a time in Florence (5)

once upon a time in Florence (6)

once upon a time in Florence (9)
once upon a time in Florence

once upon a time in Florence (1)

once upon a time in Florence (11)

once upon a time in Florence (18)
once upon a time in Florence

once upon a time in Florence (14)

Dress: Madame shou shou

I have been traveling a lot the last few weeks. I actually have been purposely looking for opportunities to travel during the summer because if not in the summer, then when? My first summer trip was to Greece, then to France, and now to Italy. For the Italian trip to Florence, I brought my friend Edisa. This was our second trip together; the first one was in Mykonos earlier this year.

While traveling, I like to try out new things and do things that others might not do or try things that I have not experienced before. For instance, we woke up at 05:00, dressed up and ventured out to see the morning magical light hit the empty streets. Although my eyes usually hurt, and I have a little headache caused by the early wake up, we truly enjoyed the early morning calm during this visit to Florence. In the early morning, it felt like the city was “ours”. Luckily, our hotel Firenze Number Nine was centrally located, just a few steps from Florence’s cathedral and Ponte vecchio. This meant we didn’t have to go far to reach the main attractions. The morning we took the photos above, the guy at the reception was staring at us while we were stepping out of the hotel. I am sure he was wondering what two girls, dressed up like this, were doing at 05.30 in the morning! There was another Italian who asked us who was the bride. There was no bride, and no wedding. Just me and Edisa, once upon a time in Florence. ♥

20 things to do in Italy

palazzo vecchio

20 things to do in Italy: 

1.    Being able to understand everything that the Italians say, especially when they talk about you and they think that you don’t understand them. It is such a blast.

2.    Getting lost in the small streets of Venice without having a map in hand. Just listen to your instinct and let yourself  be surprised.

3.    Eat eat eat. Everywhere and everything. With an emphasis to Pizza, spaghetti, gelato, mozzarella and prosciutto.

4.    Drinking Martini Asti. Every moment is appropriate for a glass of Martini Asti.

5.    Shopping at Camomilla in Via del Corso. Don’t go with your boyfriend because it is very possible that he will get sick of all these pink girly stuff.

6.    Missing the last train to Perugia and trying to figure out where to spend the night in Rome.

7.    Sitting in the steps of Piazza di Spagna for hours.

8.    Eating cannoli and cassata in Sicily.

9.    Having a ride in a scooter in Rome like Audrey Hepburn did in “Vacation in Rome”.

10.    Driving a vintage Fiat 500! They are just so cute and funny!

11.    Having my own apartment behind the University of Perugia.

12.    Discovering all the small villages in Umbria and Toscana.

13.    Acting spontaneously because you are a tourist and it is all permitted. In the end, whatever happens in Italy stays in Italy.

14.    Shopping in Via Montenapoleone in Milano. Your credit card will suffer.

15.    Feeling the romance in Piazza Michelangelo in Florence.

16.    Exploring Florence on a bicycle.

17.    Eating “Bistecca alla fiorentina” in Florence.

18.    Having crazy summer nights in Amalfi and the Costiera Amalfitana.

19.    Feeling the beautiful chaos of Napoli listening to the song “Una notte a Napoli” of Pink Martini.

20.    Small talks with Old Italian ladies who get excited when tourists can speak their own language. Be prepared to receive a dozen questions about who you are, where you come from, and why you speak Italian etc.

Do you have similar experiences in Italy?