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Vienna in 2 days

vienna in 2 days
best travel guide to vienna / tips and recommendations

best travel guide to vienna / tips and recommendations

best travel guide to vienna / tips and recommendations
best travel guide to vienna / tips and recommendations

best travel guide to vienna / tips and recommendations

best travel guide to vienna / tips and recommendations
vienna in 2 days

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vienna in 2 days (12)
vienna in 2 days (11)
vienna in 2 days (1)
2 days in Vienna (7)

Although I have shared many Vienna travel tips on The Viennese Girl blog, I still receive emails from people asking me what to do and where to go during their stay in Vienna. Recently, a friend of mine (pictured in the photos above) visited me for 2 days in Vienna. As it was her first visit to Vienna, before her arrival, I was thinking of how to make the best of those 2 days for her, so I wrote down a 2 day program. If you are in Vienna in December, here are my recommendations, according to the program my friend and I followed:

1st day:

We started the day with a breakfast at Cafe little Britain. Then we went to the city centre, and roamed around the streets during the daylight. I showed her the most central streets like Graben, Kohlmarkt and Kärntnerstrasse. Afterwards, I brought my friend to see the view of the city from the top of Stephansdom. After that we went to Beaulieu for a little snack and to warm up our body as it has been cold, very cold outside. That was probably the most beautiful part of the whole day, because of the very Christmassy atmosphere in Palais Ferstel, where this french bistro is situated, and I ordered my favourite baguette with salmon and a rose lemonade, as always. So the day couldn’t end here without paying a visit to a Christmas market at Spittelberg. After the Christmas market, we ended up at the bar of 25 hours Hotel sipping wine. We headed back home, but of course if you still have time and energy, you can visit the Christmas markets in Rathaus, Maria-Theresien-Platz, in Museumsquartier and in Karlsplatz or maybe some of them…

2nd day:

The day started with breakfast at Nascha’s. We simply loved it and we had to fill ourselves up with energy for the long day ahead us. After breakfast, I took my friend to Belvedere. Here, you have 3 options: visit the museum, visit the Christmas market and the gardens. We went back to the center on foot and head over to Sacher Hotel for a Sacher Torte. Then we had two options: either visiting Schönbrunn or going to a restaurant for Schnitzel. We opted for the second option, as it was cold outside and we preferred to stay indoors. My friend wanted to check out that famous Viennese dish, the schnitzel. Last stop of the day was at the bar of Sofitel for some cocktails.

I hope you got some nice ideas from this blog post…ah wait: don’t forget to visit Naschmarkt…♥

Shopping in Vienna

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shopping in Vienna

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Don’t get fooled by the pictures. I don’t go shopping at Gucci and Prada, unless it’s a special occasion, like a birthday or something. I usually do online shopping at home, with ease and comfort, especially when I am not in the mood of going out and mingling with the crowd and I personally avoid Saturdays, which automatically means long queues in the cash desk and fitting rooms. Some of the online shops I tend to shop at are Bonprix, Asos, Zara or Massimo Dutti.

When it comes to shopping in Vienna, some of the main shopping streets are Mariahilferstrasse, Neubaugasse, Kärntner Straße and of course the Golden Quarter which is a luxury shopping area in downtown Vienna. This is the area where you can find international designer labels but keep in mind that there are also many other interesting shops and boutiques in the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th districts, maybe not that well-known but still you might find pieces that you will love.

Summer is just around the corner and I feel like my garderobe needs a total makeover. To be more precise, I actually feel the need to give away all my clothes (or throw them from the window 🙂 ) and buy some new, fresh pieces. You see, it comes the day when you want to get rid of everything old.

My advice: better fewer but beautiful, than too many and useless. Buy fewer pieces, yet more precious. Always remember to prefer quality over quantity. ♥

Onyx Bar

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photos by silia the viennese girl blog

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I was around the center of Vienna and the cold temperature made me crave for something sweet, so this is how I ended up this time at Onyx Bar. And since I like to share all those places I visit on The Viennese Girl blog with you all, I took some pictures, so that you can see how it looks, just in case you haven’t visited Onyx bar yet. This might be one of the most elegant bars in Vienna, I would say, and I would also recommend you to be nicely dressed if you decide to go there. Onyx Bar is the bar of the Do&Co Hotel and the place where my friends and I sometimes have some delicious after work cocktails with a stunning view to Graben and Kärntner Straße. This time not only the mousse au chocolat tasted so good but I am also glad with the outcome of the photos I took inside Onyx bar. Because of the beautiful daylight that enters from the huge windows, those photos are so bright and clean.♥