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Best pizza in Vienna

best pizza in viennabest pizza in vienna

Where do you find the best pizza in Vienna? As you know I love food and I especially die for sushi, Greek and Italian cuisine. After many visits in different pizzeria in Vienna, I came to a conclusion. I checked those places again and again with my italian friends and they like their pizza too. They all taste so good like in Napoli, my only complaint is that they cost a little bit more than in Napoli. If you are in Vienna or if you ever visit Vienna in the future, take a pen and paper and write down those top pizza restaurants:

Il sole in the 1st district

That’s amore in the 3rd district

Disco Volante in the 6th district

Da Peppino in the 7th district

Il sestante in the 8th district

Riva in the 9th district

I would love to know your opinion. Don’t forget to leave a comment below.

best pizza in vienna


I knew about Ladurée after visiting Paris, but to my surprise I found them in London as well. They have many stores around the world but unfortunately not in Vienna. I am referring to the French luxury bakery and sweets maker house that was founded by Louis-Ernest Ladurée back in 1862. La maison is famous for its double-decker macaron but they do sell many other delicious pastries. How would you describe with words the world of this renowned Maison? Elegant and sweet, appealing and charming. It’s totally worth a visit if there is one in your hometown. Go for the atmosphere and that charming Parisian experience.

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Monsieur Seguin

Monsieur Seguin is the name of the salad I ate some days ago at Le Bol, a delectable salad that you can also make at home. You need to buy the ingredients which are: lettuce, kiwi, pears, figs, tomatoes, raisins and of course the goat cheese that will give a very special flavor and taste to your dish. Mix the ingredients and don’t forget the vinaigrette. It will not only look yummy, it will also taste so. Très jolie.
Le Bol is a lovely french Bistrot and their dishes are delicious and sophisticated. We shouldn’t expect less, it’s French cuisine dear! Have a look here of the dish I ordered some other time at the same place.