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One weekend in Vienna

one weekend in vienna (4) one weekend in vienna (3) one weekend in vienna one weekend in vienna (6) one weekend in vienna (2) one weekend in vienna This post has been inspired by the wonderful last weekend in Vienna. Some dear friends were in town from London. It was nice to meet Lucy in person. Next time we catch up in Covent Garden for some burgers, right? Although it was cold and it didn’t stop to drizzle, we did several things.

If you are in Vienna just for a weekend, you certainly don’t have the time to see everything. Go for a breakfast at Motto am Fluss, roam around the city centre, visit a Christmas market, pay a visit to Demel and to Cafe Central, and at the end of the night go to DO&CO for some drinks and don’t forget to snap a picture from the balcony (like the last photo of this post showcases). ♥


Vienna bakeries & coffee shops
When you pass through the red velvet curtain that stands behind the door, a whole different world is revealed to you. Old wooden floor, royal chandelier, and an addictive flavor of divine chocolate.

Why should you come to Demel?

Demel has everything: a history which goes back to 1888, its downtown location, delicious desserts, and creativity. Here, chocolate is not seen as just candy, but as fine art. Personally, I like to put Demel in my plan because it makes my day. January is not one of my favourite month. Apart from the freezing cold, January means a lot of university exams and many hours spent in front of books. I know, it is exactly as how it sounds: not so pleasant. In days like these, a piece of chocolate speaks directly to my soul. Let me guide you through an extraordinary realm of sweetness through my photos and enjoy without remorses.

Vienna bakeries & coffee shops

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