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Burgring 1

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burgring 1
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Between university exams and photography lessons, I managed to catch up with some dear friends over a cup of coffee. Here is to another cafe that we visited most recently. Burgring 1 has its address as the name and a special character because of its shabby-chic interior. Besides, this is one more place in Vienna where I can speak Italian with the staff! If I am in the area, between Burggarten and Mariahilferstrasse, and have some spare time, I stop by for a laid back -chocolate- drink. Three are the things that I like at Burgring 1: the lights dangling from the ceiling, the comfortable couches, and the big windows – I guess because I always have that habit to do some people watching of those passing by.♥

12 munchies

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On a grey October day I found myself in the 18th district of Vienna. I have been told that there is a small cute cafe called “12 munchies” running under the motto “we are small but we stand tall”.

Dominique, the owner of 12 munchies, had been there since 8.00 am and welcomed me with hot chocolate and some delicious cookies. Fortunately she had time to sit with me and tell me some things about herself and the 12 munchies cafe. She told me about her decorating ideas, from where does she draws inspiration and how much she and her clients love the 12 munchies cafe. We also talked about our adventures all around the globe and we found out that we both harbor the same love for Greece.

Whether you are a tourist or resident in Vienna, leave all the Viennese traditional cafes behind you and try something special. Simply the name of the cafe 12 munchies, which means sudden hunger for snacks, inclines you towards something delicious. Visit Dominique at 12 Munchies in the 18th district and say hello to her from The Viennese Girl.