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Onyx Bar

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I was around the center of Vienna and the cold temperature made me crave for something sweet, so this is how I ended up this time at Onyx Bar. And since I like to share all those places I visit on The Viennese Girl blog with you all, I took some pictures, so that you can see how it looks, just in case you haven’t visited Onyx bar yet. This might be one of the most elegant bars in Vienna, I would say, and I would also recommend you to be nicely dressed if you decide to go there. Onyx Bar is the bar of the Do&Co Hotel and the place where my friends and I sometimes have some delicious after work cocktails with a stunning view to Graben and Kärntner Straße. This time not only the mousse au chocolat tasted so good but I am also glad with the outcome of the photos I took inside Onyx bar. Because of the beautiful daylight that enters from the huge windows, those photos are so bright and clean.♥

Simply raw bakery

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In 2014 I received many emails from people that enjoyed my Vienna tips and wanted to thank me for all this information that I provided through my blog. The love I received every time they contacted me and the gratitude I feel now is so huge that they make me keep on working on this project of mine in 2015. I am very happy that the category Dear Vienna resulted to be a lovely English speaking city guide that you can find on the web for free. For those who reside in Vienna and those who will visit Vienna. Sometimes I get to know those persons who write to me like that family who came from Greece to Vienna for a couple of days on Christmas. It was so nice getting to know them in person, drinking a cup of hot chocolate together at Le Bol and getting a feedback for the city and my Vienna tips.

Today I am going to write about another special place located in the center of Vienna that is called Simply Raw Bakery. We made it on time to catch that sofa next to the fireplace before it started snowing. We ordered a cup of coffee and smoothie and listened to French music. To my surprise, there was also a dog whose name is Mojito. Mojito was very lovely, quiet and shy. He let me cuddle him but he didn’t let me take a picture of him (why Mojito?). As soon as he understood that I was going to snap a photo of him, he was going back to his bed (and again, why Mojito?). At Simply Raw Bakery you can have wireless internet and you can pay with Bankomat (debit card), two things that are important to mention.

The Simply Raw Bakery is now my Simply Love Bakery in Vienna, even if Mojito ignored my wish to take a picture of him.♥

The Viennese Girl Blog EVENT

the viennese girl blog event

Christmas holiday is over and the ball season will soon begin in Vienna. In between, I have some exciting news. When I met Sabrina in person and visited her fashion cafe in the 4th district of Vienna, I thought “it would be nice to organize a small after work event with those who follow The Viennese Girl blog on the web and Instagram.” I asked Sabrina if I have the permission to organize something like that in her fashion cafe and I am glad to say that Sabrina liked my idea and expressed her agreement to host the event.

Why? I receive many emails now and then from people in Vienna who read my blog, follow my Vienna tips and want to meet me in person. Because I don’t have the time to meet them, each and every one, I decided to make this event, so by doing this, I ‘ll have the chance to meet you all who are interested in the blog and wish you “happy new year” in person. It’s the first time that I organize something like that, so to be honest, we have no sponsorship, neither do we sell any product. It’s not going to be a big event with big happenings. Just come as you are, either alone or with your friends and bring your best smile. It will be a nice opportunity to toast with you to the New Year ahead.

How to participate: Please keep in mind that the cafe is small. In order to organize it better and not have problem with the space, you must follow this link on Facebook and click on YES/NO/MAYBE. This is essential, because we need to know how many persons will show up and help us to organize it better.

Where and when: The event will take place at Wunderladen Cafe on Friday, 16 January 2015 and will start at 18.00.

Thank you, Silia! ♥