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Weekend escape in Slovenia

weekend escape in slovenia (4)

weekend escape in slovenia (5)


weekend escape in slovenia (6)

weekend escape in slovenia (9)
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weekend escape in slovenia (8)

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I had never been to Slovenia before although it’s not far away from Austria, so when the email with the invitation to explore Slovenian countryside landed in my email inbox, I knew I had to find some time and check what Slovenia has to offer.

Our travel destination was the region Prekmurje, that part of Slovenia which is between Hungary and Austria. We, other bloggers from Vienna and me, spent 2 nights at the 5 star hotel Livada Prestige and one night in an old castle, named Grad. Once we arrived in Slovenia a program full of activities was awaiting for us. We visited many traditional restaurants and farm houses, had exquisite meals and very good wine, made sweet love hearts, rafting down the river Mura, and did flying fox (aka zip-line) for the very first time in my life and flied above the swimming pools of Hotel Livada Prestige.

There were two highlights of the weekend in Slovenia: spending a night in an old castle and having lunch at the restaurant Rajh (still remember the asparagus soup). I loved both experiences. Have you ever had the chance to stay overnight in a castle? At the beginning I was a bit skeptical, but then I decided to give it a go, reminding myself how much I like experiencing new things in life. 1 old castle, 311 rooms, 2 girls: Vicky and me, sipping champagne, taking funny selfies under a sky full of sparkling stars, talking about ghosts and witches. Two more things I enjoyed during the weekend in Slovenia were wearing flip flops and drinking elder juice.

The whole excursion was organized by Best Press Story. Special thanks to the team of Best Press Story who showed us around their beautiful country. Thanks to them, we managed to visit places where we wouldn’t found if we were visiting Prekmurje as independent tourists.

We left Vienna Wednesday morning and returned Sunday evening. After four days in the Slovenian countryside, I realized how much of a city person (or an island person) I am, so I was glad to get back to my dear Vienna, and hope to get the chance to visit the Slovenian capital city, Ljubljana and its treasures.♥

The Viennese Girl for Madonna magazine

the viennese girl blog for Madonna magazine

Today I woke up pretty late. At 10.30am. But it’s Saturday and I am excused, right? I looked at my mobile and I had at least 4 messages from friends telling me that they saw me in Madonna magazine. Although I knew that the article would be published at beginning of May, I needed some time to realize it. At this point, I have a chance to say that blogging and photography is a hard work, and if you want to have a successful blog, it demands a lot of hard work, so I am glad that all this work get recognized from magazines and people like my work and I feel thankful for this. It all started as a hobby, as an idea to escape from the routine but it’s growing fast now and although I have a vision and goal, what is happening still feels sometimes surreal.

So, this weekend started with great news. The Viennese girl blog is featured in Madonna magazine. One whole page dedicated to The Viennese Girl blog with a nice text and beautiful photos from Tony Gigov wearing Patricia Vincent. You can find the online version here. Now I want to know how would you feel if you see photos of yourself in a magazine? ♥

The Viennese Girl for Wienerin

1st of May, bank holiday in Vienna. I wake up at 6.30. I make myself up quickly. I get in the metro. I am in the center of Vienna around 8.00am. My first goal of the day is to take pictures of the center of Vienna without people. I have only one hour to complete my work because when the cafes open at 9.00, the center will be full of people. I know exactly where I want to go, of which places I want to take pictures, so I don’t lose not even a minute. My time is valuable. At 9.00 I am done. Hooray! Now I deserve a Viennese breakfast  for rising early this morning. I decide to pamper myself and enter Demel. I found a table next to a window and while I savor my Viennese breakfast I lose myself into deep thoughts. Sometimes I think too much. After one hour of thinking and eating, I am done with my breakfast. Ready to go now. My next goal is to buy Wienerin. I am sure I can find it somewhere in Kärntner Straße. I find the Viennese magazine and I also find myself on page 271. I hope you also have a nice start of May. ♥