Coffee Pirates

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Coffee Pirates (8)

vienna travel guide by silia the viennese girl blogvienna travel guide by silia the viennese girl blog

Coffee Pirates (5)
Coffee Pirates (4)

Coffee Pirates (6)Coffee Pirates (9)

I loved the Coffee Pirates. Ideal meeting point in Vienna for a hot chocolate and slice of cake before the uni lesson starts or in between lessons for a pause. You will probably not see any tourist in Coffee Pirates, situated next to Altes AKH in 9th district, but rather young students who crowd the entrance and make it difficult for me to open the door to step outside. Rumors say that they make very nice coffee there, but since I never drink coffee, I am not able to know. You have to try and find out yourself. What I especially liked was the decoration and the coffee cups in what they serve their drinks. This place is very very cute, and here on The Viennese Girl blog, you know, we love all the cute things in life ♥



Graben wien

Graben in Vienna
Graben in Vienna
Graben in Vienna
Graben in Vienna

Photos: Tony Gigov

When Tony asks you to let him take some pictures of you, you simply cannot say no, even if you don’t have any make up on your face, even if you don’t have that special outfit on you. Strangely enough, I feel comfortable going around the city and being photographed without wearing lots of makeup in order to look beautiful. He gave me chocolate and we had a relaxed stroll downtown Vienna talking mainly about our favorite subject: photography! Those pictures were taken in Graben, one of the most famous streets in Vienna’s first district, and its surroundings. I really had a nice time.♥

Yoga in Vienna

bali yoga wien by silia How would you feel if you found a piece of Bali in the middle of Vienna?

the viennese girl blog Vienna

Last week The Viennese Girl embarked on a new adventure. Let me tell you about my experience: It never crossed my mind to join a yoga class untill the day my friend Chiana invited me to join her at her mother’s yoga studio in Vienna. She asked me “Do you do yoga?” and immediately I knew I had to give it a try.

Where to do yoga in Vienna

The welcome couldn’t be better. We started off with a delicious smoothie at the bar, the chocolate cacao flavor was my favourite. Afterwards I joined a yoga class which lasted an hour and a half. At the end, we enjoyed a cup of tea and took some funny photos with the girls, as you see above.

And in case you were wondering…No, I wasn’t able to touch my toes : )

The Viennese Girl blog Vienna

One week have gone by since I attend the yoga course at Bali Yoga Wien and I still remember the smell of exotic perfumes once I stepped inside. After the lesson I felt much happier and full of energy. My visit felt like mentally travelling to Bali, although we were in the center of Vienna. But once I stepped out of Bali Yoga Wien, it was like going back to reality. I tucked myself underneath my umbrella and headed towards the Metro.

The Viennese Girl blog Vienna

The Viennese Girl blog Vienna

I asked Chiana and Beate to share some facts with us about the Bali Yoga Wien: 

Bali Yoga Wien has been open since October 2014 and is a Yoga studio offering a combination of yoga styles from Iyengar Yoga, Yin Yoga to Vinyasa Flow. BYW offers a variety of classes focusing on different areas for every level from beginners to advanced. For example, we have classes concentrating on people suffering with back problems. But asides from being a yoga studio, BYW is also a furniture and homeware store with items imported from the island of Bali. We also have a juice bar where we make smoothies filled with fresh ingredients and super foods plus our own raw chocolate and vegan energy bars to keep you pumped and healthy. Beate, the co-owner of Bali Yoga Wien, lived and raised her children on the island of Bali for more than 20 years. Now, Beate has brought her unique yoga and Balinese style to Vienna. You can find more information about our courses, the timetable and prices on our website or on our Facebook Page.

Onyx Bar

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photos by silia the viennese girl blog

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I was around the center of Vienna and the cold temperature made me crave for something sweet, so this is how I ended up this time at Onyx Bar. And since I like to share all those places I visit on The Viennese Girl blog with you all, I took some pictures, so that you can see how it looks, just in case you haven’t visited Onyx bar yet. This might be one of the most elegant bars in Vienna, I would say, and I would also recommend you to be nicely dressed if you decide to go there. Onyx Bar is the bar of the Do&Co Hotel and the place where my friends and I sometimes have some delicious after work cocktails with a stunning view to Graben and Kärntner Straße. This time not only the mousse au chocolat tasted so good but I am also glad with the outcome of the photos I took inside Onyx bar. Because of the beautiful daylight that enters from the huge windows, those photos are so bright and clean.♥


stadtpark vienna wien (1)

stadtpark vienna wien (5)stadtpark vienna the viennese girl travel blogstadtpark vienna wien the viennese girl travel blogstadtpark vienna wien (3)

As you can tell from the photos above, not so many people go for a walk in Stadtpark when it’s freezing cold outside. This time, on my walk in Stadtpark I encountered just an Asian tourist couple and few other persons. Of course, there were also the ducks and pigeons, that didn’t seem to be happy with that cold either. When in summer people lay down on the grass and you can hardly find a bench which is not occupied, in winter the scenery changes and on days like those we are going through this week, the biggest park in the center of Vienna turns into a wonderland and I absolutely enjoyed my leisurely walk and realized that the park is beautiful anytime of the year.

Extra tip: if you are around there, don’t forget to visit the restaurant Meierei im Stadtpark.

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