Macarons from Cafe Pouchkine

Macarons from Cafe Pouchkine

When I stepped into my Parisian hotel, the receptionist said that the room was not ready yet and he suggested to me to leave my luggage and go for a walk. “Why not some Macarons from Cafe Pouchkine” I thought to myself.

My hotel was situated close to the Opera in the 8th district of Paris (I simply loved that area) and a 10 minute walk away from Printemps Department Store in the Boulevard Haussmann. Inside the Printemps Department Store there is a Russian cafe called Cafe Pouchkine. The weather was just amazing. It was so warm and sunny that I found it hard to believe. All this is to say that I left my luggage and went to the Printemps.

First, I went to see the view from the top floor of the Printemps Department Store and after that I headed to the ground floor because I was craving for some macarons from Cafe Pouchkine that I brought afterwards to my little tiny cute Parisian hotel room.

The photos above are spontaneous photos that I took at the hotel while the receptionist was preparing the documents for my check in. I just love product photography. It is a challenge to take a picture of something, of anything, and make it look way much better than it really looks.

  • nmat1122

    I didn’t know that! Wanna try these.
    Did you know macarons of Laduree? So pretty as well.

    • Yes I do know La Duree and everything about La Duree, it is my favorite!

  • Kathi

    They look great! How did they taste?

    xx, Kathi