Jardin Majorelle Rue Yves Saint Laurent

Jardin Majorelle Rue Yves Saint Laurent



Jardin Majorelle Rue Yves Saint Laurent
Jardin Majorelle Rue Yves Saint Laurent



Jardin Majorelle Rue Yves Saint Laurent – another beautiful place to visit when in Morocco and it has to be featured on The Viennese Girl blog. I wrote a few words in my previous blog post and here, I can share some photos with you. It wasn’t easy to take the pictures that you see above. The place was crowded and you may already know that I don’t like having strangers in my photos. Besides, it was very hot and the sun was creating strong shadows and causing high contrasts, which is something that I don’t find very flattering in photography. For those reasons, we decided to visit Jardin Majorelle the day after for a second time, with the hope of finding less crowds and cooler temperatures. But it didn’t work out. The next day’s schedule was already full and there was not enough time for us to fit a second visit in the seductive gardens of Jardin Majorelle Rue Yves Saint Laurent.

Jardin Majorelle in Rue Yves Saint Laurent is truly a beautiful place to visit in Marrakesh. What you will find at Jardin Majorelle is: Blue walls, exotic plants and trees, fountains and vibrant colors, a bookstore, a boutique, the Berber Museum and the loveliest café ever where we spent about an hour and drunk something refreshing. I wish it won’t be long before I go back. More from the interesting history here.


  • Anna

    Hello Silia, I love your blog!!! I’ve been following you for a while. I’m 14 and I’m so interested in photography, I just want to ask what camera are you using (I have a part-time job so I can maybe save up for it?) and if thats too expensive what cheaper/beginner camera would you advise me to get. Have a great week ahead! xx

    • Hello Anna, thank you very much. My camera is CANON EOS 6D with the lenses 50mm 1.4. I don’t know if this camera is expensive for you. Just let me know, and then we talk again. kisses