In love with Positano

In love with Positano

In love with Positano
In love with Positano
In love with Positano











I always have a hard time finding the right words to describe my experiences from the beautiful places that I visit. I have always had difficulties because most of the time it feels like words are insufficient to describe the experiences like I had in Positano last month, a cliff side village on southern Italy’s Amalfi Coast. In addition, I also feel that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I often don’t feel the need to write anything here and prefer to leave this page blank.

But then, flooded with feelings of gratitude, I remind myself how lucky I am to have the opportunity to travel, to explore, to experience, and… to photograph my Humanic shoes in beautiful places like Positano. I hope I will always have the opportunity for a trip like this every now and then, so that I can take some nice pictures that I can then share with you here, on The Viennese Girl blog.  ♥

I just came back from Marrakesh. I will spend a few days in my beautiful Vienna, and then I’m off to Paris for the 3rd time this year! Hope you are having a great time too…♥


  • Pavlos Dimitriou

    Mamma mia TVG ! The paradise is in earth. Thanks so much for these breath taking photos

  • Joanna

    You are so lucky you have the opportunity to visit all these amazing places! I did not know that Amalfi is so picturesque and the sea is so blue there, it is definetely worth a visit!

  • Regis Chen

    I’ve been to Positano and although I loved it the first time, after looking at your blog, I feel I need to go back again…and soon 🙂

    • Come back to Europe Regis, you need to get some ice cream from Florence : )

      • Regis Chen

        Yes! I miss gelato!! I might be able to come back during the winter holiday season 🙂

        • If you come during the winter, then you don’t need gelato in Florence, you need red hot wine from Vienna : )

          • Regis Chen

            I’ll have a wine float in Vienna… one scoop of gelato into a glass of red hot wine from Vienna!!

  • ykonda

    So this is how purported Amalfi coast looks like.. so picturesque and vividly colorful!

  • NatasaH

    Isn`t it magical and beyond beautiful in Positano!! I couldn`t put my camera off… so eager to go back some time soon.