From LA to Vienna

From LA to Vienna From LA to Vienna From LA to Vienna From LA to Vienna

From LA to Vienna – When I was about 13 years old, I hadn’t travelled abroad but had friends all over the world. Now you might wonder, how can this happen. Well, I was learning English in a private school and the teachers motivated us to have pen pals, so that we could practice our English with them. This is how I started receiving letters from different countries. Literally. I started receiving letters from Brazil to Singapore. There was a fantastic company based in Finland, which in exchange for a small amount of money, they sent you addresses of people who also wanted to have a pen pal from another country. I remember that some of them, especially a girl from Malta, Holland, and Sweden became close friends of mine and I loved them all even though I didn’t know them in person. They not only sent me letters but presents as well. Sometimes for a reason, sometimes just because. I will never forget my excitement receiving a parcel from somewhere far away from home. Many years have gone by and I, myself, now live abroad, but today I felt the same excitement when I received those beautiful rings from Nialaya.♥