Feelin good

Feelin good

Feelin good
Feelin good

Feelin good

Feelin good
Feelin good

Within the last month, I travelled to four different countries in Europe. They were mostly for work!  As hectic as my schedule sounds, I know how fortunate I am to have a job that constantly keeps me happy and enthusiastic about life.

But it is worth noting that having a busy lifestyle made me realize the importance of taking a moment to pause at home between one travel to the next. This allows for a much needed downtime for recreation and relaxation. My biggest ally in this crazy lifestyle for the past few months is Vichy skin care products.

During one of the breaks that I got to spend at home, I took the pictures that you see on this blog post. The photos feature a bunch of things that I use everyday: a calendar, my computer, a perfume, plus the LIFTACTIV vitamin C brightening skin corrector.

Every time I receive a product from Vichy, I try it out on my complexion. I also take the time to research the product and its ingredients. I don’t let myself spend money senselessly. I read the product reviews, what other people say about the product, and I examine each and every ingredient that the product is made of. I make sure I know what they can really do for me and why I need them. In other words, stay informed and use a product consciously.

This time Vichy sent me the LIFTACTIV vitamin C brightening skin corrector in a small bottle with a dropper that contains 15% pure Vitamin C + vitamin E.  It is paraben, alcohol and fragrance free and promises to deliver clinically proven results. It’ll leave you with a brighter and firmer skin in just 10 days.

So, I am going to use this little bottle for the next 10 days that I will be at home. As for you? My advice is the same as my previous blog posts: Always remember there is no magical cream that will do magic on your skin. It’s up to you to take care of yourself, don’t stress too much, choose a healthy lifestyle, use a high quality product and see your skin shine every morning.

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  • Deven

    Silia, nice writeup. I like that you recommend and use Beauty Products only after due diligence. You do look after yourself and are so beautiful.

  • Georgia Karaiskou

    Hi Silia,
    As soon as I read your article I bought the Vichy corrector online! I have a heavy work schedule and my skin, too, needs some extta support. Can’t wait to try it!

  • Pavlos Dimitriou

    Reading your blog already gives the “Feeling Good” experience TVG! Thanks so much for all the nice content

  • Marcello Pasquariello


  • Nectarios Chionis

    I wanna feel good too , so I have to take this product as soon as possible 👍🏻😀

  • Thank you Regis. You know I appreciate your opinion!

  • For once again amazing photos Silia! Can’t wait to test it! 🙂

  • Joanna

    Thanks TVG for the nice fotos! Very interesting, is it for all kinds of skin?

    • Hi Joanna, yes it is : ) You need it after spending so many hours in front of the pc everyday..when do you come to Vienna?

  • super beautiful