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The story goes like this. We were sitting hungry in our favorite French bistro downtown Vienna. Le Bol was busy and noisy but we enjoyed our breakfast. After we were done with our breakfast and happy, Elena (the girl of the photos above) asked me if I wanted to accompany her to the shop, next to Le Bol, which has eyeglasses and I asked her to go to that magical street with the blossoming trees so we can take photos. We did both. First we went to the eyeglasses shop and then, we took the metro line U4 from Karlsplatz to Pilgramgasse (where I used to have an aparment once) and went to the cherry blossom trees. And this is what happened. No special make up and no hair dresser, we had a spontaneous photoshooting. So, this is my friend Elena in front of my camera. Elena doesn’t model in her life; she posed only for me. It’s safe to say that my friends are beautiful 🙂 As for me, one day I hope, I will be shooting for Dior #bigdreams :)) ♥