Cinema under the stars

During the summer in Vienna there are many activities that locals and tourists can enjoy for free. On this post I am referring to the cinema under the stars which you can find at Karlsplatz in front of St. Charles’s Church. It actually takes place every summer at the same place and this year you can watch movies under the stars until 19th July 2014. As I have said many times before, the weather influences our mood and when it’s cold ( like 16 ° Celsius), people are not that motivated and they don’t choose to go for the open air cinema. But on a warm summer night, this place is full of people; they even lay down on the ground. Although the movies they show are not the type of the movies I personally fancy, I visit it because I like the atmosphere and I think it’s a pity that it lasts so short, from 27th June til 19th July.

cinema under the stars