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Syros island

Syros island

At the beginning of June I had the chance to visit Syros island in Greece. In this blog post, I’d like to share with you a few photos that I took during my stay, as well as a few travel tips on things to do if you plan to visit Syros.

Syros island

syros port Ermoupoli

ermoupoli syros

cyclades Greece

Where to stay

Hotel Benois, Syra Suites & Syra Bay, Pino di loto boutique bed&breakfast, Ventoura Studios & apartments

architecture landscape photography

the viennese girl blog bloggers vienna

fine art photography

Where to eat 

Iliovasilema restaurant in Galissas, Allou yialou in Kini village, Aventoura restaurant, Savvas restaurant, Avantgarden cafe bar restaurant, Mazi restaurant (fusion cuisine), To tsipouradiko tis Mirsinis, Sta vaporia bar restaurant

Ermoupoli Syros traditional cafes

Cafes: Giosifaki premium cafe in Vari, Kyverneio cafe in Poseidonia village

the viennese girl tips and photos

streets in ermoupoli syros

lifestyle fine art photography

Syros island

Syros island

Beach bars and restaurants: The Ono concept, Ciel Asteria beach in Ermoupoli

Syros island

Syros island

Syros island

Syros island

Syros island

Travel agencies in Syros: Gaviotis travel, Siros travel

I’d like to thank wholeheartedly Seajets, Hotel Benois and Syra Suites for the hospitality, Syros Municipality and all the residents of Syros island who went the extra mile to make sure that we have a pleasant stay! Everything was beautiful indeed and I am already looking forward to going back again.

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Kimolos island

the viennese girl travel blog Vienna blog bloggers

About one month ago, I had the chance to visit Kimolos island in Greece. In this blog post, I’d like to share with you a few photos that I took during my stay, as well as a few travel tips on things to do if you plan to visit Kimolos. 

beach in Greece photography by the viennese girl


Prassa, Mavrospilia, Kalamitsi beach, Agios Georgios, Bonatsa

Kimolos island

Restaurants and bars 

Kafemezodopoleio i kali kardia, Prasonisi restaurant in Prasa, Stou Fragouli for breakfast, Agora the cocktail bar

Greek islands photography by The Viennese Girl Vienna


There are many lovely stores with super cute things to buy. One that caught my attention was Arzantiera. Easy to find it as it’s located in the main street of the little town.

Kimolos island The Viennese girl travel blog lifestyle

What I loved about Kimolos

The authenticity of the islanders and the relaxed vibes. The lack of crowds and the secluded beaches.

Kimolos island

I am not writing much about my visit in this beautiful island, as it’s hard to describe feelings and in general the way I perceived the island. I’d like you to get inspired by the photos, go and discover the rest on your own!

shopping in Kimolos iconic souvenirs
kimolos island animals in Greece

One thing that I’d like to highlight is that there are beaches in Kimolos (and some spots in the main town) where you can borrow books in many different languages. Brilliant idea, right? I haven’t seen something like this on another Greek island! They may begin to adopt this wonderful idea as well!

beaches in Kimolos

Golden hour in Kimolos

golden hour kimolos island

I’d like to thank wholeheartedly Elzahed apartments for the hospitality, the mayor of the island Mr. Konstantinos Ventouris for inviting us to Kimolos and the residents of the island for their warm hospitality.

For more detailed info on Kimolos, click here 

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Travel with Galaxy

Travel with Galaxy

Last month I was given the chance to visit Bucharest. A city I’ve never been to before, a city that has been on my bucket list for a long time. An invitation by @samsungaustria to visit Bucharest felt like a good reason to finally go.

Travel with Galaxy

Day 1:
@samsungaustria had organised a 2 day program full of exciting activities. On the first day, we kicked off the experience with a #GalaxyS10+ product briefing that took place in Carturesti Carusel, one of the most iconic (and instagrammable) bookstores in the world! As always, Samsung knows how to choose event locations!

Travel with Galaxy

Later on, we drove to Labyrinthe Paris, a creative space in Bucharest. There we attended the workshop “How to style a fashion shoot” directed by fashion stylist Lucy Faur. Lucy Faur showed us a few outfits and explained the reasons why she chose those pieces and all the thought processes that go behind them. Afterwards, we were given the opportunity to pick the outfit that we liked the most and get photographed with our Galaxy S10+ devices. Here I found out about an interesting product feature, that is called Shot suggestions. If you are not good at finding the right composition, you can let your Samsung Galaxy S10+ find the best shot for you. Easy, peasy and fun!

Travel with Galaxy
Travel with Galaxy

The day ended with a fine dining experience at the loft of the restaurant Maize.

Travel with Galaxy

Travel with Galaxy

Travel with Galaxy

Travel with Galaxy

Travel with Galaxy

Day 2:
@samsungaustria took us on a garden party at Société Gourmet, where we had the chance to attend a food styling workshop, with the stunning food photographer Adina Chitu. Our task during the workshop was first to cook and photograph the dishes afterwards. During the food photography workshop, what I found very helpful was the Live focus camera feature. The camera focus on the object in the front and offer you a blurred background. You can decide how strong the effect will be by dragging up and down the Blur slider.

We spent quite a big part of the day in this charming Bucharest house and enjoyed the beautiful outdoor space, warm rays of sun and good food!

Afterwards, we discovered the city from a completely different perspective through a city tour on a vintage tram that gave us a glimpse of how was everyday life in the Communist era.  Day 2 ended at a stunning bar restaurant right by the side of the lake. 

Day 3:
Although we knew that it would rain, we didn’t want to stay in the hotel. It was our free day with a late flight in the evening. We ventured out and ended up drinking tasty matcha lattes with coconut flavour in Bucharest’s cutest Matcha Bar. 

During those 3 days in Bucharest, not only did I have the chance to see Bucharest and visit some of it’s impressive buildings, such as The Palace of the Parliament, but also to learn about the endless creative possibilities of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ camera. For a person like me who is passionate about photography, it was a blast to gain exposure to so many different activities where we got the opportunity, not only to take photos, but also to create collages, GIFs and movies. 

For those who would like to see more, I have shared a few Instagram stories on Instagram. You can find them in the highlight sections under the title “6th trip 2019”. And those who would like to visit the Little Paris, @samsungaustria put up a few travel tips together to help you get the best of Bucharest.

So far, I’ve traveled with @samsungaustria to quite a few places around the world: Paris, London, NYC, Ibiza, San Francisco and now Bucharest. We love creating thousands of unforgettable #samsunggalaxy moments around the world together and through all these travels, my Galaxy S10+ has turned out to be my favourite travel companion. 

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Disclaimer: In collaboration with Samsung Austria



Samos island, Greece. 5th trip of the year!

samos island orchids

I used to spend every summer holiday as a teenager in the homeland of Pythagoras. But in the last years I haven’t visited the island due to various personal reasons.

samos orchids beautiful photography

This May I went back, thanks to Visit Greece and Aegean Airlines, that invited me to join this press trip. Our visit in the island was short.

samos orchids

One day only. But what a beautiful day that was it!   

samos museum pythagorio

pythagorio museum

Pythagorio museum

It’s interesting to go back to a place that you know so well but haven’t visited the last years. Coming back means you see a familiar place with new, fresh eyes.

pythagorio from above samos

As always, I am happy to share with you the photos I took during my visit, along with a few Samos travel tips. 

restaurants tips samos

Points of interest: 

Samos Wine MuseumSamos orchids glass house / Archaeological Museum of Pythagorion

Panagia Spiliani Church / Temple of Hera

restaurants where to eat samos

Where to shop: 

2 the little store 

where to shop travel tips samos island
travel tips Greek island samos

the viennese girl blog vienna travel lifestyle

Dress: 2 the little store

pergamonto bar restaurant samos pythagorio
pergamonto pythagorio bar restaurant
pergamonto bar restaurant pythagorio

Pergamonto bisto bar restaurant in Pythagorio/ Restaurant Ithaki in Agios Konstantinos / Panorama in Koumaradei / Ammos Plaz

pergamonto bar restaurant pythagorio

This blog post has everything that your heart desires to find on an island. Except beaches. Unfortunately the day I visited Samos, the weather was not beach weather. But here are a few beaches to visit in June, July, August, even in September: 

Potokaki, Kaladakia, Lemonakia, Tsampou, Tsamadou, Kerveli bay, Mikali, mikro and megalo seitani. 

pergamonto bar restaurant pythagorio the viennese girl blog

Samos is definitely a summer destination that you may want to consider for your upcoming holidays. And if you wonder how to get there, Aegean Airlines has you covered!

I’d like to thank wholeheartedly Hotel Venus for the hospitality, Samos Municipality, Visit Greece and of course Aegean Airlines for inviting me to one more unforgettable press trip! 

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29 April 2019. Montreal, Quebec. Fourth trip of the year. First time in Canada.


I remember, it was October 2015 when I joined Austrian Airlines on their first flight to Miami. This week I had again the absolute honor to join one more inaugural flight connecting Vienna to Montreal. Almost all of my flights are with Austrian Airlines. But those inaugural flights are magical and I couldn’t be happier to be part of them. Definitely a life experience that I won’t forget anytime soon. Cabin crew was absolutely stunning, food was beyond expectations. You can see the Gate Event and flight on a business class in the highlights section of my Instagram channel.


It wasn’t love at first sight between Montreal and I. But 2 days after my arrival, I started liking the city. Exactly like I did with San Francisco. I think I need time to adjust myself to the new environment, time to process what is happening to me. And when I feel more relaxed, I begin to enjoy the trip. If you are like me, take your time and just visit Montreal for a couple of days. In other words, stay for as long as your budget and free time allow you to stay…


In this blog post, I am glad to share with you a few Montreal travel tips, a selection of favourite cafes and restaurants, along with a few photos that I’ve taken during my stay.

Montreal travel tips

Where to stay

Hotel Monville: new, modern design
Hotel Ambrose: small, vintage, quirky

montreal architecture

Areas to explore

Le plateau – Mont royal / Little Italy / Mile end / Old port Montreal


Tommy Montreal / Crew collective & Cafe / Venice Cafe / Cafe Parvis / Cafe Un Pò Di Più / Pastel Rita / Cafe Leaves


Olive et Gourmando / Restaurant Melisse / Gypsy kitchen and bar / Lov de la Montagne / Lov McGILL / Brasserie 701 / Vallier Bistro Montréalais / Restaurant Henri Brasserie Française / Foxy restaurant / L’Avenue restaurant / L’usine de spaghetti / Perles and Paddock / Maison Boulud

My personal favourite: Mandy’s Salad shop / For bagels: Saint Viateur bagel / Fairmount bagel

For poutine: Ma Poule Mouillee / Portuguese chicken poutine / For drinks : Terrasse William Gray at the Hôtel William Gray

Highlights of the entire experience (in other words, what I will never forget from this trip)

– First and foremost, the business class in the flight
– The girl I met by accident at Tommy Cafe
– Hotel Ambrose

Austrian Airlines has a nonstop flight everyday to Montreal. If you’d also like to visit Montreal here is a Voucher Code for you:


*Applies only to flights booked on
Redeemable from May, 7th 2019 to including May 12th 2019

-10% on all Austrian Airlines operated flights from Austria to Montreal (all classes, Economy, Premium Economy and Business)
Departure of the booked flight has to be after May, 7th 2019 and return before May, 7th 2020
Limited to a 100 bookings, so first come first served


A huge Thank You to Austrian Airlines for inviting me to join this amazing trip.

I had a lovely time and I hope to have more #myAustrianMoment above the clouds to share on TVG!

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Disclosure: In collaboration with Austrian Airlines.

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