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Visit Slovenia

Visit Slovenia

Visit Slovenia

I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait to travel again. These cold winter days make me want to travel to sunny seaside destinations even more and I’m already writing my bucket list for 2021.

One destination, I would love to visit this year are the two coastal towns Portorož and Piran, which are located in Slovenian Istria, about 30 kilometres south of Trieste. While Portorož has been known as a spa and bathing resort since the 13th century and boasts a marina and Thalasso therapy in the salt flats, the neighbouring port town of Piran reflects the Venetian past. Here, winding alleys, lively squares, art monuments and eight churches find their place on a small peninsula that rises into the Adriatic Sea.

Visit Slovenia

What I like most about the destination: the nature does not only look incredibly beautiful, but is also super diverse with beaches, cliffs, saltpans, olive groves and scenic paths offering unique views. Here is a list of activities in nature you shouldn’t miss when in Portorož and Piran:

1. Go on a hike! 

You will be rewarded with the best view of the St George’s Cathedral on the Piran hiking trail, which leads around the city and presents it in a truly special light. The hike first leads from Portorož to the White Cross. A short descent takes you to two Fiesa lakes before the hike continues right by the sea. The view of the famous outline of the St George’s Cathedral finally marks the arrival in Piran.

2. Visit the Moon Bay and cool down in the Adriatic! 

In the Strunjan Nature Park between Piran and Izola is the picturesque Moon Bay with the highest flysch cliff in the east part of the Adriatic. A narrow footpath leads down to the bay, which invites you to swim with its turquoise water.  

Visit Slovenia

3. Discover the landscape on horseback! 

If you prefer to discover Slovenian Istria from horseback, the Medljan Tourist Farm is the right place for you. Just four kilometers from Portorož, numerous horses, sheep, geese, chickens and cats are waiting to be fed and cared for. Numerous horseback rides can be 

enjoyed from here through the idyllic landscape.

4. Take a walk on sea surface!

I really want to go stand-up paddleboarding when in Portorož and Piran and admire the picturesque coast from the sea. There is a company called Halo SUP and their van delivers inflatable boards to your selected destination along the Slovenian coast.

Visit Slovenia

5. Discover the perfect spot to watch the sunset! 

If you want to watch the sunset, you should not miss a walk on the old city wall. Part of the wall is perched high above the city on a hill. It can be reached from St George’s Cathedral via the street Ulica IX. korpusa in a maximum of 10 minutes on foot. Numerous viewing platforms of various watchtowers give panoramic views of the sea and the picturesque Punta.

Those who are looking for more information: please visit the official website of the Tourist Board Portorož & Piran and follow their Instagram account.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer in the comment section below! To those who have already visited Portorož and Piran: please feel free to share your recommendations. 

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Disclaimer: This content was brought to you in collaboration with the official Tourist Board of Portorož & Piran. Photos provided by Jaka Ivančič, Michael Matti, Jacob Riglin.

Weekend escape in Slovenia

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I had never been to Slovenia before although it’s not far away from Austria, so when the email with the invitation to explore Slovenian countryside landed in my email inbox, I knew I had to find some time and check what Slovenia has to offer.

Our travel destination was the region Prekmurje, that part of Slovenia which is between Hungary and Austria. We, other bloggers from Vienna and me, spent 2 nights at the 5 star hotel Livada Prestige and one night in an old castle, named Grad. Once we arrived in Slovenia a program full of activities was awaiting for us. We visited many traditional restaurants and farm houses, had exquisite meals and very good wine, made sweet love hearts, rafting down the river Mura, and did flying fox (aka zip-line) for the very first time in my life and flied above the swimming pools of Hotel Livada Prestige.

There were two highlights of the weekend in Slovenia: spending a night in an old castle and having lunch at the restaurant Rajh (still remember the asparagus soup). I loved both experiences. Have you ever had the chance to stay overnight in a castle? At the beginning I was a bit skeptical, but then I decided to give it a go, reminding myself how much I like experiencing new things in life. 1 old castle, 311 rooms, 2 girls: Vicky and me, sipping champagne, taking funny selfies under a sky full of sparkling stars, talking about ghosts and witches. Two more things I enjoyed during the weekend in Slovenia were wearing flip flops and drinking elder juice.

The whole excursion was organized by Best Press Story. Special thanks to the team of Best Press Story who showed us around their beautiful country. Thanks to them, we managed to visit places where we wouldn’t found if we were visiting Prekmurje as independent tourists.

We left Vienna Wednesday morning and returned Sunday evening. After four days in the Slovenian countryside, I realized how much of a city person (or an island person) I am, so I was glad to get back to my dear Vienna, and hope to get the chance to visit the Slovenian capital city, Ljubljana and its treasures.♥