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Shake Shack

shake shack

Have you ever been to London, Istanbul, or New York without eating a cheeseburger and fried potatoes with cheddar cheese on it from Shake Shack? Ha! I think you don’t know what you are missing dear! I never ever eat any kind of burgers somewhere else. But every time I visit one of these cities, a visit to Shake Shack is a must. Unfortunately, or maybe even fortunately (for my pocket and my body shape), you don’t find them in Vienna.

How did I become a victim of Shake Shack? They are delicious. On my last visit to London, I was going for my favourite cheeseburger everyday. The lady behind the cash machine asked: you came yesterday, right? I nod my head in the affirmative and then she said: See you tomorrow!

Oh, oh! Someone becomes addicted to Shake Shack, I am afraid..♥

Why to New York

I have that feeling that everybody believes that Manhattan (NY) is the coolest place to live and the coolest place to visit on the earth. To be honest, that’s why I visited the city 2 years ago. Not because I wanted to visit the city, but I wanted to find out what’s special, I wanted to see for myself what is that all these people are talking about. There must be something, I suppose.
Whilst I was there, living in a hotel next to Times Square, I tried to spend those 10 days making the most of them. Here are the photos and list of the things I’ve seen. I was running all day from one sight to the next. All people there run anyway, each one for his reasons.

Lately I had a conversation with a friend of mine who lives in Manhattan for a long time. He told me that his friend came to New York to look for a job but he thinks it’s hard to find one. At that point, the same question came up to my mind again. Why to New York? I still try to figure out what’s so special…Is there something special there or they make us believe so? My friend who lives there told me that New York rocks. He said it’s very practical, there are a lot of resources and his mom said that the city is very well designed. I told him that I don’t find Manhattan practical, I think it is a chaos, there are crazy people running all day, noisy, dangerous, and extremely expensive. He then said that it has good hospitals and supermarkets!!

Eh? Is that a reason to live in a city?
Then he continued saying that people there are overstressed and think wrongly, especially about dating (Sarah Jessica Parker tried to resolve that problem but it seems that the problem still exists…it is an eternal problem)…this is a place for ambitious people, he added in the end and then he had to go.

The discussion is to be continued…

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Letters from you

letters from you edited
letters from you vienna blog

Photos above were snapped on my holidays in Santorini by Antonio Giannakos.

Lately I received some strange emails. But when I say strange, I mean it in a very positive way. I mean…unexpectedly pleasant emails.

There was a girl telling me that she spent one hour and a half in front of the blog reading on it.

There was another email from another girl who was telling me that through the blog she found some places to visit that she didn’t know before even though she had been living in Vienna for eight years.

There was another guy who was a newbie in Vienna and before his arrival he searched for info about Vienna and downloaded lots of online travel guides. He sent me an email telling me that no other site helped him to enjoy Vienna as much as I did.

I replied to all of them. I try to reply to all of them for the simple reason that I appreciate that they took the time to write me. I won’t mention their names for privacy reasons but they really made my day. If The Viennese Girl Blog manages to make even one person smile, or helps somebody to do something, then we already talk about success.♥

Bikinis and bows

madame shou shou interview 123

One day a friend of mine in Athens gave me a link with some images and asked me to help her decide which swimsuit she should buy for the summer. She was kind of indecisive. I looked at all the swimsuits carefully and I told her my opinion. I liked them all a lot but I had to choose one and this is how I got to know Madame Shou Shou.

How was the world of Madame Shou Shou born?
The Madame Shou Shou world was born in 2011 with a lot of laughter, good vibes & plenty of love to give.

Why did you decide to call your brand Madame Shou Shou? Is there any special story behind this that you would like to share with us?
When I was young, I played with my older sister and we were always causing trouble so our grandmother would call us madame shoushou. The name got stock in my head for years, so when I created my second brand of clothing it seemed like the perfect fit.

What makes the brand Madame Shou Shou successful?
The brand’s characteristic is definitely the bow symbol which for me represents something very girly, romantic, cute, and feminine, but for this Spring/Summer 2014 collection I tried giving the aesthetic of a bow without actually using so many bows. We even had a T-shirt  with the motto no more bows on it. The most characteristic items are definitely our bikinis.

Did somebody help and support you at the beginning to make the Madame Shou Shou brand possible?
I always had the love for fabrics and design. But my mother who owns a store in the suburbs of Athens also played a big role for me. I love exploring new designs. It always gives me a state of bliss.

Where are your collections made and why?
All of our collections are 100% made in Greece from the inspiration to fabric to the actual creation of the clothes.
madame shou shou interview 1234
Let´s say that I just finished my studies as a fashion designer in a fashion school. What are the next steps? What would you advise me to do? Are there any traps that I should avoid?
The advice I try giving to new designers who are trying to succeed in the fashion industry is to never lose their love and what makes them unique, don’t stop after the first negative comment you hear because the world is a tough critic. The most important thing is to never stop the research. Trying to succeed is like completing the second Fashion diploma.

Where can we find your collection? Do you have an online shop?
We do have our own online store which has some items available. We also collaborate with many stores in Greece but also in Germany, Finland, Italy, Dubai, Spain, Cyprus, and many more.

If you hadn’t made the Madame Shou Shou brand, could you imagine doing anything else?
I couldn’t imagine myself to be doing something else. I feel very blessed to be able to work on my dream.

What is life like in a big city like Athens? What are the positives and negatives and what things would you like see changed?
Athens is a very beautiful city, it combines everything since its a city with a great everyday life, which is surrounded by beautiful beaches and islands.

Which is your life motto?
“One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day”

Photos of the collection s/s14: Ioanna Roufopoulou



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The blogging experience

The blogging experience

Photo (c) Elena Azzalini Photography

I started blogging seven months ago and I thought I should write some words about the blogging experience and share my thoughts with whoever might be concerned. Thoughts come out from my experiences. Blogging was and still is a very new world for me, such a big world and so many new things to learn, from technical things such as hosting companies, plug-ins, and SEO, to marketing and promotion. Overall, the blogging experience is fun but it can also be very tricky as well.

Copyright is something that everybody should take seriously. But many people don’t know that. And to be honest, some months ago, I also didn’t know that. When you hear of copyright, you might think: what’s the problem if I take a picture from another website? It is not that simple. Taking pictures that belong to others or copying text that someone else has written might get you into a problem and actions can be taken. I am not trying to warn you or to threaten you, don’t get me wrong. I am just trying to tell you to be careful with this stuff. I also visited once a lawyer who gave some very useful advices on what to do and what I shouldn’t do and also talked with photographers about copyright. For that reason, on my blog, which is like a photo journal, I use photos that were taken by me, or photos that other persons gives me with their written permission. I never use others’ photos without their permission.

To create a blog you need money and technical knowledge at the beginning. To keep up the blog and make it grow and grow you need a lot of time and creativity, and a big imagination in order to write entries that people would take the time to read and photos that people would fancy to look. Blogging is a job. It is like any other job that requires your effort and time. So, I find it reasonable that bloggers add advertisement to their blogs to make some money out of this.

The usual topics that bloggers write about are fashion, food, and travel. And I find that reasonable too. Would you imagine a girl writing about politics or football? I mean, if you feel like writing about football, you can do so. Nobody will forbid you from doing so, unless you do something that hurts or insult others. The topics of my blog are the same with so many other bloggers. By blogging the same topics we all run one risk. The risk of doing something that at the end might become boring and of no interest. The best we can do is, not to change topics of course, but to try to do it on our way, personal and unique.

The virtual world of The Viennese Girl has nothing to do with Silia’s world, my real world. This website gives me the chance to create a brand new world. A world that is more exciting, more charming and more interesting than my real world. A world without airplanes that are crashed on the air above the Ukrainian air zone, a world without wars and battles, a world without hunger and poverty. It’s all about creativity and imagination and whoever follows this blog shouldn’t confuse these two different worlds.♥

I have some plans that excite me for the future and the online world of the Viennese girl. But it takes time to realize them because simultaneously I have to carry out several other things in my private real life that need my time as well.

The conclusion is: You should never stop doing what you love and makes you happy, no matter what.

The delicious world of Ladurée

what to do in Paris

paris travel guide
The delicious world of Ladurée (1)


The delicious world of Ladurée (5)

The delicious world of Ladurée (7)
The delicious world of Ladurée (6)

The delicious world of Ladurée (8)

I knew about Ladurée after visiting Paris, but to my surprise I found them in London as well. They have many stores around the world but unfortunately not in Vienna. I am referring to the French luxury bakery and sweets maker house that was founded by Louis-Ernest Ladurée back in 1862. La maison is famous for its double-decker macaron but they do sell many other delicious pastries. How would you describe with words the world of Ladurée? Elegant and sweet, appealing and charming. It’s totally worth a visit if there is a Ladurée on your hometown. Go for the atmosphere and that charming Parisian experience.

Creating a positive world

creating a positive world

Photo (c) Elena Azzalini Photography

Creating a positive world full of lights can be sometimes harder than expected. But my friends and I in collaboration with the 3 companies who are behind this blog are doing their best to ensure that the vision of this blog is possible. You will probably have noticed some changes on the blog these days, as I purchased the theme (which is actually the one that I was using before with some necessary changes.) So that we are still going to have more positive days, more happy days, more love.

“Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.” -Orison Swett Marden

3 years in Vienna

It has been 3 years since I moved to Vienna. How do I feel? Strange! I came for 3 months and after 3 years I am still here. Crazy but true! You probably think that I met the love of my life in those first 3 months of living here, who changed my mind and convinced me to stay here. No. That’s not the reason. My life is not so romantic. You might think that I decided to stay here because of the economical crisis in Greece. No. That’s not the reason. There isn’t one reason actually but there are many.

I decided to stay here because I wanted to do something different, I wanted to see how life abroad would be. I somehow felt that I had to bring myself a step further. I had a project whose name was “self-improvement”. Easier said than done, but certainly an ideal to strive towards. I was curious and believed that this experience is worth having. And it is. I was right. Generally, I am very aware of what I am doing, what I want in life and what is good for me. But things don’t go always as planned, because we sometimes depend on others and because there are plenty of things that are out of our control.

Now what? What I have managed? Where have I failed? Where do I see myself in the future? That kind of questions are an endless inner monologue. You also ask yourself that kind of questions from time to time. We all do it, it’s normal and mature. Well, I actually aim to finish my studies and then I will reevaluate things, set priorities, contemplate the future, and make seriouuuus decisions, as usual.♥

Thumbnail photo by Jakob Reinfeldt

Viennese girl’s dessert

Viennese girl’s dessert

It’s official. My blog has its own dessert. Actually this dessert had no name before so I decided to call it: the Viennese girl’s dessert. Forget about Sacher torte, cheesecake, tiramisu and apple strudel. If you are looking for a summer-like dessert, don’t look any further. I have done it many times at home: it’s simple, quick, it gives you that perfect summer feeling and everybody likes how it tastes. What else do you need?

You need Greek Yogurt, lemon peel, digestive biscuits and condensed milk. First buy the ingredients, mix the yogurt with the condensed milk and the lemon peels in a bowl and you need some ice cream glasses to serve it. At the bottom of the glass, you put the biscuit crumbs.

If you make the Viennese girl’s dessert, let me know and send me some photos. That would be fantastic!

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