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Hello 2020

Hello 2020

Hello 2020. I’d like to welcome the new year/decade with writing down my New Year’s intentions.
But before I begin with the New Year’s resolutions, I’d like to say a few words about the photos that you see in this blog post.

Hello 2020
Hello 2020

We took these photos during our stay at Pures Leben chalet. In these photos you will bearly notice any hint of makeup on my face. It’s because I didn’t bring to the chalet any beauty product with me. Instead, I brought my Samsung gear: my Galaxy S10+ mobile phone, my Galaxy Tab S6, my Galaxy Buds, my Galaxy Watch Active2, all necessary gadgets for my work life. I went to the chalet with two things in mind: to relax, but also to work!

During the days we were there, I was working on a photography project that was quite demanding, so I was happy to be in a peaceful place like this and have all the time I needed to focus on it. I am sharing these photos and info, not only because I think they are worth sharing : ) but also to give you an understanding of my workflow and a “little behind the scenes” of my work/personal life (these two always go together).

Hello 2020

So, here are my 2020 intentions:

Keep my home and my business in Vienna

I believe that you can’t have/maintain an online business if you don’t have the best gadgets of the market. You just can’t. I have come to this realization for a long time already and I have heard also other fellow online business owners saying the same. But I’ve also seen people who love to create content and consciously choose to use bad quality gadgets…I could never understand that but it’s their business, not mine!

The Viennese Girl Vienna travel blog photography

Strive for perfection, when it comes to work and projects

But remember to not burn yourself out and take a few breaks now and then! I found out that long walks in the Schönbrunn gardens unwinds me, especially during the warm months in Vienna. What come in handy here is my Galaxy Watch Active2. I developed a habit the past few months to count my steps. If you want to know more, go to my Instagram channel, and check the “Eat healthy” on the highlights section.

Samsung Galaxy Ecosystem

Travel outside Europe

When traveling, it’s important to me to take two mobile devices with me. Have you ever thought about traveling with two mobile devices? I always have that kind of fear that the mobile I have with me may be lost or stolen. To beat this stressful feeling, I leave my Galaxy Note 10 mobile phone at the hotel, and I take with me my primary mobile phone, the Samsung Galaxy S10+.

Long flights used to be exciting to me in the past. But after I have crossed the Atlantic ocean more than 6 times, long flights are not exciting anymore. To beat the boredom during the flight, I try to keep myself entertained by listening to music using my Galaxy Buds and draw mandalas on my Galaxy Tab S6.

Samsung Galaxy Ecosystem

Learn new content creation skills

That is exciting! But it also means a lot more data. Where do I save all the content I create? Here I count on my Samsung Portable SSD T5 (not pictured), that is truly easy to carry and stores data securely.

New Year’s resolutions

Take time to read psychology books

My favourite place to read a book is my bed or sofa on my Galaxy Tab S6 tablet. I can’t read books when traveling, because unfortunately when I read and I am in a vehicle that is moving, I get dizzy. Now, the truth is that I am spending way too much time on editing photos. So, maybe I should find balance on that and plan my time better between editing photos and reading books. I can, for instance, edit photos from Monday to Friday, and read books in the weekend.

Samsung Galaxy Ecosystem

Sleep long, sleep well, sleep deep

And here is when my Galaxy Watch Active2 comes in handy. In a recent “Sleep In” Samsung event that took place in Vienna I had the chance to learn about tips on how to sleep better at night, which food and drink promote a Good night’s sleep and ultimately, which tools of Samsung’s Galaxy intuitive ecosystem promote a good night’s sleep. By activating the “goodnight mode” on my Galaxy Watch Active2, I can track my beauty sleep. The next morning the Galaxy Watch Active2 provide me insights that help me to identify my behaviour patterns and eventually improve my sleep, by paying attention to these data.

New Year’s resolutions

I’d love to know your New Year’s intetions! Happy New Year to everyone!

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Disclosure: This blog post is in collaboration with Samsung Austria.

Gallery wall

Gallery wall

I am not an interior designer, or have I studied design. But I do believe that making a gallery wall with pictures helps me to understand what I can do with my photos in the future. I’d like, for instance, to see my photos printed and hang them on my wall one day.

So far, I created 3 gallery walls in my little appartment, and through this process, I learnt a few things that I would like to share with you.

  • First of all, think of where in your apartment you can create a gallery wall. Where would a gallery wall look good? Do you have an empty wall in your apartment?
  • Take your time and choose the prints carefully. No need to rush through the selection. Ideally ask help from a friend (someone with a good taste). It’s also more fun to choose the prints with a friend, than choose them alone.
  • I think it would be best if you choose prints of different dimensions. That was the mistake I did the first time. I placed an order of prints of the same dimensions and I realized that this was actually a mistake when I started putting the posters on the wall. I couldn’t create a gallery wall, when all the prints had the same size.
  • The first time I made a gallery wall, I had envisioned the gallery in my mind. Unfortunately it turned out that what I had envisioned, didn’t look good on the wall. Most probably your gallery wall won’t look good immediately. But don’t let this dishearten you. Take the time to think what’s wrong, what you can do to improve ,and change the position of the posters until you are happy with the final result.

The posters on this wall are:
Naked lines no2 / Ink print no2 / Camera / Black shirt / Sun hat shade / Paris no7

I teamed up with Desenio to give you a discount code: The code is “SILIA” and it gives you 30% off prints* on all of Desenio websites between the 23rd-25th of March.

*Except on frames and on handpicked-/collaboration/personalised posters”.

In collaboration with Desenio

TwistGrip, my new photography gadget

TwistGrip, my new photography gadget
TwistGrip, my new photography gadget
TwistGrip, my new photography gadget
TwistGrip, my new photography gadget
TwistGrip, my new photography gadget

Once again, I immersed myself in the Parisian scene (if you are following along on Instagram, you probably know it already) for the third time this year, to be more exact. And I only took the essentials with me: a laptop, my mobile phone, and the TwistGrip, my new photography gadget. The goal was to create beautiful visual contents during my visit in Paris that I could then publish on The Viennese Girl blog and on my social media. So I only packed my essential photography stuff that I couldn’t do without and left for Paris.

Since this blog is all about photography, a personal web page where I share my photos with you, I thought you might be interested to get a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of how I capture photos. There are several techniques that I use to take my photos. In this blog post I am referring to the photos I take with my smart phone.

This year, Manfrotto launched the TwistGrip, a clamp that grips around your phone and helps you improve your shots with your smart phone. Since I am a sucker for all kinds of photography gears, I always welcome the opportunity to explore new photography products. I love to try and play with them and see what they can do for me and how can they help me improve my photography skills and knowledge. I am glad that Manfrotto sent me the TwistGrip to check out during my trip to Paris.

There is no way to attach your smart phone directly to a tripod. However, you can do so by simply using the TwistGrip, exactly as you would with your camera. So, what does the TwistGrip do? It helps you to produce more steady videos, avoid noise in dark places, and ensure outstanding photography quality. The TwistGrip is compatible with other different photography accessories and can also be attached to an LED light.

Those two shots of mine (shot1, shot 2) were taken with my smartphone, the TwistGrip, and my tripod. Both shots were quite challenging because of the bad lighting conditions. The first shot was taken inside the bar of my hotel in Paris (it was very dark) and second shot was taken during the sunset. But the TwistGrip, together with the tripod did the job. I am happy about that and addicted enough to have it with me every time I want to be sure that I don’t miss a great photographic moment. ♥

The Viennese Girl For Trendsylvania

The Viennese Girl for Trendsylvania

May gives me many ups and downs but I shouldn’t complain, especially when I think that 3 magazines in Austria mentioned The Viennese Girl blog and I am glad that Trendsylvania is one of those. A style catalogue and fashion design magazine that you can find free of charge at the Humanic Stores in Vienna.

We teamed up with Trendsylvania and offer you a survival kit made up of summer clothing essentials. A little photo of me and a description of my blog are also included in the article. If you go to a Humanic store, look for the Trendsylvania magazine and me! I hope you are going to like it and that you are going to find your own summer essentials. Ahhh, I am looking forward to relaxing summer days and nights somewhere in the Aegean, in one of the Greek islands of course…♥

The Viennese Girl for Madonna magazine

the viennese girl blog for Madonna magazine

Today I woke up pretty late. At 10.30am. But it’s Saturday and I am excused, right? I looked at my mobile and I had at least 4 messages from friends telling me that they saw me in Madonna magazine. Although I knew that the article would be published at beginning of May, I needed some time to realize it. At this point, I have a chance to say that blogging and photography is a hard work, and if you want to have a successful blog, it demands a lot of hard work, so I am glad that all this work get recognized from magazines and people like my work and I feel thankful for this. It all started as a hobby, as an idea to escape from the routine but it’s growing fast now and although I have a vision and goal, what is happening still feels sometimes surreal.

So, this weekend started with great news. The Viennese girl blog is featured in Madonna magazine. One whole page dedicated to The Viennese Girl blog with a nice text and beautiful photos from Tony Gigov wearing Patricia Vincent. You can find the online version here. Now I want to know how would you feel if you see photos of yourself in a magazine? ♥

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