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Thanks to Julia Luftensteiner, I had the opportunity to visit the fashion school “Die Herbststraße”, from the ground floor to second floor, and to meet other young and creative minds like her. She introduced me to the team of Modeakt15, they showed me their creations and had a nice talk about fashion, design, projects and their personal aspirations as fashion designers.

It was so exciting being there, getting to know so many interesting people and taking pictures inside the school as I am more and more into fashion photography. (That’s the reason why I should move to Paris one day, I often tell myself, but this is another topic.)

I finished my school in Athens, but if I had to go to a school in Vienna, I would definitely be a student in the fashion school “Die Herbststraße” as I am not made for either economics studies or being a lawyer. After I finished school, I worked in a fashion atelier in Athens for two years and my visit at “Die Herbststraße” fashion school reminded me a bit of those two years in the fashion studio. Later on, in Vienna, I tried to make my own skirt. The result was decent, not bad and you can see it here. From my little experience of making a skirt, I am able to know how much work, effort, and creativity it needs to produce even a simple skirt, or any kind of a clothing piece.

The team Modeakt15 organizes a fashion show on Friday 6th March and I will be there. You can also buy your tickets here.

modeschule wien

I asked Julia Luftensteiner and Antonia Pirker to tell us more about them and give us an insight into their work, their studies and the way they perceive fashion, so here it is:

Julia Luftensteiner:
I am a 21 year old fashion and design student currently studying at „Die Herbststraße“ college in Vienna. As long as I remember, I have had a keen interest in fashion, even as a child. I loved and still love to dress up, put on costumes, and to experiment with new fashion items. However I never follow a fashion trend hyped by others. Since I was 14 years old, I knew I would work in fashion, which shocked or more so worried my parents with this sad and often unsuccesfull career choice. It wasn’t always easy to convince my surroundings of my choice. I had to walk an extra mile taking a lot of detours to finally fulfill my dream but I am thankful for every wrong path I took. It made me into the person I am today, determined to reach my goals with all my effort. And now, at last, I have achieved the goal I was trying to reach all those years.

Attending “Die Herbststraße” college during the past two years got me not just one step closer to this goal, but moreover, by intensely studying fashion and design, my college helped me define these goals and my dreams for the future.

The years of training taught me a lot not just about fashion or about the industry, but also about myself. Besides learning how to sew, I developed a feeling for fabric. I learned that there are many different roads to success, that I can get inspiration from everything. Good, bad, interesting and uninteresting things, pictures, events… I learned to set priorities. And most importantly I learned that sometimes you just can’t accomplish everything and that it is okay not to. I learned that my family – even while being skeptical – has my back, supports me however ways necessary. And I met people I deeply treasure, people who changed my way to look at life. I met great friends who made my life more colourful, friends I would not want to miss.

After graduating from my college, I want to continue studying fashion and design. Where and how I will do that however has yet to be figured out. Next to studying fashion at the “Die Herbststraße” college I am working at Sabinna Rachimova’s design studio. There I help in pattern cutting, sketching, sample development, draping and more. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work with this great designer even before graduating and to help develop and complete her collection.

modeschule wien

Antonia Pirker:
When I was younger, fashion was always something so inaccessible. But, throughout the years, I have discovered that it is so much more than being well dressed and selling clothes. That is the reason why I chose to study at the design college at “Die Herbststraße”. There, I had the opportunity to extend my knowledge in fashion, with a special focus on design and craft.

Currently I am working on my final collection, which I developed through a long designing process. The main topic of my collection is “gender equality”. Mainly I was influenced by the imbalance between men and women in society, and how women have developed in the last decade. Especially strong, successful, and independent women have influenced my design process.

Furthermore, I have deepened my knowledge in social structures and stereotypes. In order to represent equality through my collection, as the prime characteristics I use discreet colours and minimalistic patterns. As part of my graduation from Fashion School, my class and I are obligated to present our final collections at a fashion show. My self and four other colleagues are responsible for the organisation of our fashion show. I would have never thought how many tasks you have to complete for creating such an event. I would never have guess how many tasks are required to put on such an event. But besides the stress I am currently under, I really love what I do. I always want to do my best and I greatly enjoy being a project manager for this fashion show.

I can see myself making fashion a steady part of my life and I believe I fulfill all the requirements to start a career in the fashion industry. Ever since I started studying fashion, it has broadened and strengthened not only my professional skills, but also has had a great impact on my personality.

modeschule wien

From Sydney to Vienna

from sydney to vienna claire aristides (3)from sydney to vienna claire aristides (2) Claire Aristides sent me this Infinity Bracelet in White Gold. A piece of love from Sydney to Vienna.
According to Claire ‘Love has no boundaries, it stretches to infinity…’ And indeed, if you have a look at the bracelet, it has the mathematical symbol which represents the concept of infinity.♥

New York Fashion Week 2014

I never follow fashion rules, I never follow the trends. I never liked something only because other people call it “cool”. But I have always admired elegant clothes and people who are dressed elegantly. (Oh what a statement!)

Fashion industry is an amazing world, a great business but not all of what shines in it is gold. I know it from my personal experience as I worked 2 years in the office of a fashion studio.
Now I would like to have your attention for a while and invite you to have a look at the following video. You are about to see a video from Jimmy Kimmel Live who talks about the New York fashion week 2014. He sent his crew to Lincoln center and asked people who were coming out about designers and trends that do not exist. I will not reveal more of what happened next, you have to watch the video.

And I wonder myself, in the name of fashion, what else would people be willing to do…or to say?

New York Fashion Week 2014

2 the little store

from Samos with love (35)
2 the little store fashion shop samos  (6)
2 the little store samos
fashion stories samos greece

2 the little store samos greece pythagorio

2 the little store samos greece
2 the little store samos greece fashion stores pythagorio

2 the little store fashion pythagorio samos greece
2 the little storethe viennese girl blog2 the little store greece samos

2 the little store greece the viennese girl blog
2 the little store
2 the little store (4)
2 the little store greece pythagorio samos

Today I preferred to spend my day going “2 the little store” with my friend Stella than going to the beach. I am super excited to present you the “2 the little store” and as its name reveals, the store is little yet super cute. The two sisters Eva and Stella Dima opened this fashion store in Pythagorio, Samos at the end of April this year. (A little bit far from Vienna, I know, but I hope people from Austria and the rest of the world will enjoy the photos, might collect some inspiration, and why not, visit Samos one day).

Stella confessed to me that the “2 the little store” changed her life. It made her life wonderful and I truly believe her because she has an exceptionally good taste and has always been very fashionable herself. She couldn’t have made a better choice than opening a fashion store like that. For their store, Eva and Stella choose to have mostly handmade and greek-made clothes and for that reason they work with brands like Madame Shou Shou, The Workshop, Two Bears Handmade Bags, Monaco Princess, Didi, Badila and Attrativo. The two sisters are also the exclusive retailers of TOMS in Samos, the famous slip on shoes which everybody loves here. Besides, they both love to support and promote the Greek fashion designers and the concept of TOMS which is a socially responsible company changing the world for children in poverty. One for one is the motto of the company TOMS, and matches perfectly to our Greek mentality and philosophy. A buy one, give one company like TOMS donate one product to those in need and gives the chance to the customers to support worthy causes.

As for the decoration, you can see yourself from the photos that Eva and Stella wanted to give a traditional greek island style to the store and all the furniture belong to their grandparents. Their clients are locals and also people from the whole world as well because there are many tourists in Pythagorio. Both decoration and their customer service make the customers feel home, even if they come from my dear Vienna.

I had to choose one pair of TOMS shoes between a variety of colors and didn’t know which one. I am finally satisfied and totally in love with my new glitter TOMS shoes and the “2 the little store”.

Shopping in London

the viennese girl the viennese girl shopping in london (8)  the viennese girl (4) the viennese girl (5)

shopping in london
shopping in london (3)

shopping in London

shopping in London

shopping in london

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fashion style the viennese girl (2)

London is the ultimate shopping experience, well-known for its boutiques, luxury brands, vintage stores and markets. Even though I didn’t visit London for shopping, I ended up buying a pink bag from Harrods, a skirt from old Spitalfields market, a parka from Primark and a floral dress from Camden Town. Best things are purchased when you have no intention to buy something, but find something super cute in front of you and just can’t resist.
In my photos below you can see my shopping experience: from luxury stores to vintage markets, I liked them all. What I believe is that you can find a fantastic bag which costs 1000 euro and a fantastic bag of 20 euro. Probably they will not be the same quality, but they can be both beautiful. I mean, it’s not the price that matters. Clever shopping is when you find beautiful things for good prices.

Personally, I am smitten with Charlotte Olympia, Kate Spade, Tommy Hilfiger, Massimo Dutti and Forever 21.

Thumbnail Photo: Elena Azzalini Photography

Hello Kitty ring

At the beginning, it was only a cute idea. I needed a pencil and paper to draw down my idea. Then I took a piece of silver, and cut it to the shape of Hello kitty’s face. Cutting it was a bit scary, I would say, I was afraid that I would cut my finger throughout as that would’ve been no fun at all. Then Daniel helped me to finish it and gave it the last fine touch. We did first a silver sample but the final masterpiece is made of gold. I told him that we should keep it simple, the simple the best. That means no diamonds on it, nothing.
When the Hello Kitty ring was ready, I uploaded the photo on Instagram and it received many likes and a good feedback. You can find this and other fine art jewellery pieces at Daniel’s jewellery shop in Spiegelgasse 11, 1010 Vienna.

hello kitty ring (1) hello kitty ring (2) hello kitty ring (3)

If you are interested to learn about it, I invite you to take a look at some previous similar posts like here and here.




My first handmade art creation

Don’t put me in an office where I should work from 9.00 to 17.00 (in the best case), I don’t want to be miserable and I know that it is going to be like being in the prison. I have done this in the past and I know that it doesn’t work well with me. Don’t tell me that I have to get up at 08.00 to be at work at 09.00, I am not an early bird, I work better in the afternoon. Let me be creative, let me be a free spirit, a freelance writer, a photographer, a fine arts jewellery designer or something like that. I am ready to work hard only for the things that I like!

I consider myself lucky and honored enough to be given the chance from Daniel to design a jewellery and turn it into reality with his valuable help and useful instructions.

I want to share with you my amazing experience. Have a look at the photos below and please leave some comments, it is important for me to know what do you think about it!

this is my working place

the viennese girl (6)

this are the tools that I work with

the viennese girl (7)

I draw my idea on a piece of paper

the viennese girl (1)

I first do a sample piece using silver

the viennese girl (5)

then I do the same with gold

the viennese girl (2)

I need fire for my earring

the viennese girl (3)

this is me working hard 🙂

the viennese girl (4)

and…..voilà!!! It is gold with shining diamonds on it!!!

the viennese girl end end

I hope you enjoyed the procedure! If you want to buy my handmade creation, you can do it at Spiegelgasse 11, in the first district in Vienna!!  Of course there are plenty of beautiful things that you can find such as rings, necklaces etc..have a look here

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for even more amazing work!

My first handmade art creation

Are diamonds a woman’s best friend?

I don’t know to what to tell you, but it was nice to try some diamond rings today. I had a very nice day with my Spanish friend, Cristina. We met in the centre and went to eat something while sitting outside (like everybody in Vienna where the weather is rarely sunny like today) we snapped funny photos (she has a new photo camera and I became so jealous of it) until that moment, while standing in front of a shop window, I saw someone who was smiling to us from inside. I said to Cristina without giving it a second thought, “let’s go inside!” and this is how we met Daniel.

Daniel Cazon welcomed us in his jewellery shop in the heart of the Vienna and made us try some valuable jewellery items. He was kind enough to show us his collection and let us take as many pictures as we wanted. The most exciting thing is that if you visit his shop Cazon, you will be able to see how they make the jewellery live. If you pass from the center of Vienna, don’t miss the chance to meet Daniel and try his beautiful shining creations.

Looking at this beautiful items a crazy thought popped into my mind: I would like to create my own collection: Silia’s collection. And I even know what name I would give to my collection! Crazy but true!!

Here are the photos that I made for you:








1 (3)

2 (2)







Are diamonds a woman’s best friend?

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