Breakfast at Nascha’s

Breakfast at Nascha’s
Breakfast at Nascha’s

Breakfast at Nascha’s

breakfast at Nascha's
Breakfast at Nascha’s
Breakfast at Nascha’s
Breakfast at Nascha’s
Breakfast at Nascha’s
Breakfast at Nascha’sBreakfast at Nascha's (3)
breakfast at Nascha's


All the last posts on The Viennese Girl blog were related to travel, as I had the good fortune to wander out of Vienna pretty much during all of the summer months, so here is one more of those Vienna tips I would like to share with you…

There is a recently renovated European style restaurant and bar situated in downtown Vienna, where my friends and I have been having breakfast lately.. Every time we get to Nascha’s, my friends and I go mad for the Angelina drink which, by the way, cannot be found anywhere else in Vienna. Apart from the Angelina drink, we love blinis, eggs Benedict, exotic fruit mix, salmon and avocado so far…

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a food blogger… I just like eating outside and taking photos of the things that I like. At Nascha’s I like both food and decoration, so above are some of my shots…♥

  • Lola

    Gorgeous pictures…and I must ask: what is in the Angelina drink??? 🙂

    • hahah good question, i really don’t know!!! But it tastes so damn goood!!

  • Duchess

    Hello! New big fan of your blog and instagram!!! I have upcoming trip to Vienna and thanks to your posts I’ve already added so many places to my map! Including this ‘Nascha’ place! Is *Angelina drink* a cocktail or more like juice?
    And I absolutely love your photos! <3 If you don't mind, what to you use for editing your gorgeous photos? How to you get them so high contrast? Thanks!!! Can't wait for your next posts on Vienna and other things! 🙂

    • Hallo and thank you very much for the feedback and all the kind comments.
      Angelina drink: coctail or juice? It’s not a juice, but I don’t how to define it, just check it out and you are going to like it.
      I use Lightroom for the photos : ) Enjoy you stay in Vienna : )

  • really really nice pictures!! What camera do you use ? I’ve been to this restaurant last week and I wanted to try those amazing desserts but I was sooo full from the main course haha

    • Hello there, my camera at the moment (need to change soon) is CANON EOS 700D. I bought it last Xmas 🙂

      • ahh nice nice! I can recommend you the CANON 70D .. I had the CANON 400D until late August and I bought the 70D one. I don’t regret my choice at all! It’s a bit pricey though

        • i think i will go for the 6D, but thank you for your recommendation…

  • Amani Absolut

    Hi 🙂 These meals looks sooo delicious and i really like the Interior 🙂
    You’ve done a beautiful Blogpost.
    Best regards,
    Amani –

  • Cveti Denkova

    These desserts look amazing!! You should try 100 grammes de sucre in Hietzing – they have similar stuff and it’s all very french and nice!! 🙂