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Bad Waltersdorf
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Photos by: V-Light Photography

Bad Waltersdorf is a thermal region located in the south-east of Styria in Austria. As we had three days to spend in the Falkensteiner Therme & Golf Hotel in Bad Waltersdorf, we were given the chance to do several things and discover the surroundings.

Hiking with Erich, organized by the hotel, was exactly what we needed after the breakfast to help with digestion before diving again into the swimming pool. He showed us around, told us nice stories, and was very patient with us while we were taking hundred of photos between the trees in the forest. The morning light combined with the fog was the perfect scenery for some magical shots, and as always, we didn’t miss the chance.

E-Bikes were available for guests in the hotel to explore the surroundings, so we grabbed two of them and went to visit the dairy farm Hofmolkerei Thaller. The owners of the dairy farm gave us a warm welcome and treated us with a fine selection of some of their products such as cheese and milk. They showed us around the stall and told us about their business and farm life. Another day, we visited Weinhof Pichler for wine tasting. The owner of the winery showed us the wine cellars and offered different wines to taste while he was explaining the winemaking process.

Visiting Bad Waltersdorf, exploring the countryside around the Falkensteiner Therme & Golf Hotel, and engaging with local people was a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of our everyday life and a good way to recharge.