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I know it has been quite quiet here lately but after I came back from holidays to Vienna, one event was coming after another, and instead of sitting home and working in front of the computer the evenings, I was drinking champagne and Bellini in beautiful terraces in Vienna. Who wouldn’t, right?

Now that I write this, I am back to Vienna, reminiscing about the August moments when I was doing nothing but chasing the best sunset day after day and was smitten with every beach and every village on a Greek island.

Those are the last Samos photos on The Viennese Girl blog for this year…I remember very well those summer days when I took those photos, the heat, how much I was sweating and how hard I was trying to stay indoors in the night to work for The Viennese Girl blog. Those August moments are now nothing but after summer blues. And the worst is that I am afraid that those August memories will haunt me the following 10 months until summer gets back.♥