At home with my Essenza mini

At home with my Essenza mini

At home with my Essenza mini
At home with my Essenza mini

At home with my Essenza mini

At home with my Essenza mini
At home with my Essenza mini

At home with my Essenza mini

At home with my Essenza mini
At home with my Essenza mini

Exactly one year ago I moved into a small apartment on my own. In the beginning, it felt kinda of weird having to fit all my stuff in a 30qm apartment. But I tried to see the bright side and find ways to make things work out.

Moving into a smaller apartment is not necessarily a bad thing. It was for sure an experience that has taught me a lot. It taught me the importance of simplicity and minimalism. I learned to live with less, to say good bye to useless things I had gathered over the years, and keep only the essentials.

For example, when I first moved in, the previous tenant had left a huge kitchen table in the small apartment. Getting rid of this big table for four and replacing it with a table for two made a huge positive difference to the apartment. The table for two definitely fits better in the living room. Almost all of the things that you find in my apartment needs to fit two criteria: mini and essential. Regarding the style, I keep things simple and minimalistic. And regarding color, I keep them mostly white with a few black, gold and pink details.

I have never posted any photos of my new little apartment on this online photography space of mine. This changed when Nespresso sent me the Essenza mini coffee machine!. As you can see from the photos, it is smaller than a vase with roses. Nespresso’s smallest and cutest machine fits in my apartment perfectly! Like many of you that resides in the city, living space is often limited. Yet we coffee lovers can’t live without our coffee! Thanks to Nespresso at home, space is no longer an issue. You can put the Nespresso Essenza mini just about anywhere. Coffee lovers rejoice!

One week ago, I gave 3 options to my IG friends on Stories and asked them where to place the coffee machine in the apartment. Now, the ultra-light and ultra-compact Essenza mini sits nicely on my round side table next to the window. I don’t think it will move from there anytime soon, unless I move out from this apartment.

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In a collaboration with Nespresso

  • Joanna

    I like the cream that the coffee machine produces. I am looking forward to trying Essenza’s espresso coffee. Very nice pictures by the way 😉

    • Looking forward to treating you some coffee at home with cream and zimt!

  • Marcello Pasquariello

    I love nespresso☺

  • Pavlos Dimitriou

    If you started drinking coffee because of this fabulous machine it means that it’s worth it. Thank you TVG

    • haha you know me well!! If you come to Vienna, you are welcome at my place for a cup of coffee and more : )

  • Georgia Karaiskou

    wow! What an elegant and cute machine is this! It suits perfect your small apartment! I would definitely give it a try! thanks for your suggestion! <3

  • Photopraline

    So tolle Fotos wie immer! Da bekommt man richtig Lust sich einen gemütlichen Nachmittag zu machen und einen Kaffee zu trinken 😀

  • Nectarios Chionis

    I live in a small apartment too, so this cute machine suits perfectly. Thanks TVG for your hot tip!

  • ykonda

    You have a vase of rose in the apartment??? 😀
    You really keep the apartment tidy and pretty.

    • oh yes, i try to keep it clean and tidy and pretty… you have to come and visit!

  • Thank you Lukas!

  • Amazing ambience, great company and hot coffee at home. What else to ask for this winter?
    I fell in love with this tiny cute machine! Thank you Silia!

  • Gerry Rai

    That coffee machine has such a nice design, it’s great before you even turn it on (not to brag, De Longhi is Italian :D) I love how your apartment is so clean and B&W with gold accents. I also think that the roses are a perfect match to make things more organic and warm. The pictures really represent that.

  • Deven

    Silia, You have a beautiful apartment ! The Nespresso sits well and is so welcoming !!