Photo by Stefan Kokovic


In June 2011 I left my country (Greece) in order to spend three months in Vienna. It was for something like a summer holidays course in German language.

Although I had a flight ticket back to Athens, I decided to stay in Vienna longer to pursue my dreams and to do things that I had never done before. I left my job, family and friends in Greece, although I had none of that in Vienna. But the city itself was an inspiration and I was in search of new challenges. Initially it was a bizarre decision, but despite all the problems and difficulties, I was convinced that this was the right thing to do and that hopefully things would work out for me.

In the past I worked for the fashion industry and in many different language schools as a language tutor. Now I work as a photographer/content creator and editor behind The Viennese Girl blog. For collaborations and bookings please contact me here.


TVG is all about photography, experiences and feelings. TVG is for those who like beautiful things in life, and more specifically, for strong independent girls who stand on their own feet and are capable of many great things.


Considering the fact that technology nowadays eliminates distances, this blog represents the idea of bringing me closer to interesting and like-minded people all over the world and sharing my perspectives with them. This blog is an escape from the microcosm, opens a door to the world, and celebrates new beginnings, changes and challenges, all the small and big things that bring joy to life. My vision is to keep it positive, playful and multidimensional and to bring value to others’ life by creating useful and interesting content.


Since TVG went online, it has been featured both in print and online in prestigious magazines, newspapers and websites such as BBC NEWS and Condé Nast Traveller and I had the honour to collaborate in various projects with brands that I love, such as CHANEL, FENDIL’Oréal Vichy, Samsung, Nespresso, Austrian Airlines, Air France among others.

So, if you’ve read this far, don’t hesitate to say hello and if you want to be a part of this Viennese community you can also find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, , Bloglovin and on YouTube!


All pictures on The Viennese Girl are taken by Silia, unless stated otherwise and are protected by copyright. Always link back to this website or request permission when using images from The Viennese Girl.

  • Hello. It is amazing to see someone has taken bold steps to live life on their own terms 🙂 Wish you all the luck in the world and in this journey! I have moved from India to UAE, and don’t know where next. But hope to see more of this world. Best wishes! Keep writing!

  • Good blog!! Share with my experience in Jeju island, South Korea

  • Tierra Telder

    Hi, you´re one of the few people I could find who blog from Austria! I live in Austria too (and, like you, wasn´t born here) and want to start up a blog myself. Could you maybe give me some pointers?

  • moto carino qui
    con i miei tempi ci sono arrivata 🙂

  • …you have created a lovely blog here

  • Hi Silia!

    I’ve come here following your like on my Instagram… and I must admit, I am stunned by your blog!
    I love Vienna, visiting there mostly for business, but not only.
    What you’ve done here is absolutely fabulous. I’ll be visiting and following!


  • Kirsten Wick

    Lovely to have found you!xx


  • Jayshen

    Hello there, do you know anything about Vienna university music course? I currently live in Malaysia and 17 years old. How to get in the university? What is the lowest requirement ??

    • Dear Jaysen, I don’t study music, therefore I am not the right person to answer your question and I wouldn’t like to give you a wrong information. You’d better write an email to the university. Please check here the website of the University http://www.mdw.ac.at/ Hope that helps and wish you good luck! Silia

  • Paolo

    Silia, i’m a fanatic reader of your blog. It gives me a window to another lifestyle, makes me dream and makes me try to enjoy more everyday life, see everything with a different light and live. Looking forward every day for your post, thank you for making this corner of the internet so beautiful. Keep up the great work

  • ioanna

    When I feel depressed, stressed or I am just in bad mood I just type http://theviennesegirl.com/. There are always funny and optimistic posts to read and sooo many beautiful fotos. I tried it often before my summer holidays and it really made my day!

  • Denise Jardim

    Hello Silia, I just moved to Vienna and loved your blog and tips!
    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!

  • manon nico

    hey. you have a really nice blog. I just started with my one and it is still under construction. maybe you will have a look… would be happy to stay in touch, maybe you have some good help for me as I am new in blogging …



  • Vivianne Chen

    You are very brave, dear girl. Although we’re strangers, I feel really touched by your words and photos. Keep up the good work. You’re inspirational. xx

  • Olivia Wells

    I love love looooooove your blog! I’m planning a trip to Vienna (second time there) in May, so I’ll be reading your whole blog hehe We have similar interests, I also love discovering new cozy places here in Barcelona or in Hong Kong where I lived for several years. Your pictures are absolutely stunning, may I please know which camera and lens you use? Thanks a lot. Olivia.

    • Hello Olivia, Thank you for the kind feedback. My camera is Canon Eos 700D! The lense I use is 50mm 1.4. Enjoy your trip in Vienna and don’t forget to check all the vienna infos on the “Dear Vienna” category!! kisses..

  • Daria Ananyeva

    Hey:) sorry for that question, but i trink that its interesting for all your followers: where Do you get money for all your trips, luxury cafes, living in famous hotels etc?:)

  • Your photos are incredible. Vienna is a beautiful city, but though your lens it looks even more amazing. Keep up the good work! You make me miss the city so much. Greetings from Sweden.

  • shahid

    i love your blog its very good.. I am just entered in Vienna, its a very beautiful city from every angle, it was my dream to stay in Vienna but today its come true. This city is very historical and amazing places here. Very cooperative society, no doubt you are doing brilliant job. I m student here

  • 40+

    I like your pictures a lot and follow your blog and your instagram account. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  • Silia! I LOVE your blog! Oh my goodness, you sound like the luckiest person on earth to be living in a city like Vienna! I’ve only been there once, but I would love to go there again and show my husband! We are South African living in Canada! Also missing friends and family!! Check out my (very new blog) http:hooplahappiness.com ! I just did a post with some of our very old Vienna photos!! Can’t wait to follow your posts and stories! Xandré 🙂

  • John A.

    Dear Silia, you have an incredibly clean and beautiful website. May I ask, what publishing platform do you use for your website? WordPress?

    • Hello John, thank you very much. Yes, this is wordpress.org.
      Then I bought a template and then a friend of mine did some changes on the template, so this is the result….

  • Hi Silia,
    what’s so impressive about your WP Blog is not only how nice it all looks, and all the help you get from your friends, but also how you have it all tied together with Twitter, Instagram, etc. … it looks like FB is not quite as hot for quality traffic anymore, eh?
    I am so glad to have made the discovery of “Das Wiener Madl” or should it be “A Greek Girl in Wien” … ahahaha 🙂
    Best of luck and kind regards,
    Franz von Jedlesee – http://about.me/hruz

  • Susan

    hi silia, I noticed the “dear vienna” catgory on your page! I couldn’t help but think about the Owl City song with the same title. Have you listened to it? I’m not too sure if it’s really related to your case, but I just thought that the similarity was interesting. 🙂 lovely pics btw!!

    • Oh God, I didn’t know that a song like this exist….I checked it on Youtube after you told me….

  • Loved stumbling across your site Silia. I’m in Vienna for a couple of nights and actually staying at the Bristol which you recently profiled. You have incredible talent and truly inspire anybody with our gorgeous photos and view into your world.

    • Hello Maria, thank you for your kind feedback. Enjoy Vienna and if you have any question, feel free to write me an email. kisses

  • Such an incredible blog you have, stunning pictures, So happy I have landed on your blog. I must visit Vienna soon, have heard such great things about the city and its architecture. I have only been to Innsbruck so far and that was indeed an awesome experience.
    Hugs from Zürich

  • Ma Scha

    Toller Blog! Du postest auf Instagram seit einiger Zeit Paris Fotos, gibts es dazu auch einen Blog?

  • Katya M

    Hi ! What is your camera and lenses?

    • Hi Katya, my camera is CANON EOS 6D, 50mm 1.4

      • Katya M

        Thank you so much!:)

  • Nectarios Chionis

    Hello TVG! I love your pictures and you must know that I am your biggest fan! So ,keep us in suspense with new pics . Wish you best of luck😀😀😀

  • Justina


    First of all I would like to say that your blog and photography is amazing and very inspiring. Im moving to Vienna for one semester of abroad studies and would like to work as well, as I read that some girls were working, however, my German language is A1, very simple, are there any opportunities to work in english? I’m also a photographer, blogger and love to creae content, mamybe some job in this area?

    It would be so helpful and mean a lot, thanks in advance!

    • Hello Justina, thank you for your kind message. Unfortunately I am not able to help you finding a job. However, I wish you all the best in your new life in Vienna, kisses!

  • Love your style!

  • David Hall

    Hi Silia, I spent a great deal of time tonight on your blog and it was worth every second. I’ve become a huge fan! You stories and photography are beautiful. You are such an inspiration. I have lots to learn. Would love to know if you are the primary photographer and what camera you use?

    • Hello David! I am glad you like my work and you can find some inspiration in here! My camera is Canon Eos 6D, full format camera, lenses 50mm 1.4. I take all the photos, except of those I am in the photo. I always give credits to the photographer. Thank you for taking the time to have a look at my work!

      • David Hall

        Silia, I think you just sold me on the 50 MM prime lens. The kit lenses that come with most cameras just don’t stack up to a prime lens. Thanks so much for the insight!

        • But remember that a great photographer can take great photos, no matter what lenses or camera use : )