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Jardin du Luxembourg

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Luxembourg Garden in Paris

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Luxembourg Garden in Paris

Have you ever been to Jardin du Luxembourg? It’s one of the most beautiful parks of Paris, among Jardin des Tuileries and Jardin des Plantes. If you have already been to Paris, I guess you have also been to Jardin du Luxembourg, but if you haven’t yet, then add it to your list among “Must to do and see while in Paris“. A visit at Jardin du Luxembourg was also on my list on a sunny Sunday last Easter.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take the photos I was planning to make because the sunlight was very strong at the moment I visited Jardin du Luxembourg and the park was full of people, which is understandable if it’s Sunday and it’s sunny. However, I enjoyed my Sunday stroll ♥

Spring in Vienna

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I had the perfect afternoon light and the perfect flowers in front of me. Fortunately, I also had my camera with me. I spent about one hour taking photos of those gorgeous peonies in Burggarten the other day and wouldn’t mind to spend one more hour if I didn’t had to leave for an appointment.

I spotted them unexpectedly although I can recall, they were there, at the same place, last year as well. If you see the peonies in Burggarten, you cannot just ignore them and walk past. Don’t say that I was the one who was taking pictures of them. They must be one of the touristic attractions on spring in Vienna, I guess. Sadly enough, they will wither soon but then we will have the flowers in Volksgarten, if my memory doesn’t fool me from last year.

Paris in April

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My travel to Paris in April has been undoubtedly the highlight of the month. I wish I could visit this incredibly beautiful city every month and this little wish of mine is not meant to stay as just a wish. Who knows? Life is unpredictable. May Dior call me tomorrow and want me to take pictures of their next summer collection. : ) (ok, here you can laugh out loud.)

The last days of April have been very strange. My body was in Vienna and my mind was still in Paris. My mind just didn’t want to get back to Vienna. Maybe because I really had unexpectedly a very nice time in Paris or because this travel has been all I really needed at that specific time of my life or it is just a combination of those two factors. But you cannot easily forget moments of happiness in life, right?

On this blog post I publish a collection of Paris photos. How many Paris photos can your heart handle? I just took so many of them and cannot keep them in my archive only for myself. They are meant to be shared with all of you who follow The Viennese Girl blog.

Shopping in Vienna

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Don’t get fooled by the pictures. I don’t go shopping at Gucci and Prada, unless it’s a special occasion, like a birthday or something. I usually do online shopping at home, with ease and comfort, especially when I am not in the mood of going out and mingling with the crowd and I personally avoid Saturdays, which automatically means long queues in the cash desk and fitting rooms. Some of the online shops I tend to shop at are Bonprix, Asos, Zara or Massimo Dutti.

When it comes to shopping in Vienna, some of the main shopping streets are Mariahilferstrasse, Neubaugasse, Kärntner Straße and of course the Golden Quarter which is a luxury shopping area in downtown Vienna. This is the area where you can find international designer labels but keep in mind that there are also many other interesting shops and boutiques in the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th districts, maybe not that well-known but still you might find pieces that you will love.

Summer is just around the corner and I feel like my garderobe needs a total makeover. To be more precise, I actually feel the need to give away all my clothes (or throw them from the window 🙂 ) and buy some new, fresh pieces. You see, it comes the day when you want to get rid of everything old.

My advice: better fewer but beautiful, than too many and useless. Buy fewer pieces, yet more precious. Always remember to prefer quality over quantity. ♥

Place des Vosges

Place des Vosges

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Hands down my favourite plaza in Paris. Every time I visit Paris, I pay a visit Place des Vosges as well and this time my favourite plaza in Paris was full of people lying on the grass and there was no free bench to sit down, so I just took some pictures and went to eat something at Carette restaurant which is next to Place des Vosges. Once, I visited Place des Vosges on February and I still remember how different it was, still beautiful but empty. In an ideal life, I would have an appartment next to this plaza (of course, with view to this plaza) and every morning would start with ice cream like this from Amorino which is right next in the corner.

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