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Picture of the week

picture of the week by Silia the viennese girl blog

This picture was taken at Motto am Fluss, one of my favorite cafes in Vienna. They have such a beautiful decoration there. When I saw this flower, I took my camera out of my bag and snapped this photo and here it is, featured on The Viennese Girl blog as the “Picture of The Week“. I don’t know about you guys, but do you ever go for a coffee/breakfast/lunch alone? I mean alone, you and yourself. When I was living in Athens, I never went eating somewhere alone. It was like a shame. “Oh, look that person, she is eating alone in the restaurant”. In Vienna, things changed. I go eating alone sometimes and I enjoy my food very much. I always have so many things to think of and need some time with myself, so I usually talk to myself and make plans for the future.

More photos on Instagram.♥

From LA to Vienna

From LA to Vienna From LA to Vienna From LA to Vienna From LA to Vienna From LA to Vienna

From LA to Vienna – When I was about 13 years old, I hadn’t travelled abroad but had friends all over the world. Now you might wonder, how can this happen. Well, I was learning English in a private school and the teachers motivated us to have pen pals, so that we could practice our English with them. This is how I started receiving letters from different countries. Literally. I started receiving letters from Brazil to Singapore. There was a fantastic company based in Finland, which in exchange for a small amount of money, they sent you addresses of people who also wanted to have a pen pal from another country. I remember that some of them, especially a girl from Malta, Holland, and Sweden became close friends of mine and I loved them all even though I didn’t know them in person. They not only sent me letters but presents as well. Sometimes for a reason, sometimes just because. I will never forget my excitement receiving a parcel from somewhere far away from home. Many years have gone by and I, myself, now live abroad, but today I felt the same excitement when I received those beautiful rings from Nialaya.♥

Neni am Naschmarkt

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I am sure you know that restaurant in Vienna. Who doesn’t? Neni am Naschmarkt is that cool restaurant where I am heading to everytime I visit Naschmarkt, and it’s definitely my last stop after strolling around, especially in the summer, and love sitting at the tables outside doing some people watching. I need a bit of luck, though, to find a free table outside, or on the ground floor because I don’t like being seated on the second floor (you see, it’s also very dark for the photos). Nevertheless, you have to visit that place too if you are a tourist in Vienna for some days. Just visit Naschmarkt and stop by at Neni restaurant to try the chocolate soufflé, Caesar’s salad, meatballs as well and maybe falafel, or whatever you are craving.♥

Around Vienna in February

around Vienna by Silia the viennese girl blog viennaaround Vienna in February (2) around Vienna in February (3) around vienna silia the viennese girl blog vienna (8) around Vienna in February (4) around vienna silia the viennese girl blog vienna (7)around Vienna in February (5) around Vienna in February (6) around vienna silia the viennese girl blog vienna (2) around vienna silia the viennese girl blog vienna (5) around Vienna in February (1)around vienna silia the viennese girl blog vienna (4) around vienna silia the viennese girl blog vienna (3) around vienna silia the viennese girl blog vienna (6)

Well, those photos weren’t supposed to go online. Actually, they were taken with my mobile for my Instagram account. On the other side, I like them a lot and even though the quality is not the best, I decided to publish them on the blog anyway. Those photos were shot during the cold days in February, when I refused staying home and went walking around the center of Vienna. Dear February, I am glad that you are leaving us because not only me, but many others I know, are all waiting and looking forward to warmer, sunnier and brighter days.♥

Picture of the week

picture of the week

The other day, I had a little crazy idea. Idea! I had an idea!

Since I take so many photos every day, I thought I should pick my favorite and publish it on the blog as the “picture of the week“. Hmmm, it can evolve as a series on the blog. Then, I couldn’t decide in which category of the blog this kind of series can belong. For now, I will keep it in the category “Life” and I will think about it later.

This picture was taken with my cell phone, so excuse me for the not so good quality. Donuts are placed on my white desk. I ate three of the donuts and unfortunately I had nobody next to me to share them, because it’s better to share than eating them all by myself. (It’s not convenient either, if you think of the calories)

If you like my photos you can follow me on Instagram and let me know which photo you would like to be the “picture of the week“. I will take your choice into a consideration.

Oh, it feels so good to have little crazy ideas that you make them happen! ♥

Fashion school – Die Herbststrasse

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vienna fashion blog

modeschule wien
modeschule wien austria

Thanks to Julia Luftensteiner, I had the opportunity to visit the fashion school “Die Herbststraße”, from the ground floor to second floor, and to meet other young and creative minds like her. She introduced me to the team of Modeakt15, they showed me their creations and had a nice talk about fashion, design, projects and their personal aspirations as fashion designers.

It was so exciting being there, getting to know so many interesting people and taking pictures inside the school as I am more and more into fashion photography. (That’s the reason why I should move to Paris one day, I often tell myself, but this is another topic.)

I finished my school in Athens, but if I had to go to a school in Vienna, I would definitely be a student in the fashion school “Die Herbststraße” as I am not made for either economics studies or being a lawyer. After I finished school, I worked in a fashion atelier in Athens for two years and my visit at “Die Herbststraße” fashion school reminded me a bit of those two years in the fashion studio. Later on, in Vienna, I tried to make my own skirt. The result was decent, not bad and you can see it here. From my little experience of making a skirt, I am able to know how much work, effort, and creativity it needs to produce even a simple skirt, or any kind of a clothing piece.

The team Modeakt15 organizes a fashion show on Friday 6th March and I will be there. You can also buy your tickets here.

modeschule wien

I asked Julia Luftensteiner and Antonia Pirker to tell us more about them and give us an insight into their work, their studies and the way they perceive fashion, so here it is:

Julia Luftensteiner:
I am a 21 year old fashion and design student currently studying at „Die Herbststraße“ college in Vienna. As long as I remember, I have had a keen interest in fashion, even as a child. I loved and still love to dress up, put on costumes, and to experiment with new fashion items. However I never follow a fashion trend hyped by others. Since I was 14 years old, I knew I would work in fashion, which shocked or more so worried my parents with this sad and often unsuccesfull career choice. It wasn’t always easy to convince my surroundings of my choice. I had to walk an extra mile taking a lot of detours to finally fulfill my dream but I am thankful for every wrong path I took. It made me into the person I am today, determined to reach my goals with all my effort. And now, at last, I have achieved the goal I was trying to reach all those years.

Attending “Die Herbststraße” college during the past two years got me not just one step closer to this goal, but moreover, by intensely studying fashion and design, my college helped me define these goals and my dreams for the future.

The years of training taught me a lot not just about fashion or about the industry, but also about myself. Besides learning how to sew, I developed a feeling for fabric. I learned that there are many different roads to success, that I can get inspiration from everything. Good, bad, interesting and uninteresting things, pictures, events… I learned to set priorities. And most importantly I learned that sometimes you just can’t accomplish everything and that it is okay not to. I learned that my family – even while being skeptical – has my back, supports me however ways necessary. And I met people I deeply treasure, people who changed my way to look at life. I met great friends who made my life more colourful, friends I would not want to miss.

After graduating from my college, I want to continue studying fashion and design. Where and how I will do that however has yet to be figured out. Next to studying fashion at the “Die Herbststraße” college I am working at Sabinna Rachimova’s design studio. There I help in pattern cutting, sketching, sample development, draping and more. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work with this great designer even before graduating and to help develop and complete her collection.

modeschule wien

Antonia Pirker:
When I was younger, fashion was always something so inaccessible. But, throughout the years, I have discovered that it is so much more than being well dressed and selling clothes. That is the reason why I chose to study at the design college at “Die Herbststraße”. There, I had the opportunity to extend my knowledge in fashion, with a special focus on design and craft.

Currently I am working on my final collection, which I developed through a long designing process. The main topic of my collection is “gender equality”. Mainly I was influenced by the imbalance between men and women in society, and how women have developed in the last decade. Especially strong, successful, and independent women have influenced my design process.

Furthermore, I have deepened my knowledge in social structures and stereotypes. In order to represent equality through my collection, as the prime characteristics I use discreet colours and minimalistic patterns. As part of my graduation from Fashion School, my class and I are obligated to present our final collections at a fashion show. My self and four other colleagues are responsible for the organisation of our fashion show. I would have never thought how many tasks you have to complete for creating such an event. I would never have guess how many tasks are required to put on such an event. But besides the stress I am currently under, I really love what I do. I always want to do my best and I greatly enjoy being a project manager for this fashion show.

I can see myself making fashion a steady part of my life and I believe I fulfill all the requirements to start a career in the fashion industry. Ever since I started studying fashion, it has broadened and strengthened not only my professional skills, but also has had a great impact on my personality.

modeschule wien

Onyx Bar

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I was around the center of Vienna and the cold temperature made me crave for something sweet, so this is how I ended up this time at Onyx Bar. And since I like to share all those places I visit on The Viennese Girl blog with you all, I took some pictures, so that you can see how it looks, just in case you haven’t visited Onyx bar yet. This might be one of the most elegant bars in Vienna, I would say, and I would also recommend you to be nicely dressed if you decide to go there. Onyx Bar is the bar of the Do&Co Hotel and the place where my friends and I sometimes have some delicious after work cocktails with a stunning view to Graben and Kärntner Straße. This time not only the mousse au chocolat tasted so good but I am also glad with the outcome of the photos I took inside Onyx bar. Because of the beautiful daylight that enters from the huge windows, those photos are so bright and clean.♥


stadtpark vienna wien (1)

stadtpark vienna wien (5)stadtpark vienna the viennese girl travel blogstadtpark vienna wien the viennese girl travel blogstadtpark vienna wien (3)

As you can tell from the photos above, not so many people go for a walk in Stadtpark when it’s freezing cold outside. This time, on my walk in Stadtpark I encountered just an Asian tourist couple and few other persons. Of course, there were also the ducks and pigeons, that didn’t seem to be happy with that cold either. When in summer people lay down on the grass and you can hardly find a bench which is not occupied, in winter the scenery changes and on days like those we are going through this week, the biggest park in the center of Vienna turns into a wonderland and I absolutely enjoyed my leisurely walk and realized that the park is beautiful anytime of the year.

Extra tip: if you are around there, don’t forget to visit the restaurant Meierei im Stadtpark.

Le Bol

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LE BOL BY SILIA VIENNA the viennese girl blog  (6)le bol french bistro viennaLE BOL BY SILIA VIENNA the viennese girl blog  (5)LE BOL BY SILIA VIENNA the viennese girl blog  (3)

Cold temperatures in January kept me indoors, and often under my duvet. The university exams kept me reading the books I wasn’t really interested to read. On the top of that, I had some extra assignment deadlines to meet. Those are the reasons that kept me far from The Viennese Girl blog for a while. That’s why it has been a bit quiet here lately. But now I am back again with my favorite French bistro in Vienna, called Le Bol. When I am not under my duvet, or hidden behind a book in the library, and not in a classroom with my students teaching them Italian, you can probably find me at Le Bol downtown Vienna since I am used to visiting this French bistro more than once per week. It was a kind of challenge taking photos inside there, because Le Bol is usually full of people and I don’t like taking photos of persons that I don’t know and publishing them online without their permission, and secondly, the yellow light doesn’t make photos come out nicely. But the bistro itself is highly recommended and I am always happy to get there and see Vera and Laila, who both work in Le Bol and serve the French delicacies. Those are my favorite treats:

Monsieur Seguin
Croque Madame
Tarte au Citron
Tartine Pagnol
a piece of Bombe au chocolat.

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