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Snow white

snow whitesnow white (3)snow white (4)snow white vienna

snow white (2)
snow white (5)

Photo (c) Elena Azzalini Photography

When the weather forecast predicts snow, usually my friends warn me about it but this time nobody said anything and waking up to this snowy landscape was such a nice surprise. To be honest, I had a small suspicion, because there were some snow flakes in the air the night before but I never imagined that next day the ground would be blanketed by a foot of fresh snow.

Snow and the magical air that comes with it were inviting us to take some pictures. You see, some are ski enthusiasts while my friends and I are photos enthusiasts. Those photos were snapped at Maria-Theresien Square between Natural History Museum and the Art History Museum in Vienna. We chose this place not by chance. I wanted to have those round bushes that were covered by snow as the background (and I wanted to think that they were covered not by snow but by sugar). But maybe I had too high expectations and didn’t reckon the freezing cold that made our hands suffer and forced us leave the Maria-Theresien Square and run for that warm chocolate drink at Burgring 1 Cafe!♥

Shimmering twinkle lights

vienna the viennese girl blog

Shimmering twinkle lights (1)
Shimmering twinkle lights (3)

vienna wien austria blog Shimmering twinkle lights (2)Shimmering twinkle lights (5)

Photo (c) Elena Azzalini Photography

I don’t post photos of myself that often, but when Silia meets Elena, magic happens. We wanted to take some pictures that capture the Christmassy atmosphere which is all over Vienna. We were actually inspired by the shimmering twinkle lights that sadly will not exist after the New Years Eve. For that reason, we visited three places. First, we went to Ringstrassen-Galerien, which is a shopping center in downtown Vienna. Second we went to the Motel One hotel which is at the opposite of the Opera House, and then we ended up at the Cafe Museum. All beautiful spots around Vienna, but above all, ideal for what we wanted to achieve. I hope you enjoy the photos like we did while we were taking them.♥

Vienna in December

Vienna in December  (6)

Vienna in December  (8)
Vienna in December

Vienna in December  (1)

Vienna in December  (4)
Vienna in December  (7)

vienna in december

vienna in december  (10)
vienna in december  (9)

I am very happy to share those snapshots with you because I like them pretty much! They are so festive, so christmassy, exactly how Vienna is in December. And those white Lipizzaner horses, how beautiful they are! Christmas is just around the corner. Hope you enjoy those days with your loveliest ones.♥

Lady in black

lady in black in viennalady in black (1)lady in black (4)lady in black (2)lady in black (5)

Lady in black is me around Vienna holding my camera. That camera that I finally bought in December makes my life difficult, but my feelings still stay positive. Somehow, someday that camera and me will get along with each other. Fortunately I have plenty of free time during Christmas to devote myself to getting along with the camera by watching some videos and gain some knowledge about RAW and one editing program. I must admit, I am very fussy with photos and maybe…with everything in life. I usually take approximately 100-200 photos per day and at the end only 2-6 will be online and still I am not that content with the result. Thanks to Mister Flo Patrick who joined my Viennese adventures in the center of Vienna and took some shots of me. As you see on the photos above, Vienna is festive in December. Christmas trees and Christmas markets everywhere around you and many tourists as well. I am dressed in black, although I don’t like the black colour. Next blog post should have the title “Lady in white”. ♥



Spittelberg Spittelberg

Spittelberg has been my favourite area in Vienna (not only mine I guess) throughout the year. Those picturesque cobblestone pedestrian streets with dollhouses are so beautiful (at least their facade – no idea what is happening inside) that everytime I look at them make me wonder “Why I cannot have an apartment here?”.

On December, people usually come to Spittelberg for the Christmas market. But there are reasons for which I visit Spittelberg in the rest of the year. There are restaurants, pubs, small shops, and above all, the lovely shop of the Austrian fashion designer Lena Hoschek. I personally visit the Spittelberg Christmas market once per year but if I am not in the mood of mingling with the crowd, I still come here the rest of the year. The quarter has a village-like character, ideal for walkaways with a charme of a past decade.♥

Breakfast at Kussmaul

the viennese girl blog vienna blog breakfast wienvienna restaurant breakfast breakfast at kussmaul vienna (5)

breakfast at kussmaul vienna (6)
breakfast at kussmaul vienna (11)

breakfast at kussmaul vienna (7)breakfast at kussmaul vienna (9)breakfast at kussmaul vienna (10)breakfast at kussmaul vienna (8)I often am the one who picks the place, my friends follow me and they are glad to do so because as they say, I never disappoint them. This time I suggested to have breakfast at Kussmaul at Spittelberg in the 7th district of Vienna. I am content with the nice outcome of my photos on this post (consider that they have no editing, Photoshop, or filter.) But, tell me now, how lovely is that restaurant? The food, decor, and view of the cobblestone alleyways. My friend said: “I finally found where I can drink nice coffee in Vienna” and she was also excited with the cheesecake.

We ordered a Hühnersandwich, one Rösti (with salmon and creme fraiche), one coffee, a limonade, one cheesecake, and pancakes. The best of all is that while we were having breakfast (late breakfast on Saturdays) I received an email from the university. And yes, I passed that course that made me suffer last semester. So happy!!! ♥

Erasmus in Vienna

erasmus student in vienna I’m Jasmina, an ERASMUS-exchange student from Finland and currently studying at the University of Vienna for one semester. I’ve been living in Vienna for almost three months now and I got to say that I love it here!

I would definitely recommend doing an exchange in Vienna. Why? First of all, you’ll learn German. I always try to use German when I get the chance and I feel like I’ve really improved my skills. Second, the University of Vienna is amazing. When I first saw the main university building, I was like woah. You should check it out, it’s pretty impressive with its majestic hallways, painted ceilings and everything. I’ve also been very happy with my classes (you can find courses in English, too). Third, and maybe most importantly, the city of Vienna is simply great.

What do I like about Vienna, then? Well, it’s just so beautiful here! There are so many gorgeous buildings everywhere and everytime I’m wandering around the city, I can’t help but to admire the architecture. Vienna is also a big city, so you’ll always find things to do. One of my favorite pastimes is to visit cute cafes and shops. I keep finding new places all the time, hopefully I’ll have time to visit all of them before I leave! Sometimes I also enjoy having a nice Austrian beer in one of the many traditional pubs.

Here are some random facts and things to consider when coming to Vienna.

1. Finding an apartment can be tricky, especially if you’re looking for a place for just a few months. I was lucky and found mine here. So I live in a shared apartment with two other people but you can also choose student housing. I haven’t heard many complaints about them either but personally I prefer living in a WG. For me they feel more homey than dorms.

2. Bring cash. Most restaurants and bars don’t accept credit cards, so consider yourself warned.

3. Customer service isn’t always the best in Vienna. I’ve noticed that especially waiters can be quite unfriendly so don’t expect smiles. Of course this is not true for all places but I’m just giving you a heads-up.

4. Vienna has good connections to other interesting cities. You can easily reach Budapest, Prague and Bratislava with a bus or a train without breaking your wallet.

5. There are a lot of sushi places in Vienna. And they are cheap.

All in all, I’m very happy I chose Vienna as my exchange destination. I’ve made a bunch of new friends, tried new things, seen interesting places and learned a lot. Vienna is definitely a lovely place to live. Come visit and see it for yourself!


DC TOWERS wien austria DC TOWER VIENNA (1) DC TOWER VIENNA (3)DC TOWER VIENNA melia hotel vienna hotel melia vienna dc vienna the viennese girl blog wien austria DC TOWER VIENNA

If you want to visit DC Tower in the 22nd district of Vienna, take the metro line U1 and get off at the station Kaisermühlen – Vienna International Centre. Once you get there, just follow the signs or ask somebody how you get to the DC Tower but it’s easy to find. There are two ways to go up and see the view of the city. Either you go to the Sky Terrace (for which you pay 9.50 euro for a ticket– I don’t recommend it to you –in my opinion it is too pricey!) or you go to visit the bar restaurant of the Hotel Melia. But it’s important to know that the bar restaurant in Melia Hotel is only accessible after 16.00.

DC Tower is 250 meters tall and it’s Austria’s tallest office building. The view is stunning and totally different from the view of Stephan’s cathedral. I visited both, Sky terrace and the bar restaurant of Melia Hotel but didn’t take many photos of the view because it was difficult to take nice pictures behind the glass and the sky wasn’t that clear. I don’t know how it is like be a tourist in Vienna and stay at Melia Hotel. I guess it’s nice if you have a room with a view and although it seems to be far from the centre, it isn’t, because there is the metro which takes you to Stephansplatz in just 7 minutes. Dear Melia Hotel I would love to have a room with such a view – do you hear me? : )


wunderladen (8) wunderladen (9)wunderladen vienna wunderladen (6) wunderladen (7)

Little cafes out of the first district in Vienna are the one that I like the most because of their special character that make them stand out from all the coffee places crowded with tourists in the center. One of those little cute cafes is Wunderladen, situated in the 4th district, behind Karlsplatz. Wunderladen is even more special because it’s not just a simple coffee house but also a fashion cafe where you can find some pieces of clothing designed by Austrian designers.

I had the chance to meet Sabrina in person today. She owns the shop which opened in April 2014. Her mother made me and my friend Jasmina two yummy toasts with a lot of cheese inside and with it a rose lemonade and warm punsch. We slumped onto two big comfortable armchairs in front of the window display and did some people watching. Now I am writing this, I think… this could be the right place for me to celebrate my birthday next March….hmmm!!♥

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