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Blogs or newspaper? What do you prefer to read? My father never stops telling me that I should read the news and I don’t dare to tell him that I prefer surfing on Internet and reading those links below:

♥Once I was talking to my friend in NY, who happens to know me well, and while we had an interesting conversation, suddenly he told me that I am “an old soul”. I didn’t ask him at that moment what “old soul” meant. This expression remained in my mind and some days after I found this article that states the 14 signs of being an old soul.

♥On October I met Seth, a young journalist from NY, and we visited together Karl Marx-Hof in the 19th district in Vienna. Thank you Seth for incorporating my blog into your article in the newspaper DER STANDARD.

♥I love Sarah Jessica Parker and she loves Greece. Watch this video to find out 73 Things You Never Knew about her.

♥Thank you Miriam for the interview.

♥Business of fashion is the equivalent to New York Times, when it comes to fashion and one of my favorite websites. It helps to understand a lot about the fashion industry.

When the Viennese Girl met Mademoiselle Jolie

viennese girl met mademoiselle jolie 33It was late and I was about to sleep. As I was going through several images on Instagram, I suddenly stumbled upon a quirky figure, named Mademoiselle Jolie. “Who is that gal?” i asked myself and opened my eyes wide. When The Viennese Girl met Mademoiselle Jolie, The Viennese Girl felt the urge to find out more about her and her life in Paris.

What is the biggest dream of Mademoiselle Jolie?
To become renowned in the advertising sector, by creating wonderful ideas that inspire and motivate people to make their lives happier.

Where will I meet Mademoiselle Jolie, when in Paris?
I usually like to hang out at the Café de Flore in the Saint – Germain Boulevard or you might find me making long walks across the Monceau Parc. (You can always find me with Dion there!)

If not in Paris, then where else in the world and why?
In Florence, Italy, where romance mingles with the art and perfection or maybe in New York, gazing through the window of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel on a snowy Christmas Day. I also like eating and smelling sweet things, so you may find me as well at the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory in San Francisco.

Which is her favorite blog?
I love all fashion bloggers, who care about a girl’s beauty, who dare to experiment with colors and shapes, proposing new aspects and tensions in fashion. To be frank, I have so many favorite blogs that it would be unfair to discern one among others. But I really do like the Viennese Girl!

Favorite film?viennese girl met mademoiselle jolie 12321
I can’t imagine myself not having a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Especially when Audrey Hepburn keeps eating that brioche with such an elegance in front of her “temple”.

Favorite quote?
“I believe in pink”.

Which gift would impress her?
I like elegant gifts, but not in a superfluous way. I think that the most beautiful gift is the one which will remain in both my heart and mind, so a wonderful journey to Vienna would be nice, especially in Christmas, when everything turns magical there.

How would the ideal weekend be like for Mademoiselle Jolie?
Either with some good friends at the French province for picnic, or back at my hometown in Angoulême with my beloved parents.

What does Mademoiselle Jolie dislike the most?
I dislike ugliness and seeing people around me being unhappy.

What makes Mademoiselle Jolie the happiest creature in the world?
Definitely, if I became an ambassador of a famous house, like Hermes or Chanel, that would make me hop up in the air!

viennese girl met mademoiselle jolie (5)

What does Mademoiselle Jolie believe about love?
I believe in true love, that our half is somewhere out there, maybe around the next corner…

viennese girl met mademoiselle jolie (2)

Will Mademoiselle Jolie find the love of her life?
I hope so! (Blushing)

viennese girl met mademoiselle jolie (1)

Does Mademoiselle Jolie have any advice for The Viennese Girl?
Stay elegant, remain positive and give out the inner beauty of yourself.

viennese girl met mademoiselle jolie (7)For more photos about Mademoiselle Jolie, please visit her blog and you can also find her on Instagram!!! Enjoy…

The Viennese Girl Blog

the viennese girl blog
the viennese girl blog

Photos by: V-Light Photography

I spend a lot of time reflecting on the Viennese girl project, not out of insecurity, but out of desire to provide readers with interesting content. I wouldn’t dare to say high quality content because I am afraid I am still far away from it, but I am working to that direction, it just takes time like all the good things in life. Nothing happens overnight, it’s a long process. Maybe it is the fact that it starts gaining visibility, and the more visibility it gains, more it scares me and motivates me at the same time to become better and better. I wouldn’t be happy if somebody visits the website and says, “it was a waste of time,” but on the other side, I have a friend who keeps telling me: you are too beautiful to be sad.

Although this blog started for fun, I should admit that I take it seriously. I thought a lot about it and made up my mind: good suggestions are more than welcome, suggestions not that good will be rejected. Sometimes we have to know to say No, when something doesn’t fit or doesn’t bring any value to what we are doing in life, right?

Despite the fact that I am neither a photographer, nor a journalist, nor do I have any idea on advertising and marketing, I use my brain, heart and instict, and I believe in that saying: practice makes the master. If you want something badly, you can achieve it.

Soon the Viennese girl blog will celebrate its birthday. The first year of existence was something like an experimental year; so far I didn’t get any bad feedback and still I feel so excited having that little corner on the web where I can express myself through writing and photography. I suppose that you all know that if we are alone in the world we cannot achieve anything. Of course there were persons who helped me and still help making this project reality. It’s such a nice feeling to have people that support you and believe in what you do, even if they are on the other parts of this earth!! They know who they are.♥

Bad Waltersdorf

Bad Waltersdorf
Bad Waltersdorf (4)

Bad Waltersdorf (6)
bad waltersdorf

Bad Waltersdorf (2)

Bad Waltersdorf (8)
Bad Waltersdorf (9)

Photos by: V-Light Photography

Bad Waltersdorf is a thermal region located in the south-east of Styria in Austria. As we had three days to spend in the Falkensteiner Therme & Golf Hotel in Bad Waltersdorf, we were given the chance to do several things and discover the surroundings.

Hiking with Erich, organized by the hotel, was exactly what we needed after the breakfast to help with digestion before diving again into the swimming pool. He showed us around, told us nice stories, and was very patient with us while we were taking hundred of photos between the trees in the forest. The morning light combined with the fog was the perfect scenery for some magical shots, and as always, we didn’t miss the chance.

E-Bikes were available for guests in the hotel to explore the surroundings, so we grabbed two of them and went to visit the dairy farm Hofmolkerei Thaller. The owners of the dairy farm gave us a warm welcome and treated us with a fine selection of some of their products such as cheese and milk. They showed us around the stall and told us about their business and farm life. Another day, we visited Weinhof Pichler for wine tasting. The owner of the winery showed us the wine cellars and offered different wines to taste while he was explaining the winemaking process.

Visiting Bad Waltersdorf, exploring the countryside around the Falkensteiner Therme & Golf Hotel, and engaging with local people was a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of our everyday life and a good way to recharge.

Falkensteiner Therme & Golf Hotel Bad Waltersdorf

Falkensteiner Therme & Golf Hotel Bad Waltersdorf
Falkensteiner Therme & Golf Hotel Bad Waltersdorf

Falkensteiner Therme & Golf Hotel Bad Waltersdorf Falkensteiner Therme & Golf Hotel Bad Waltersdorf (6) Falkensteiner Therme & Golf Hotel Bad Waltersdorf (8) Falkensteiner Therme & Golf Hotel Bad Waltersdorf

Falkensteiner Therme & Golf Hotel Bad Waltersdorf (11)
Falkensteiner Therme & Golf Hotel Bad Waltersdorf (12)

Falkensteiner Therme & Golf Hotel Bad Waltersdorf (10)

Photos by: V-Light Photography

It was my first stay in a Falkensteiner Hotel and I can say I was pleasantly surprised. The hotel is about two hours and a half from Vienna by train, which makes it the perfect idea for a weekend getaway.

If you visit Falkensteiner Therme & Golf Hotel Bad Waltersdorf, one thing is for certain: you will not get bored. There are so many activities to choose from, both indoors and outdoors. Yoga, pilates, aerobics and water gymnastics are just a sample of the wide range of activities on offer but what we especially enjoyed was the spa and wellness facilities.

The thermal spa water was a boon for our body and soul and the wellness treatments helped us find our biorhythm: we opted for the Aromatherapy with fragrant oils, which was so relaxing that you can hardly keep yourself from not falling asleep. The shockwave therapy was the ideal treatment to say goodbye to cellulite. Who doesn’t need to pamper herself like this now and then?

By the time we set foot in the hotel till the time we had to leave, we enjoyed not only the water world but also the five course dinner and the smashing breakfast every morning. It was both wonderfully cooked and served, and as you can see from the photos above, the choux pastry in the shape of two swans kissing each other was picture perfect.

Overall, three things were highly appreciated. First, the hotel accommodated our special dietary preferences. Second it was possible to do a late check out so we could enjoy the day and depart with the last train to Vienna. Generally the staff made efforts to make our stay special. They made us feel right at home and as we started to get used to this entire pampering treat, however, it was time for us to say goodbye. We left with two bottles of wine, cheese, fresh juices, one honey jar, rose lavender bath salts, but above all we left with good memories from our stay at Falkensteiner Therme & Golf Hotel in Bad Waltersdorf and a wish to come back soon.

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