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Breakfast at Meierei im Stadtpark

Breakfast at Meierei im Stadtpark Breakfast at Meierei im Stadtpark2 Breakfast at Meierei im Stadtpark3,jpg Breakfast at Meierei im Stadtpark4 Breakfast at Meierei im Stadtpark5

I rarely eat at home and it is for three reasons. First, I don’t live with my mom, who would cook everyday for me (although she still calls to ask if I ate). Second, I like cooking but I don’t like cooking alone, and third and the most important, I don’t like eating alone. It just isn’t’ any fun. That’s the reason why you see me visiting all the restaurants around the city and I am glad to have friends who come along and join the meal, even if sometimes the meal can result being a bit pricey than usual. I call them “my food partners” and then we laugh.

This time we went to the Meierei im Stadtpark for breakfast and I opted for the “Meierei im Stadtpark” breakfast with a small change. I preferred to have a croissant instead of the herbal quark. Overall, having breakfast at Meierei im Stadtpark in great surrounding was a nice experience. The restaurant is located in the middle of the park and has a view to the canal. When the sun shines, you can also sit in the outdoor patio. The food was very good but my friend and I agreed that the service could have been a bit friendlier. It could have been much more appreciated.

shades of autumn

shades of autumn shades of autumn

Photo (c) Elena Azzalini Photography

We were in the mood for autumn and our wish was to visit a park to see and take pictures of the falling leaves that have yellow, red, and gold colors.

But, as usual, we didn’t know to which park we should go. After a long discussion, we headed to Türkenschanzpark (difficult to say that word) influenced by the opinion of a friend of mine (who by the way makes her way to India today…..so jealous…safe travels I wish to her) told me that she finds Türkenschanzpark in Vienna more beautiful than Schönbrunn gardens. Really? What do you think?

Unfortunately we arrived a bit late and it started getting dark, but I promise I’ll go back soon and take more pictures.

“Autumn is the hardest season. The leaves are all falling, and they’re falling like they’re falling in love with the ground.” ― Andrea Gibson

Photo collage

photo collage
One of the things that I enjoy on this blog –except for choosing a title for each blog post – is picking photos on Instagram and making a photo collage. I find it so challenging and exciting because you gather them all together and you don’t know how they are going to look like or if at the end they will match together. I think that colors should match somehow and give you the impression that it is one big photo cropped into small pieces. I don’t know how I can explain it better in words, I hope you like the result.

«The more pictures you see, the better you are as a photographer». —Robert Mapplethorpe

Café Français

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Café Français  vienna (6)
Café Français  vienna (8)

Café Français  vienna (5)Café Français  vienna (2)

Café Français  vienna (3)
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Bon Appétit at Café Français in Wahringer Strasse 6-8, Vienna 1090

Have you ever wondered where we can eat à la parisienne in Vienna? Have you ever visited the Cafe Francais in the 9th district? I opted for the breakfast Vanessa Paradis (no idea why they gave the name of a French singer to this breakfast – Vanessa Paradis) and I had to wait about 30 minutes for my soufflé au chocolat to reach my table but in the meantime my friend Nikola served me a fresh orange juice to make my wait less torturous. All very tasty. Next time I will go for the club sandwich or the fried potatoes. Potatoes at Café Français in Vienna will be served in a very different way, in a vase made of glass like if they were flowers.
It is closed on Sundays and public holidays and it is recommended to make a reservation.

I am gonna reveal a secret right now, did you know that if I weren’t in Vienna, I would be in Paris? Big dream of mine.


Shake Shack

shake shack

Have you ever been to London, Istanbul, or New York without eating a cheeseburger and fried potatoes with cheddar cheese on it from Shake Shack? Ha! I think you don’t know what you are missing dear! I never ever eat any kind of burgers somewhere else. But every time I visit one of these cities, a visit to Shake Shack is a must. Unfortunately, or maybe even fortunately (for my pocket and my body shape), you don’t find them in Vienna.

How did I become a victim of Shake Shack? They are delicious. On my last visit to London, I was going for my favourite cheeseburger everyday. The lady behind the cash machine asked: you came yesterday, right? I nod my head in the affirmative and then she said: See you tomorrow!

Oh, oh! Someone becomes addicted to Shake Shack, I am afraid..♥

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